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I'm going to do a little shaping little body shaping and all duplicate the background first before we get into that uh so back in the day it used to be quite difficult to get good contouring on the figure, but we have we've had a tool now in photo shop last couple of versions called liquefy that makes this process a lot easier, so I'm going to go here to the liquefied filter it's it's more of an actual tool and hold you get a whole interface for this and we're going to be using this forward warp tool. Um, see if I got my mouth suppose anything will put turn on our key strokes again this this tool allows you to treat the images if it was made out of plastic and you can push it and distort it very effectively. The secret to using the tool is to put the brush brush pressure way down so he needs the brush pressure keep it way, way down here like maybe fifteen and, uh, that makes it just easier to work this tool. So this this tool responds the usual keyboard shortcuts for the size of the br...

ush I'm using the bracket keys and get a moderately large brush here and what do you think I'm going to do? Right? Everybody wants to be thinner and so the trick is to try and do that and make it look like you didn't do anything right which is sometimes a little difficult and it's easy to get carried away so the idea of how using a very low brush pressures that I can I can kind of distort this slowly so you want to really work very slowly and keep evaluating and make sure you're not like just getting ridiculous with it and then I'm gonna come back in here we'll shrink that brush down a little bit and you know I'm going to make instead of ah hard corner here I'm gonna kind of make that a little more gentle she's really doing an incredible back bend here so uh physics does not support what we would consider a like a elegant as shape in the back here but I'm gonna cheat a little bit kind of force that to be a little little less of a corner and more of an arch okay um ok, so now what else what else is really called for here? Uh probably slimming down maybe the legs just a little bit give him a little more a little more shape. She has got a very kind of muscular body type um which is not as in fashion these days um so I'm just going to try and slim down the legs just a little bit and this is so hard to get right uh my suggestion is less is more don't it's better to do not you know do too little than to do too much and I I almost feel I almost feel like I don't want to show you how to do this because it gets misuse so much uh but you know we'll just do a little bit just just you know, kind of like I'm trying to think about the musculature and put the bulges where they where they should be just to kind of or just sort of reinforce what's already there you know, make make the shapes a cz nice as you can I don't really have to do too much here so um I'm gonna I'm going to consider this good enough we're ok with that somebody out there is probably going thinner thinner but you know, I think this is fine so when I say okay and and you can see we've done a little a little thinning uh just sort of adjusting and you know, uh this may be too much now that I'm looking at it but uh I have I in a lot of advertising in fashion they would have taken this even further um so ok, any questions about that using the liquefied tool any questions from you guys in the audience because, you know, once I'm done with this I'm not going to be touching the liquefy tool again so you know his internet calm about this nobody the others there's a question from zen who asked how much body contouring has done on male subjects um some yeah, I mean a lot of tummy talking going on you know? So yeah, it depends on the context if if you know, sometimes you get these images of celebrities and if you've seen them in person you know they don't look that good so yeah men get the time he took a lot uh not so much the beefing up of the muscles but very, very often there there's there's slim down just in an office and often it's just like either a more wardrobe malfunction or body position I mean in this extreme pose she was so arched out that of course the front of her torso was bowed out it couldn't be any other way but we like to kind of idealize the female form a little bit more and so we're going toe you know, kind of put shape there that you know maybe would be sort of impossible um and yeah, very often the thing that men just dislike the most is looking like they're they've got you know, middle aged punch you know, so that's about the most common request is too slim that down way do have a couple more questions now it takes sometimes takes a little bit for them going uh question from diane lundgren photography in rhode island I am I understand the ease of doing this on a one color background but what happens if you're on a multifaceted background like outside? Can you can you do this well if you really need to do body contouring in the background is chaotic or natural background there's leaves and plants you can't really push everything around because you're gonna be pushing the background with in that case what I would do is matt, you know, mask the figure lifted into a new layer do the contour and in the new layer and then you're gonna have to clone the background to cover up the parts of the body that remain visible underneath the re contoured body okay? Oh yeah we're doing this this way because we're gonna place around another background altogether so it was easy. Yeah, so did you have a question? What is a reasonable amount trees or decrease reasonable where we're not going yet? There's no rule that there's no way I can say this much is enough that much is too much it's just kind of have to get a feel for it again. Um it's it's you think is kind of trying to think like a sculptor? I like an artist and we're we've got the raw material here in the photograph and we're where we were just adjusting it to idealize it so a lot of it is your taste what you're going to do, what you like and it takes a while to kind of get a feel for what's what looks beautiful instead of what's, just ridiculous and there's so much bad photo shop in this arena, I mean, this is the tool that gets misused out of all the tools in voter shop. I mean, you see lots of, like, bad, overly smoothed out skin, but that's not nearly as offensive is like when they turn the they initiate the models so that they look like they've removed all their ribs and squished their waste in and you get they're going for that super wave? Yeah, you know, skeleton look and it's just amazing how much of that is done, so be it. Be gentle with this don't really try to make it look natural and not, and I'm almost a little uncomfortable going this far with this, but it doesn't look horrible, so you know, we're going, we're going to go with it now because I don't want to undo it, do it over again.

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Skin. Everyone has it, everyone wants it to look good, and if you're a photographer who shoots people, you need to be able to light, shoot, and retouch skin. Hollywood photographer Lee Varis has shot celebrities, movie posters, and magazine articles where the skin has to be perfect. He is the author of the popular book Skin, and he's coming to creativeLIVE to share his knowledge with you! Lee will take you beginning to end through multiple shoots with different types of people covering how to pose and light them well, and will then cover in-depth how to post-process in Lightroom and Photoshop. You'll learn how to fix blemishes, smooth out wrinkles, and address other skin concerns so you can make your clients look their best.



Skin tones correction and portraits editing are new to me. This course provides a set of tools for me to improve my portraiture work. Lee doesn't just show you how things are done, but also the reasons for the corrections. The delivery is a bit dry because the topic is quite technical. You can have a break between lessons, if it becomes too overbearing for you. I highly recommend to take this course, if you are planning to do portraits, head shots, or even senior pictures.