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Hot Seat With David Thier

Ten david is some reporter in your space but let's pitch a specific story or angle does that work for you? You think you could do that and just tell me you know imagine what magazine I'm writing for or newspaper blogger and then tell me what it is all right who wants to go first so I switched these up a little bit from yesterday and it would be more from the angle of the home delivery service rather than both the business catering service. So so you are a food reporter in san diego? We're the uh ut ut san diego newspaper okay uh so uh families in san diego are happier and healthier because uber food is delivering uh gourmet meals to their doorstep all right, so uh we're making sandwiches, salads, soups from the best ingredients possible andi make it really easy for families to gather around the dinner table in a really easy way so that the only thing they have to do is the dishes I like that last line that's good so let's think about all you have to do is the dishes yeah that's about i...

t really? Uh so let's let's think a little bit about the narrative thing again. So what's home delivery what's what's home delivery like in san diego in a world without over food what's it like now so I don't know exactly the names of our competitors but I know that they send out e mails in comic sands size twenty two, they're all different colors, and the ordering is not easy at all. It was the food, like we've tried it out and it's, our food is next level. Okay, so, so, so start by, like, you know, just give me a little notion of the problem you're trying to solve, and then tell me how so there are families in san diego are extremely busy. Maybe mom and dad are working or, uh, you know, dad works, and mom sits on the board of three boards for school and there's no time, two for the whole family to be together, you know, around the dinner table, which is the best time for people to be together, and uber food wants to solve that problem by selecting the best ingredients and making it really easy to, uh, you know, for people to have their family time. Hey, dinner here's how I would phrase it because we're talking specifics stories, right? What is he going to write? Not just how is interested, but it's something like david. As you know, the food delivery scene in san diego is terrible uber food, and last, like two months, has delivered more than nine thousand meals to families and with the idea that all they should have to do for dinner is the dishes and with our service of then then you're starting to go on the specifics now you've hooked him, he knows what he's writing about and I think in your head correct me if I'm wrong, david, but you're like, I've got the headline and I also have the lead of my article there because the lead of your article is like talking about how shitty this fruit and seeds that conflicts that's a really important kind of way to make an article necessary because now he's he could write about you profile or news like because you just you hit this made up landmark or historic and write a feature about about home delivery in san diego with you guys as the central thing you know, does that make sense? So you know you want it, what is the what is the story? You know, that's what you got? Oh, how is he your first pitches? Another is bad, it's just he has to do all the work of figuring out what the story is sweet job thanks. Do you want your name out there? Just like that? It looks good, as you know I'm the founder of discover peak and online sure on that sells exclusive access teo hosiery that is not available in the united states and what I have found my clients recently is that not wearing pants is getting them better jobs and more dates, so I think that would be a really interesting article for the huffington post or the new york er to write about uh tell me a little bit more about products specific ones why they're interested? Sure. So right now on our current show we have a wide variety of patterns and uh stay ups that are super sexy and most women don't know howto wear stay up so we've done this video tutorial showing women how to wear thigh high stay up stockings that I's not noticeable underneath their dresses of their skirts which makes them feel more confident, more sexy and therefore gives them the confidence to ask for that raise give them the confidence to go ask that guy at the bar out on a date on dh just makes them feel good we'll keep it on the products are what's important here? So specific is it made by some old fancy boutique in paris that I'd have no way of accent? So tell me so many of the product that's a fourth of the products currently on the initial era are made in a small factory in paris that's been around since eighteen, seventy eight and I went there this summer checked out the manufacturing area of the building and the products and they're making the most superior products not just in the quality but it's still run by the same family that started in the eighteen hundreds I mean you're still little general really specific described two pairs and what they look like so he can imagine what they are okay like I'm saying you have to do it that think sentence would be like, you know, for instance, last month we did this pair from this a factory from the eighteen hundreds that looks like this and next month we're doing some other weird one can I like ben stand out like showing my tights or is it kind of looked weird and coming on to you at that point you can see your tights at this point so you can indicate yeah, you could say like for instance, the one wearing that's made from paris and okay, so actually the ones that I'm wearing our friend huh a small company in italy that only math manufacturers about a thousand cares a month still family run on owned and they create about five to six styles that are edgy for american women but super popular for italian women we all want to be like italians teo so two angles and jump out to me there one other story you could pitch hypothetically would be like how european host how your company is imported european or foreign style of rosary and howling american women are like blown away at the response and the improvements in their life from dressing that way that's