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Blow Your Message Up

So obviously brendan knows how to make it interesting message you know how to sort of pitch it and that kind of stuff but then how do you make something go viral what's the actual process of distributing this piece of content making it spread and how do you how do you get to that first million views or whatever you d'oh um yeah so kind of picking up where you guys left off in terms of like pitching I think we talks on this a bit yesterday um you we once we create a piece of content you know whether that's a video or something else basically identify the people you know we feel would be appropriate in terms of you know, collaborating with and that basically helping us so you look for influencers people that audience or platform in some fashion exactly exactly um so you know we create the content identify the people and then coordinate launch and kind of diving into each of those steps you know, I don't know if it would be good do you want to talk a little bit about what tools were used ...

you people one thing just to go to that question how do you find influences how do you find sites that air well suited to whatever message you're trying to blow up? Yeah so I mean, you know, typically what we'll do is you know we've got this target demographic in this category so you know, you know we'll start off, you know, simple ghoul search or you know this point we've worked with so many different categories you want this through a specific one like you did the hover cat video what he said so yes specifics yet yeah. So with the hover cat we worked we did this campaign actually for was for the pc, eh? We had abc is nightline actually document the whole process of us making a piece of content distributing it, promoting it and having go viral and it's pretty crazy over the course of a week way accomplish, you know, several million views or a million views created a twitter trending topic and you had one of the most viewed videos of of the week on youtube and within that process you know, we we basically in terms of like identifying those influencers it was pretty easy because the content was it was a cat and it was basically is like the secret life of like this reporter's cat basically and so funny cap, it is obviously do really, really well, so we have to go too far, you know, we started out with I can has cheeseburger you found a site that typically talks about these things exist images that way and I think one of the best ways to do that is you just search other relevant content and where people I have already posted about that content and so I can has cheeseburger that's that's what they do that's their bread and butter but then we also looked at you know, other popular youtube videos but wait so you so you let's say you identify I cannot choose but that's one site what were the sights you were telling me about that you search yeah give you similar sites totally so actually put together a list of resource is and stuff um so typically when we put this stuff together we'll get like an excel sheet of just all the sites that we think are relevant and dropping to drop him into a spreadsheet again before we start pitching and stuff and some of the sites that we use our you know, like we signed fine one side that we really like we'll use tools like sites like dot com or web sites like dot or ge we'll look at all top which will give you just it's like organized by categories like the top ten influential sites in each category it's not going to be a specific as like woodworking but it could be like arson, crafts, design, home furnishings that kind of stuff in it's gonna have those lists so it's all top dot com tow you would take I can has cheeseburger put that into sites like dot com or you would go to all top and look at videos or videos or sugar or something they queue up a bunch of recommendations and then you could run those recommendations through sites like and get even more for you and you can just go through that process and then you know another great site is quant cast which will take it is step further it will recommend sites but also provide insights into what's the composition of this audience so who's looking at how much exactly d'oh it's a demographic um which is great because you always you know oftentimes like it's good to question your assumptions and really see like is this going to be reaching the right demographic? Um and then we'll look at blogger rolls and I think that's one of the best thing is you with the ones we've identified identified one of these sites what are the other sites that they're linking out to write on dh cross promoting and that's a great way to just continue to build out your list and make sure that they're relevant and then so you get it on one site now how do you and then this water targets you got your one hit you major video now how do you blow that? How do you make sure it gets covered on all these sites totally um so typically we'll reach out to them in advance and offer them like something that's exclusive or unique I mean in the case of you know the hover cat video we reached out the I can has cheeseburger and you know give him a sneak peak they felt like the content was relevant for them in their sight so they're like sure no problems whenever it's ready let us know so this is an email email someone there and editor writer and you say this is what I'm doing this is who I am and I mean you know, I think one of the best way street out to people is getting introduction and I'd actually been I think I