Retouching for Interior Architectural Photography


Retouching for Interior Architectural Photography


Class Description

Images of architectural interiors present particular challenges for retouchers. In this class, architecture photographer Mike Kelley will show you how to use exposure blending, manual masking, advanced blemish removal, curves adjustments and other techniques to achieve stunning interior shots. You'll see how Mike overcomes extreme dynamic range, color casts from various sources and difficult perspective issues to create a professional interior architectural photograph. 


a Creativelive Student

Amazing class. Mike is a great artist - I've been following him for sometime already and he has a great eye not only for architectural photography but for all depth geometrical image capture. His commercial airplane posters are a delight.

Chez Watts

I've been shoot real estate for 4 years and even though I knew a lot of what was happening here, Mikes experience fine tunes skills that already posses. I just learned three things that were right in front of my face that I can't believe I hadn't thought of before.