one thing and then I think you could close either of those pitches with and by the way they're getting them at a price that's essentially the same as the hosiery they get from h and m whatever some sort of like anchor it to some other similar things, so this doesn't seem like, oh, this is for like rich people who I don't know like this is for still for everyone because your product is absolutely so you need to get go for it, right? So I guess uh, so what I'm doing is I'm importing these incredible products and styles that are not typical of american women, so american women don't typically where the six of styles but a really popular in europe and not only am I selling these incredible quality products, but I'm also showing women how to style them in my youtube videos. Yeah, yeah, and then you, if he doesn't know what it's like and it's it's actually weirdly through this subscription like get one pair every month or two pairs every month like now every other said the story's just getting better and better in his eyes because I'm warning warning and then you can give me enough that I could imagine how the story's going to sort of get longer and round out cool that's really good? Yeah, and then you could say I don't you didn't really emphasize that it was a website so like that's one thing maybe for everyone is that you've all been talking about our businesses and we've got a decent audience going right now like, say your brand name all the time like the website all the time as much as you can so people know and they go to it just something to get in the habit of, I think cool, good things do you want from the online audience with past will come back here in the studio audience and this's for me and here she says, I'm launching an online art school called a u squared the anti university our university it provides free basic lessons and inexpensive advanced lessons in technique, art history and self promotion as thie antidote to ridiculously expensive art schools and the frustrations of the student loan system. Yeah, that sounds like a good angle, you know, just it's a similar thing we were talking about with san diego with food delivery is that you make it make it very clear what your opposition to the current the current university system is set that up as they are beginning of the story and then tell us why it's important that that this thing is the thing that is going to change it and I would maybe throw in there if you don't have it you should think about having it, but why should we who is launching this product and why should we care about them and what is their credentials or they just some kook coming up with the normal kids in our school there needs to be someone associate with it that is it right? You know, for art school grads decide to come up with an alternative to expensive art school education is different than like, oh yeah I'm just launching an art school because I feel qualified to do that right and maybe it's for our school grads who hated their education and they feel unprepared for the real world that's why they need to change things like that yeah salad stuff what if it's for art school grads who are trying to pay their student loans starting business some tio take students or who are your investors? Do you have any professor's? What school did you go to like? There's? Just not enough specifics in there. Unless you write for tech startup log that writes about literally the foundation of every company there might not be enough meat there. I think meat is a very happy creative live you were right now you move with the next person, their audience who's gonna go next year don't be shy, don't be shy so I think in the vein of talking about your product anytime I would show up to a meeting like this, I would bring our sandwiches so I'd probably bring our turkey sandwich and tell you first off even before we started meeting that one in five sandwiches we sell every days are roasted turkey sandwich and sort of the delicious components of that pride I always I always do that that's really good that was good s so I'm gonna pretend you are someone from either bone appetit eat our food and wine are sort of another popular respected but cause I mainstream food magazine, as you probably already know, we were co founded by tom colicchio and several other fine dining chefs almost ten years ago, and the story of the origin is really that chef's when they have family meal before service, you know are after service what they would really be doing is taking a lot of the components in the kitchen and sticking it between two slices of bread, eating it standing up on the go. And so where that really got to is that you could really create a fantastic meal with chef inspired combinations between two pieces of bread at an accessible price point for the masses and that's what we've done to date today, we've got seventeen locations around the country we're serving five to six thousand people every day on we've launched new initiatives, such as a chef's daily sandwich again, just like our fine dining roots and what we're doing at gramercy tavern and it craft and now we're doing that for everybody around new york, san francisco in las vegas. The reason I wanted to start this conversation with you and where I'm hoping we can go with this is that, you know, we're really trying to be innovative in the quick service restaurant industry it's very sort of cookie cutter in terms of grab and go and you know, your experience, you just want to be in and out the door, but we think our experience is going to be different because we're implementing new technology tools to create better customer loyalty with you were using highly fresh seasonal ingredients in ways you've probably never seen before, and someone in a corporate office hasn't thought about that flavor combination, but a trained chef has thought about that. It has really said, you know, we're only going to serve the green market tomato between july and august, we're going to work with that farmer directly on we're doing that every day, and so I want to keep you and I want to keep in touch with you so I can keep telling you that over the course of the year. Uh, okay, I I feel like you're spending a lot of time on why witchcraft started out cool, but I'm not sure what