did it called one or two cold pitches and then actually had a friend who is a friend of somebody over there email introduced me and then instantly it was like oh yeah no problem made a lot of headway and then by the way one way to get intros is like take a reporter that you want to get in contact with and run their names through like linkedin or facebook and see what sort of share connections you might have on biff you don't have any that's something you're going to want to work on you need to be sort of moving in these circles and industry they're hoping that their coverage on but I definitely there when you're when you're injured to that reporter and then pitched they're going to give it a serious read rather than just deleting the e mail before they even see it yeah totally and and then what we did to is I mean, we didn't rely on just one one one block yeah, we found multiple sites and influencers, and we tried to, like, come out it from a variety of different approaches, so, you know, it was a funny video, but it was for the pcs, so we're like, you know, who has pets, you know, whether it's a dog or a cat or whatever on dh would want toe, you know, put their stamp on something that's, you know, driving awareness around the good cause, so we approached it from that angle as well. And, you know, before we even have the video done, we had, you know, half dozen doesn't incredibly high profile people, you know, people, millions of twitter followers or facebook fans etcetera onboard and then so so we had all these people lined up to basically help, you know, so the day that it comes out it's going to get a bunch of traffic through after exactly so how does that time so brennan, andi, I guess we sort of developed it together, but it's something you do it mechanism, but you called the leaderboard strategy on, like, the top line of that is so you make a video and you can get some audience for but the what you're really trying to do is make it on like the most viewed videos of the day list and why you're trying to do that's not just so you going to say like it's the most viewed video it's that people go to those lists to see what's popular and what's trending and so then you get it's like if you gave that list a little bit now you're getting tons of legitimate travel and kind of becomes this self fulfilling prophecy so how does that strategy work and what do you do exactly and we started touch on this little bit yesterday so you identify where these places thes high profile places where if you've got a placement you're going to generate a ton of earned media and eyeballs so for example he too has uh they're most viewed section tons of logs and new sites have like most read most popular mostly female exactly and you even just hottest or trending which is way easier to get on because it's it's not most popular for the whole day it's like what's popular right this second which anyone can game or get access to it just a small amount of velocity yeah and it's just taking the time to identify you know how many views or how many comments do I need in what period of time to make it on this list right and so we did the math and we had basically identified like if we upload to this category on this day and get this many views within a forty eight hour period, you know we'll climb the leaderboards into a high profile placement and so you know, having all these high profile people rallied behind this video and this really narrow period of time we were able to rank I think we got to like number two most viewed or something like that of the day and what's really interesting is you know you've you've gotten you know, all this momentum and then you rank and then from there it's like, you know, your initial you know, doesn't people maybe got to two hundred fifty thousand rights or whatever and then you get teo you know, number two most viewed and instantly you've got this platform where people who are just browsing you know, because you're on the home page or whatever they're clicking on your video you've got a cute cat come now on dh that goes to another two hundred fifty thousand suddenly in three days we're you know, five hundred thousand views and we applied a little bit of your strategy of kind of like clattering up right? You know, once we had the blog's then it went to you know, we went to more mainstream social media sites got picked up on national I think what's trending picked it up and then, you know, continued to just snowball and get more money like their show like that's what their shows and sites that do nothing but talk about what's trending and getting buzz on the internet and so those are the sort of radars that you're trying teo to register on exactly and then another great application kind of like this leaderboard strategy that we applied was I think it was like wednesday or thursday we've gone live on monday was way basically manufactured a twitter trending topic and and I think what does that mean? So so is everybody familiar with twenty turning topics alright so basically it's you know whatever is it's basically you know on the left hand side of twitter it shows the most popular right terms or news stories being shared on twitter given time and it's an indicator of just what's popular online basically write and what we did was um you know, we identified basically using a unique term we used the s p c a because it's not like it's something that's being used all the time um you know it's not being talked about but if we focus and get a large volume of tweets and really narrow period of time you know, we