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SkillSet: Best of Lighting


SkillSet: Best of Lighting


Class Description

This comprehensive collection of CreativeLive’s most informative and hands-on lighting segments will prepare you to walk into any lighting situation and take a great photograph. 

 In SkillSet: Best of Lighting, you’ll watch clips from classes taught by leading photographers as they tackle a whole range of lighting challenges. Featuring some of our best moments, you’ll learn about: shaping natural light, working with unpredictable wedding lighting, managing speedlights and getting the most of out of your studio lights. You’ll also get a run down on lighting theory and fundamentals. And you’ll hear it from industry influencers: Sue Bryce, Scott Robert Lim, Mike Fulton, Tony Corbell, Clay Blackmore, Mark Wallace, Zack Arias, Joey L, Felix Kunze, and Joel Grimes. 

 If you just started dabbling in photography and want to kick-start your lighting education, or if you're a seasoned photographer wanting to add new tips, tricks, or tools to your toolbox, you'll find just the thing you need in our lighting compilation.​ 

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1Sue & Felix: Shoot: Natural Light Portraits - Maisie
2Sue & Felix: Shoot: Natural Light Portraits - Katie
3Sue & Felix: Shoot: Natural Light Portraits - LaQuan
4Sue & Felix: Shoot: Studio Light Portraits - Maisie
5Tony Corbell: The Power of Light Part 1
6Tony Corbell: The Power of Light Part 2
7Tony Corbell: The Power of Light Part 3
8Scott Robert Lim: Live Shoot - Natural Light
9Mark Wallace: Position of Light
10Mark Wallace: Intro To Flash Photography
11Mike Fulton: Using the Flash in Auto Modes
12Mike Fulton: Slow Speed Sync
13Mike Fulton: On Camera TTL and High Speed Sync
14Roberto Valenzuela: Multiple Speedlights
15Roberto Valenzuela: Multiple Speedlights with Multiple Subjects
16Scott Robert Lim: Creating Drama
17Tony Corbell: Light Control and Shaping
18Tony Corbell: Beauty Dishes, Softboxes, Reflectors
19Tony Corbell: Live Demos with Lighting Tools
20Tony Corbell: Tools of Light Q & A
21Clay Blackmore: Basic Posing
22Clay Blackmore: Refining and Lighting the Pose
23Clay Blackmore: Posing Two People
24Mark Wallace: Studio Strobes on Locations Part 1
25Mark Wallace: Studio Strobes on Locations Part 2
26Zack Arias: Gear, Money, and Building Your Studio
27Joey L: Using One Light on Location
28Joey L: Using Two Lights on Location
29Zack Arias: Modifiers: Octabank, Softbox, Strip Bank, Umbrella
30Zack Arias: Modifiers: Reflector, Grids, White Beauty Dish, Etc
31Sue and Felix: Shoot Studio Light - Backlight
32Sue and Felix: Studio Backlight and Lens Flare
33Joel Grimes: Photographing Motion
34Joel Grimes: Shoot: Athlete in Motion