the news story you're pitching me is right now, so I think that's our my challenges and ryan and I were actually talking about this backstage, which is, you know, I I can probably try and create something exciting about the sandwiches we did like a month ago, but I want to keep like a hook to you because I think we're gonna do something interesting two months from now, maybe it's kind of like after ten years of doing all the things that you just said, we're like taking it to another level by doing x or has to be a real specifics after after expanding the seventeen restaurants. Now we are taking over the catering miss like we're now we're bringing it to people in their offices rather than them having to come down stairs and order it from the thing or we're going right we're putting in locations inside the offices or whatever we're whatever you're doing, and that could sort of be one angle, which is and maybe he doesn't bite now, but when you actually have a specific thing they're doing, he bites it's just the idea of like we've been doing this for ten years were not only not going anywhere but like we're starting to turn up to die a little bit and here's some hints of what that stuff is talk a little bit about scale so I feel like anyone who's running about food is always thinking about organics and fresh food and how that scales and so that's an interesting angle on how you're going to keep doing more of it and you know how you're you're saying that's gonna work? Yeah, I guess you know part of it is as sort of ah slightly larger company that we have like sort of several things going on and maybe it's tryingto suss out from you what's interesting whether it's our new location that we just opened or our new customer loyalty technology tool or our new business partnerships so I think that's a little bit of the challenge to and and you're not a publicly traded companies you don't don't worry about forward looking statements you can say things like, you know, right now we order x amount of natural ingredients from these farms in the next five years we're going to be our goal is to double that like you could talk about goals or like ambitions like maybe it's it's that you're this ten year company and your ambition is sort of just getting started so now it feels fresh because you've got this history which is interesting to write about but it's like the next big thing from which craft it's gotta be specific always or else goro maybe just making this up our goal in the next three years is to double the um amount of sort of organic local produce that we're using on dh tell me why you that's a problem because there's not many farms were working with these people were trying to expand we're trying to measure the really good large scale production that's cool and and you were telling us yesterday or today that like fast company and all these magazines have already done the general feature on witchcraft so he doesn't want to be the guy that writes the seventh profile he wants to be the guy that's right in the the rebirth profile or the resurgence profiler the what's the next being moved for witchcraft profile you've had your features is this it has to be a news story yeah and then those news stories can lead to the next feature once there's two or three now it's what's going on in witchcraft what's the next what they seem to be gearing up for something right? I guess you know one thought or question is you know, trying to give the history to really you infer why were interesting going forward? You know, I don't know what other specific tactics you'd suggest for how to keep you interested right? So to your point about the way I like to the boat guy that you were talking about earlier he's now become the person that you call up and just talk about sort of new things in that industry. How do I become the person in the food industry that you call up when you want to know about new trends in the food industry? Once you've given me a few stories and I have a feeling, you might give me a few more that's that's where you wanna be so like one or two of those could be witchcraft stories, another one could be stories about, like the other restaurants even associated with or just people you know, or you could let's say you're going to a party that's like the food industry party that this blogger typically isn't gonna have access to bring them there. That's I think that's how you developed that relationship, if people think that you're someone who knows what's going on, they're going to be way more after listen to you on all sorts of subjects that's definitely a next level way of thinking about it, which is not just how did I do good in this pitch, but and that's something to think about? How do I do that? How do I use this pitch to develop and build the relationship that's really important? Cool, right? We've got some good news, yeah, that's, real good news, your friend your friend from the internet blair survival suite we'll get to yours, blair, because she hasn't ready to go ready for this. All right, so he says I'm a former recon marine security contractor and federal agent. Um, I've spent the last thirteen years practicing survival and combat skills in iraq, afghanistan and some of the harshest environments on earth. I want to teach you what I have learned. So come prepare yourself on blair survival dot com for free training tips and affordable instructional dvds. What do you think? Yeah, I think I think you're definitely right toe lean on your own experience because it's cool and interesting and everyone wants to be like a recon marine. So I think that that that's all adjusted really straight to the point. Learn how learned how to survive in the harshest environments and bert in the world from a real recovery. I like that. I would also say, what are things he can tell you specifically how to do in that pit show it's like, you know, howto like let's, say taking two comes out, he writes his he's pitching you reporter about, like, what a really re kon marine would do in that situation, or like what our news pegs, that he could give his expert advice about that, would you hey, david would quote him and linked to his block in the article and it might drive a lot of traffic yeah, I think I think including mohr specifics about your