had a pretty good shot at basically making twitter trending topic and so what we did was we you know, once again reached out tio some high profile influencers that we work with right and you know they've got animals they had cats and so they were like all about it, yeah, like let's promote the pch we had them hold uh, a live stream, actually, and they did a q and a with their audience, and we designated the hashtag is the p c a and so what they did was basically said, all right, we're gonna ask questions to the audience, we're gonna do a little giveaway and I replied, back with your answer is using the hashtag s p c a and within thirty minutes we had a twitter trending topic and it just added to this overall momentum because and suddenly we're you know, we're on the possible we've got a twitter trending topic and then ends up in gosh, I forget what more like news sites we ended up on, but I feel like like I went to, like, move the sun and so you you've news leader, this leaderboard strategy to youtube, you've done into twitter, you've done it like on, like sort of block networks like forbes, they're having imposed done on slide share so basically anything that has one of these even down to independent sites it is you register and you send is traffic there, thea like by coordinating these things but also you guys do and this is this might be a little advanced with something to think about you guys do like paid traffic right? So there's a couple ad networks we'll talk about that now works in a little bit but there's stumble upon, which is yeah out brain there's various networks where you can purchase viewers even on youtube you can purchase views through youtube, they'll they'll funnel users who they think are relevant to your content through to your video and if they like it, those views count so what you're essentially able to do is if you're not able to send legitimate traffic, you can pay for it and register on these leader boards with the idea being if it's good it will spread yeah, yeah doesn't spread it it's not worth doing the money it's dead in the water but if you've made a piece of content do you think when people see they will like and she send to their friends so now as you can pay to kick things off? Yeah, yeah, and the one thing I would definitely recommend is making sure that you're you're leveraging kind of the earned and you know if you're using paid, make sure you're also getting that like really like authentic push behind it, right? Because if it's like you know, I mean uh just some hollow paid push odds are like that's something people see right so I think it's good teo you know definitely have like bloggers are whomever really riling around it you know generating comments stuff like that making it feel like lived in really helps a lot is it possible just briefly I mean just a moment you guys dropped so money dunn's in jewels and wisdom some sites were mentioned just can you just go back to making some of the sights of training sites but also mention kwan cast etcetera our audience like what did he just say listen that's made from the key sites yeah so we were talking about various tools I mean I think for identifying the similar sites sites like dot com web sites like dot org's all top quandt cast another one is compete document will provide insights in terms of of the paid traffic. Also youtube has a service called true view to reviews a great one and and you should use that like if you make a video if you invest in doing the video the last thing you want that video have is six hundred views like that does not reflect well from market now you're going to pitch journalists they're like wait up so so right about this thing that that's they're video's been up for nine months and it has you know, four hundred thirty two views that does not scream news worthy and important to me and if it said seven thousand views it's not like they're going toe dig in there and figure out where those user from its just sending a quick sort of subconscious signal that this this is this has been approved and liked by yeah, I mean there's like the, you know, there's a perception thing people like to know, I think it's like nothing draws a crowd like a crowd, right? And this is really born tio to really generate that crowd, and I think I think I want oh definitely emphasizes it's important to do it authentically like, you know, with every piece of content that, you know, we create we we get really authentic and influential people on board on the ground floor so their audience gets behind it. I think if it's anything it's just paid or, you know, you just focus on that hack, you're really not getting get to that next level, but that said, you know, youtube ads are great. I mean, the amount of targeting you can do is incredible and if you look up online and I'm sure we can post girl somewhere there's like the youtube creator playbook, which is just like a whole overarching basically how to best practices youtube, youtube dot com for a slash whitey ford slashed, advertise um there's like their ad playbook and we'll post these up there, but what goes up? And I think we already have some questions ready to go right here in our studio audience and a lots going on online as well. The only quick question I have for you guys right now. Thank you. Ranks thatjust unlisted, one of my videos that only has six hundred view's good, we'll see any more on the way, but we just listen some great websites, but if there is that one person is working in their mom's basement right now, yeah, one place they should start. You know