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Skin. The Complete Course

Lee Varis

Skin. The Complete Course

Lee Varis

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  Class Trailer
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4 Shoot: Hollywood Glamour Duration:17:54
5 Student Shoot: Colleen Duration:13:48
6 Student Shoot: Andrea Duration:12:27
7 Image Review and Q&A Duration:15:46
9 Image Selection Duration:25:20
10 Global Color Correction Duration:21:02
11 Retouching Basics Duration:46:12
  Class Trailer
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1 Luminosity vs. Color Duration:14:44
2 Shoot: Low Key Dramatic Duration:28:43
3 Student Shoot: Ian Duration:11:54
4 Student Shoot: Michael Duration:11:20
5 Student Shoot: Colleen Duration:03:41
6 Shoot: Beauty Light Duration:12:57
8 Applying Luminosity Duration:12:19
10 Detailed Retouching Duration:23:55
11 Color Space Discussion Duration:19:16
12 Darkening and Lightening Skin Duration:21:10
13 Spot Treatment Duration:12:20
14 Sharpening Duration:29:57
15 Compositing Duration:54:51
  Class Trailer
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2 Shoot: Dancer Leaping Duration:10:52
3 Students Shooting Duration:44:15
4 Shoot: Dancing Duration:14:59
6 Shoot: Dancer Portrait Duration:15:49
7 Dancer Session Q&A Duration:11:30
8 Figure Retouching Duration:10:52
9 Liquify Filter Duration:10:16
10 Masking and Edges Duration:13:22
11 Importing a Background Duration:16:47
12 Color Change and Motion Blur Duration:24:45
13 Enhancing Color Duration:17:59
15 Lee's Photoshop History Duration:21:56
16 Final Portrait Edit Duration:19:03

Class Description

Skin. Everyone has it, everyone wants it to look good, and if you're a photographer who shoots people, you need to be able to light, shoot, and retouch skin. Hollywood photographer Lee Varis has shot celebrities, movie posters, and magazine articles where the skin has to be perfect. He is the author of the popular book Skin, and he's coming to creativeLIVE to share his knowledge with you! Lee will take you beginning to end through multiple shoots with different types of people covering how to pose and light them well, and will then cover in-depth how to post-process in Lightroom and Photoshop. You'll learn how to fix blemishes, smooth out wrinkles, and address other skin concerns so you can make your clients look their best.



Skin tones correction and portraits editing are new to me. This course provides a set of tools for me to improve my portraiture work. Lee doesn't just show you how things are done, but also the reasons for the corrections. The delivery is a bit dry because the topic is quite technical. You can have a break between lessons, if it becomes too overbearing for you. I highly recommend to take this course, if you are planning to do portraits, head shots, or even senior pictures.