product is sort of something that he's coming up right we're writing about yourself you want to know what isthe right? How's he just supposed to write about some guy who has a survival school that's it you explain that's him explaining it to a customer like oh, I'm I'm already interested in survival school that's how it is it's like to get media coverage and explain what this what this specific story is uh unless there's somebody off chance you were already writing a story about something related to that would this be something for example david orion like say after a catastrophe say say hurricane sandy hit will this be a story that someone to reach out to say hey here's, how to survive a hurricane or or a big storm if your powers out for three weeks and tactics you can do is this a good angle toe? I guess now I want a piggyback on a catastrophe but piggyback on something that's real life where people could be struggling yeah, I mean, I think a lot of people are terrified of the apocalypse whether he's on b or otherwise on and so sort of drawing on the real world and saying, you know, when when modern civilization collapses learn from me what to do and then tell us what to do so he would be a great source for a seven tips for rebuilding after sandy rebuilding safer after sandy or you know like and flogs love this because they get todd's of painting how to prepare for the next disaster things like that right also potentially howto prepare for a check in nora's roundhouse kid because you can't survive a chuck norris around I was kicked I'm sorry blair was next year and the audience is going to appreciate you taking the time and just to set it up you are you who appreciates technology in creating the new hotness and creatively solving pain points so um so have a software startup freakin genius that's really helping you and I have a better conversation I actually like to ask you a question have you ever sent a text where your tone was completely misconstrued could have led to an argument or frustration yeah that's a huge problem that millions of people are having every single day because all they have is text emoticons and that does not fully grasp the ranger personality and we have video but people don't like it turn it on themselves because they feel insecure and vulnerable and the conditions always have to be right s so we built a mobile app called the jacket where users can very simply create animated message is that really capture yourself authentically more than anything else that exists today in our earliest users that air having these conversations through yak it, um are finding that they're connecting more frequently and deeper, deeper than before, and I could actually works in less than ten seconds. Uh, I think it's it's nothing really solid now, telling down some of the like don't tell people are connecting more frequently and deeper that's another one, those things where I don't know what that is, you know, right? And you make a funny app has twenty photos like it's not so serious, like one way to put it might just be like, hey, have you ever said, you know, like when you said attacks and like it's totally gets misconstrued? Basically, we made this app that lets you do that with an image instead and you know, our users are sending millions of messages and it's really fun and cool and baba block you know what? And now you're like, okay, cool keep it content just let you know people at home can get in on the joke is it's a photo of me saying what I was just saying show it's a show to a camera way, make that work, monty, can we get close to a camera or now it's very flattering I pointed this camera right over here this one here yeah, and see if we can make this where one second we'll consider this is the photo that I grab google images of ryan I I actually think brian's voice is a little bit sexier so we could drop it down with it's dead simple and it's it really is something that because it's so dead simple it doesn't have to be this really complex tools so I would do that, you know, meeting official opponent it is a great way to just make everything very clear. Yeah, thanks, man just on one block away once that was you probably numbers in a story like that who are you use? Yes. How many and any social global whatever you need some some analytics which you would have the exclusive tio and tell her that then you need to find numbers about similar competitors. You know, there needs to be so hard how hard data in there, whether it's about you or about about the industry about whatever do you want that? Do you want that in the lead in or do you want that in the conversation that we'd have? Mmm, not me tha that's, that's, that's that's that's you know, you show me the thing and you say and just so you know this stuff is really big right let's, do another one online before we go to next studio audience member, and this is from I re about pitch wei are a website design company with ceo marketing skills, as well as social media skills and graphic design that is low cost for small business that takes on clients in a very small manor to make sure that we provide the personal attention you need, we work with you to figure out a yearly budget that includes everything that you may need for your needs. I think that the way to go with that one is probably to talk about, you know, your company has probably been crushed on google, whatever it is by some other massive person, and this this stuff isn't that hard, you know, it's not on ly the giant companies that know how to manipulate google, we can help you play with the biggest brands using the same tools on a price that works for you. I may be probably wouldn't be pitching someone like david a story I don't know if you're pitching any journalists start about that it's more like, okay, what's, a website that small businesses use or read likea blogged, yeah, I'm gonna pitch! I want to pitch them a guest post about how to think about budgeting for ceo and website management and is not a general news story right it's not a new story it all probably ever at best it's responded to sub sort of haro inquiry about you know theo disasters or you know small business start like your baby quoted as an expert source in a news story but your best marketing angle might be right in