what? All these places you can go, but just start here. Just start there's one you'd recommend about I think, if it's, we're talking about video, specifically, the youtube playbook is that that's your jumping off point? Great let's, go to other audience you guys were already like to tear at each other and give me the microphone. I'll go, I don't want to. I don't know if this is off topic, but if you're a small business and you probably have some, like ceo faux, pause is this away to sort of overcome that it's saying, like, developed, get us something to go a little viral, then suddenly you can be like the top hit if someone yes history if you create something that that stops being just some random thing and starts being content that people are genuinely sharing that's going to start to rank well and show up well on dh that's sort of that's that's the whole point of what we're talking about here I think which is do interesting things and it takes care of it for you so it will sort of overcome the like okay I didn't obsessively spend twenty five days like doing every little staying there are a lot of people who don't know anything about that stuff that do super well because they make interesting stuff some of my favorite sites are still like wordpress dot com blogger like hosted sites but their stuff is so good and people share it so often that it that it overcomes all that for sure well yeah and I think one thing too it's like if you are getting like like let's say some uh woodcraft sizes didn't article on you and you know there's a wordpress widgets that are literally like out of the box most popular most read I mean if you just you know funneled all your friends so like hey go call coming on my article asap on dh you get that momentum and then you're like the most popular article on a very narrow niche logue you know for an extended period of time like that could be great for you and your business that's wanted at one resource is that I've seen being really effective is a lengthy we've seen linc. Seema, I don't think I have it's just ah it's all about time boxing mo mentum so you have the ability to to share and people once people click in is just super dead simple to get things out to multiple networks, but then c rankings happen in real time, so my people to follow users coming in clicking and then there's actually leaderboards built in to whose being the most effective in their social network when there's like validation rounded it's really cool stuff. So I thought we talked about trading up the chain a little bit. This is a this is a friend of mine. He did a kickstarter project, I talked about it a little bit in the book, so this is the kickstarter video that he made, and I think we'll go through why I like it, uh, what it does, and then how he how he blew this thing and my name is jeff, thanks for taking the time to watch our video. We're asking for your help in bringing our swing project bolivia last year, my friends and I hung swings all across san francisco in reception is just incredible. Kids and adults fur lined up trying to use them before we even finished time road way came through the next day to interview people, and they talked about how using it it altered their day at the joy they felt permeated their afternoon was contagious to those they met, people wrote us in the weeks that followed really reinforced the idea that we'd accidentally done something, but it affected an exponential number people sense than friends and I have hung swings in the marshall islands, panama recently in los angeles, thanks to a generous grant awesome foundation. What started out as a humble conversation over a coffee table has turned into a multi city, multi country experiment random access kinds. We've documented the process each time, realizing it's important as more and more because this project's about dissemination of joy and love propagating the idea that anyone could create spread happiness is overlooking simplistic meets pleasure felt from participating is contagious swinging itself. You need media to really express that one swing only does so much this trip's about taking that project to the next level, keeping armament and going and expanding the scope of the endeavor not just hanging a swinger, too, but meeting the community one on one interacting it's about finding the intersection of basic joy we're trying to create. Where it resonates among people creating is about meeting travelers bringing them into the fold so that they could take these lessons and experiences with him on the road back to their homes nearly as important or at least it seems so it's about documenting the process in the journey that deacon best share with world and inspire others to create more random acts of kindness like wait thanks for taking the time to listen please help us make this happen my back wayne take your name, man wait so here's, what I like about it just a couple of things real briefly then we'll talk about how he blew up but here's what I like about it one amateur video anyone could've paid to do that uh he did it in los angeles and instead of so he didn't just make a bunch of he didn't just film a bunch of people swinging around on swings he picked all the major landmarks that people would respond to that people will recognize and make it more likely to spread so that one on the river was like a horrible swing don't want to go on that, but everyone knows what that looks like under the pier or in hey he picked the or the one by the airport he picked those because they their eye catching an iconic sort of coasting