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Smart PR for Artists & Entrepreneurs

Ryan Holiday

Smart PR for Artists & Entrepreneurs

Ryan Holiday

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Class Description

Getting free media attention is a powerful and often misunderstood communication tool. Join media strategist and best selling author Ryan Holiday for his course on how to create smart, savvy and provocative PR campaigns.

Whether you are a business owner, freelance artist or a creative entrepreneur, Ryan’s course will teach you how to get the right kind of attention, without paying for it.

Take your business to the next level with proven strategies and techniques from Ryan Holiday, who at the age of 23yrs, landed one of the most high profile marketing jobs as Marketing Director of American Apparel.

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a Creativelive Student

I would highly recommend this course. Ryan's insights and experience give a wealth of information here. He gives really practical tips on how to get yourself, your services or product seen in fun and original ways. The advice he gives to the audience members is superb and his guests give wonderful insights too.

a Creativelive Student

Absolutely brilliant course. Very informative and Ryan's words and concepts are highly motivational. There is a great diversity of the businesses that took part in the studio audience and Ryan and his guests do a wonderful job of deconstructing the companies image and give them great new perspectives. This course has removed a lot of the intimidation of approaching blogs and websites about your service or product. Highly recommended!

Aleksandr Staprans

I've been following Ryan Holiday for awhile and have loved his books. This class is a fantastic addition to any marketers self-education toolkit. Ryan provides clear information and, better yet, it is really enjoyable to watch!