helpful articles that could be used as content on sites that are read by your target audience and as ever you regardless if it's a business like this or others just ever give you pause when it seems like they're trying to do a little bit of everything so for example there's marketing their social media skills and graphic design like okay d d this or you that you do all the branches who's out there looking for ceo website man I had already forgotten about the graphic designs right play what do you best that focus your company around that thing and when you're talking to your customers let them know you also have these other skills great we won last one here in studio audience correct let's do it all right, I'll get on mike here it's like a little chair so um I'm gonna pitch you as you okay? So a cz you know from conversations that we've we had yesterday we're bone mountain bristlecone cell thousand year old would this sculpted by fire you can see in this piece that it's this is this has been sculpted by fire and you can see all the like hundreds of years of growth on the on the other the part the piece that's been cut so we sell would that sculpted by fire and um and then weathered for a century by wind, rain and sun so but your uh, tech writer so I'm not really sure why you would care about this care about all kinds of twenty I can tell you're super nervous, which is hilarious because david I we're talking the green room like he would legitimately write about this like, hear the stuff is cool he does like culture right? If he's like actually excited and interested in your product so here so here's my pitch you don't need to be nervous because like you have a great thing that you should be confident of and if you're nervous it it's not going to sell it as well as if you just own it and know that you don't need him to validate you've got something awesome, it could be a fit and if it is it's going to be even better okay, so I have a story for you that's about the juxtaposition between my ancient wood and technology, which is that well, here's a little piece of the story my mother and father in law have lived on a mountainside in colorado for forty five years and, um just about a month ago we finally got them good enough satellite internet and an iphone so that for the first time in forty five years a phone rang in their house over v o I p and um so it's the juxtaposition between the ancient and the modern and how much how much sort of using technologies that are out there have changed the world even for people that aren't on the on this sort of track of like following the iphone twenty five and what's what's the you know like what's what's the latest giro's that is it but is the giro and the iphone better than in the android phone or whatever like it's the technology that has will allow us to sell this ancient wood is real and it's really changing like our lives and it's it's you know it's like good at what I know you all take totally take for granted good internet but it's not everywhere it's like good satellite internet video it's creative life it's um let's see I'm going but it's all the tools that are out there that are totally affordable and our are available to everybody and and it's um it makes a huge difference and um so yeah so so you're using your using technology and the web to bring this this artifact of geologic history the people that never would have been able to hear about you and we couldn't have done we couldn't I mean I believe small business has been around forever and whatever it's just evolved but we can use these tools to make it make it work for to sell to sell this this really where their product and um so yeah so come to colorado and drive up the mountain with me and well my mother in law will cook you come on best baguette you've ever had on a wood fired cooks no and you know and you can you can call her on her iphone which is like amazing for her and and it's an amazing product and it's it's it's that link between between the technology and the ancient wood is interesting I think that one really important thing already have an idea that this is really special because it just looks like it just just just remember to say that you uh that your personal connection of this and why this is such a rare thing this is not something I'm getting from any other thing from any other company that you have one of those few commercial permits and it's part of your family as well and what is the product right that's the one thing missing in your pitch okay um yeah but I guess okay so I was trying to pitch it like like why would he want to do a story you know I'm just saying you want you don't need to re picture it I'm just saying like you didn't that was the one thing that was missing you also you forgot to say what the business wass right? Okay way like other than that we were fascinated that's it's not like what do you what are you talking about? Like pierre's going no it's like this is really interesting also like I want to know what the business is and I think you know the way of connecting technology and that that's cool and that's you would need to lean on that if it wasn't this cool but luckily it iss and so the story is just that this is really cool and now people now so it's expanding do so this is like a paperweight like I would put this on my desk and yeah, you shouldn't brand it in the back like late with a brand amount yeah, that has your thin and that I could put this on my desk. I could probably pay like forty bucks for this like it's some gift store, right, definitely on by people was that piece of what under desks and I would tell them the whole story that would be crazy. And another idea had have you ever seen those wood business cards like what's a business card really thin piece of wood you should make business cards out of yur would kind of like like wise you have that like that specifically the right and then you could actually get like I've given you a business card about my product that's a thousand years old and it's not a rock it's like it was you know a piece of wood that's crazy now he you just give the card by the way that's my business card it's a thousand a piece of what was what about it I want to know everything yeah awesome I think just I think you're set I think it's