off there, their recognition on de so he makes this cheap video he posted on his kickstarter project. It goes on to do like, five hundred, six hundred thousand views. It's a huge success. He his process was simple, so he does this thing. He makes he taylor's a toe one city hey posted it on a time he got. He emailed the blogger who ran a small blawg in los angeles, and he got him to write an article about it because it fit in that guy's wheelhouse really well, and he knew that that guy's block post gets cut, get cross posted on the huffington post, and the huffington post has a los angeles section. Then he sent hey, then. So once it made the huffington post los angeles section, he did exactly what brendan is talking about, which is he sent all his friends to that article, so it started doing really well in the huffington post. The huffington post put support behind it. They tweeted it on dh, then now it's, now two, starting to do really well, and so he splits off to pass. What does he do? He sends an email to local news reporters in los angeles. Like for the local television news, he says, hey, I have all this great video footage that we didn't use in the video. Are videos going viral? Do you want do you want to cover it? Of course they all did so now he's get intelligent coverage and then at the same time he takes the huffington post language is doing well and he posted on reddit where he'd been active like as just a general community member and he posted on reddit not in like a specific uh not in like a location based in which is a small subreddit where people post like cool videos of cool stuff and she got all his friends to vote on it so it doesn't bunch of votes really fast and pretty much every blogger that focuses on posting cool things reads that subreddit so now boiling boiling picks it up laughing squint in san francisco picks it up and now it blows up all over the place he hits his funding goals gets all this press because he did exactly retirement so you make something that spreads he starts really small and then he trades it up the chain and that's pretty much what you do just for fortune five hundred companies yeah, and once you get that momentum going it's like there's this inertia and people want to jump on it because it's almost like you want to get on it while it's still cool, you know, like, um and so it's you know, it's it's really fascinating when when you come in hit all those points and it just starts to take off and it's like everyone's tripping over themselves to share your thing, which is so the opposite of how we think about media, which is like, how can I get people to care? Like, please care well, and it was interesting, like, you know, going back to the, you know, the abc cat video I mean, we had actually pitched it to a few, like pretty high profile social media blog's um and kind of tried to set me up, right? They said no. And then, you know, tuesday tuesday wednesday rolls around and it's got all this momentum because he's this the smaller blog's have kind of provided this platform for it it's going, and suddenly they were reaching out to others, come and ask you a few pic and write about it. Wait, I think we have a question in the studio audience I was just going to say, I think your average person thinks that something going by role is like an accident. And so if you've seen like, I guess my question is, is it ever an accident? Was it never an accident? I mean, I it is an accident all the time, but it's still follows the exact same process it still, it still starts small and then it coincidentally gets a bunch of concentrated traffic and then it starts a register on certain radars and then these bigger sets coming popular so the point is that you can engineers some of that happening there's always an element of random chance and at the end of the day if your video sucks you can't force something to go viral but what it's like you can do it for a cat he's doing it for swings you can do it for just about anything if the content strikes the right triggers and then you distribute it and spread it and blow it up the right way yeah and so like almost like once something is perceived as popular it must be popular right and it must follow this format I mean you like it this is a bit off topic but it's it's it's relevant timely I have you guys seen that viral video goats talking like humans so it's funny my my buddies they were on this block called the roosevelts they actually made that video it was like he just sliced a bunch of clips together twenty five examples of goats talk screening like you exactly and it followed this cycle so they've got they've got a nice block but it's not you know it's not this huge massive platform but it got picked up from their block it went teo I think it was to gawker and pretty sure and then from there you know it just went all over the place you bunch more pretty high profile blog's and then it was something it was like on the jimmy fallon show right? And then so now it's like six million views and then now it's taking on this whole other life of its own where yesterday I think it showed it to guys back stage it was like somebody had spiced together clips of that with taylor swift video on and so it just keeps going and graham because he's got so much forward momentum yeah like with the swing saying he was trying to raise ten thousand dollars to another prison way more than that because he kicked off this process and now tons of other people have taken the art project and done it themselves too. So it's it's how interesting there thing is how do you spread it? And it happens accidentally all the time but like friends it's a video like you know charlie bit my finger back cool. That video was out for like two years before some random blogger found random tiny blogger found it and then it happened I don't think any of us are in the position where we want to upload a video and then just wait two years and hope that it magically happens like that's not what marketing and launching products is about you you don't have that luxury and two I don't think your goal necessarily has to be like we need a few million views I mean often times it's just getting that momentum within your news community and so all this is is while relevant can be done on a very like small on a much smaller scale within these knees communities right? So like for you there's there's a decent local blogging space in san diego right there's a handful of sight they all into each other they are you khun you can blow up inside it's like the tempest in a teapot idea you didn't blow up inside that sphere no one outside san diego will know that this is happening beetle care because they're not your customers were for you you could go through this process getting ten thousand views would be a huge viral hit for a business like yours and I try to get ten million and so for him five hundred thousand was enough you probably would've considered hover cat of failure did five hundred thousand one other kind of like strategy I think he's worth kind of touching on is like and we talked about it a little bit yesterday's like that echo chamber like if you get all the san diego blog's talking about you it just creates this perception of this thing is massive and suddenly like the people who are maybe just viewing this as like readers they're like what the hell is happening and then they start like maybe even just like asking on twitter have you heard about this and it creates a conversation andi what coordination is so important you want the sense that like if you're just hey I'm going to pitch this person then we wait six weeks of your sporadically doing p r that's not as effective as coordinated and then provoking this reaction of like man like discover peak is everywhere man I'm hearing about witchcraft all the time right now where I'm hearing all about over food like that's what that's what sort of staging events and creating a campaign is designed to dio yeah, I think that's a great point and don't hold anything back when you're launching I think you know we've learned through a lot of trial and error and we think like oh well kind of tease out like, you know different elements to different bloggers anything that's great but like if somebody's if you think you can get somebody and you can get everybody go all it wants do that because it's hard to kind of like restart that moment um I would say it's impossible like so for me with the help of reporter out stunt I thought it would be this little thing that would get a lot of attention I did everything I could and then it blew up way bigger than I thought it's better to be in a position where like man I wish that wasn't as successful as it was then like what could I have done differently how could I get people to care? Because there's there's no there's no middle ground there's like it worked or it didn't work and use all your fire power to get it to work and in oftentimes just that you know difference of a day or two makes it to old to be relevant anymore which is crazy right? But it's a student one time is not enough either like you you're not you're doing their product and then everyone forgets about it like two weeks later and you've got to do something again and again and again I called like feeding the monster like theirs there's an infinite demand for this stuff so you've got to keep doing it with a few questions coming in from online then we'll get here to the audience let me first all right so faiza I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly uh they are they have a wedding blawg and they need content but they're asking um how do I see a story and make it my own and what are the rules of for re posting a viral video? Are there people who make viral videos want you to repose their video that's the whole that's the whole point? Yes I don't know if they lead content for their blawg there are many many people who would love to provide that content if they can deliver an audience grandes get going taking uh one of the questions was like how to make it their own start I mean not only definitely take it and posted people be more than happy but uh take it on except try and reach out to them and then that story takes on like there's a whole another layer of death and I guarantee if like somebody's videos like starting to get some momentum there going to be so pumped that somebody reached out to them but we have another question from coming on line and we'll go over here and this comes from from aaron guthrie and he says is being a provocateur a good way of getting recognized and noticed here's an interesting thing even with the topic that you yourself don't truly believe it then if or when you become notice and give use for doing that topic you don't I truly believe in is it easy or good idea to reform your original your original idea to something different to actually what you really want to get attention too so I'm a little confused but I think the question is so you find some means of getting attention or awareness that's not directly related to your business how do you how do you make that transition is a good idea to do that yeah look once you have the platform once you have the name in the brand, you could do anything you want with it, but the difficult part is the breaking through and it's almost like look let's just cross that bridge when we come to because it could be a really good problem to have it's like, look, I'm totally feelings for this thing that I wasn't intended to be famous for whatever should I like whatever I do I'm so mad, you know, like that's there are far more people who are just like nobody knows who I am nobody has ever heard of byproduct I can't get anyone to pick up the phone that problem is much more government and I think you know, we've mentioned feet times ten fares is a great example of that I mean, he became known for the four hour work week and now he he wrote a book about cooking I mean learning and stuff, but you wouldn't necessarily put the two those together, but he built that platform and then from there we could kind of do it when you want it right and it's far easier to kick off successful videos to do what we're talking about the more followers you have the easier to get each time because you're that much closer to let's say it takes ten thousand views to like sort of kick off the whole process well if you have nine thousand nine hundred followers you're almost there. You just have to get them to share it to one hundred people at that point so that so furtive it's like he gets this platform for one book launching the second book it's it's a turn slightly but he's got a core group who are at least interested in hearing that message he's not starting from scratch question in the audience yeah, this is for either one of you s o as you guys create content for campaigns do you ever try to be intentional with having an audience to remix it? And if so, what would like turn into a mean so would if so what would some of those attributes b I mean, I think that's always the hope of anybody working within social media I mean you're like praying that becomes something that happens you know it's hard to predict when that's gonna happen because, um the things they're just erratic you know, you never know what what is going to ride resonate but I mean, I think there are certain things that you kind of know in general will a deceased have a better chance of resonating, right? I mean obviously like, you know, you can look at stuff like cats, you know e make something that's really attractive one audience like it's instead of thinking about like, oh, what are they going to do with this thinking more like who might think more design of their products for a specific audience and it's really nailing it and then if you do that there's a chance that this next level of thing can happen but that level of engagement that's really hard to like get there I mean you're you're trying the amount of kind of momentum and luck you need tohave where people are even willing tto like email a video like that takes a lot of work you're content has to be awesome you've gotta have a great moment message and the right people behind it to get to the point where people are remixing your stuff I mean that that's that's a great position being what do you think about taking advantage of sort of things that are trending are going on like like with the harlem shake video like how certain musician like matt and kim got very early that video did like ten million years their music videos don't do that money. So what do you think about people jumping on the things? Yeah, I mean, I think I think you have tio identify like what you've got a filter like is this appropriate for me and my brand if the answer is yes, I say jump on it because I mean especially with stuff like the harlem shake our gunman style remixes air all these different things it's like, yeah, there there's this huge groundswell of people just like seeking this stuff out. If you're there at the right place at the right time, you just benefit from this rising tide, like so if you've got your finger on the poles and you're creative, it's it's far easier, I would say to piggyback on something, yeah, then to try to hope to start your own thing from scratch, and I think a great example of that, and this is a brand accomplishing this was during the super bowl, I think, was like oreos during the blackout they had created, I forget what the execution was, but it is basically a norio creating a shadow or something like that, and that just created so much buzz because it was like it was a brand right, something innovative and cool in real time. Yeah, just sort of being right in sync with the moment and react and that's, what news jacket news, but this in this case, you're almost doing it was like the namer, yeah, and I think that's, where you guys can actually benefit because you are individuals, or maybe you're part of like a smaller company, you can make decisions on the fly working with, like large corporations, it's impossible, they want to run off conditions through you know, they want to run these things through committee. They want their lawyer to see if they want to do a stop, and then the moment has passed. It doesn't matter exactly, and so use that to your advantage and that's. Why oreo was so successful is because they they were intentionally looking for that opportunity and had the whole executive team in one room waiting for it, right? Yeah, and but I would say it's harder, it's. Almost harder to do it right as oreo, who people are going to be suspicious of men, as just like a normal person with a small business, definitely.

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