really cool what did you think about the characters in the story? I was interested in that too like your in laws on the stove and the knot yeah that's the way you know once I'm already interested in the idea generally the next thought any journals is going to have is well, what is this story? Is it a one off block post? Um I'm going to aim a little higher or is going to magazine piece and so the mohr of that kind of interesting stuff you have to say them or that I'm going to be thinking you know there might be real room to run okay well can I tell you one one one more little so thiss this business that were trying to create like husband and I live in a three hundred eighty square foot apartment and the milliner or and where in the san luis valley in colorado okay and um coming to creative live is probably the biggest expense we've been card for this business, and I accept that because of the travel hacking community like we came here on airline miles. So so it's it's just amazing to me that I could be here a creative live and and have this opportunity and it's because of technology and and it's changed, you know, it's kind of like it's reaching thousand year old would know that juxtaposition is very, very interesting, especially for the the idea of longer of a broader articles that's, that's a nice way to hang that and so quick question, what has he been doing with the permit for forty five years just like hanging out with it? Or is it a business or is that, like, finally, technology has made it a business or now it's turning it into a successful, international like, award winning business. How is that working? I don't know how to position that I mean, do you want you want the truth? The truth that will decide the truth is that they they've made some amazing tables for customers they try to sort of be the furniture maker, but then there's there's the whole layer of marketing that was just never done um, but I hate to say this, but hundreds of chords of this stuff have been sold us fire wow. Okay, so that's amazing that's awesome. So for forty five years he's had this exclusive hey has a huge stockpile also, I mean, like stuff you could just couldn't I mean, he loves would he collects it he's like he's like, oh, my god, this is a beautiful piece and you, like, takes it home with him and, um so there's a huge stockpile and there's like lots of eight foot logs that could be made into amazing, amazing tables. Um but he's also had to make a living and he's never marketed it, and so he, you know, it's so it's like for forty five years, he's had this pervert and because of technological and geographic constraints, has been limited on ly two local small time self made pieces of furniture or worse, burning it as firewood. And now he's now, because of this sort of internet business or this new approach or whatever sort of new thing you want to tie it to, he is he and you have turned it into a an international you are like odd line retailer that's what of some of the most sought after, like exclusive exquisite pieces of wood to craftsman from one place and then pick another place it's like a lobster served his prison food, you know, and now it's lost right that's really like the more we hereby your story, the more there is to talk about it like it's very very excited and so I wanted your website I feel you you could do a good job, you will be better pitcher get if you could write this all out and talk about it yourself like your photo your website was a lot of images but that images are powerful no question, but I don't know what this is from an image it's the story of the context of the shoe it interaction with it that makes it special and important. Did you read the story page because I didn't know it's not great it's not horrible, but it doesn't have a lot of this stuff that we're talking about that needs to be and then I have to be really front center because when I look at this it looks cool but it looks cooler I look at that and I think about all those things and that's really that's half of what's going on here and on your website I'd also like to see some things that were made from the wood yeah, because if I'm looking at, why should I buy it from you? It's? Because why should I take your your fitness program it's? Because I want to look like the final product not because I want to be miserable, you know thiss briefly would like to go down the line and we can start here at the front and just tell us a little bit about you're learnings and what you get out of being in this course and you're gonna take away with you for your for your company in business? Yeah, for me, it's really about just being succinct to the point just being very intentional with the message that I have just kind of working through some of the issues that I have in my own communication style, so it's been really helpful there and then just coming in with the whole tool bag full of new tools to use around to create visibility and unique and creative ways. It's been eye opening. One of the bigger takeaways I had today was the whole notion of if if I can't get my story to the person that I want to get my story in front of won't take it to go to the competitors it's intuitive, but it just never clicked in my head and so to be able to go to somebody else and have them printed and then get the other person interested again kind of the dating analogy it was that was helpful, okay? I guess I realized that I've been stopping short, I've been creating all this what I think is great content, you know, showing women how to style hosiery and clothing and washing you and brendan show us how to strategically place and contact people necessary to get it out and go viral. I was just kind of eye opening. Yeah, I've had an awesome time over the two days I feel really lucky because uber food is just getting started and I have, you know, with with all these different tools I can sort of lay out a long term path out some of the you know, tactics are just appealing to self interest and yet making sure that your story is crafted you know, I think you've said before like you put a handle on it, you put a handle on your story so it's really easy for the reporter toe or the press or whoever to pick it up. So, uh, I subscribed to seth gordon's like daily, whatever and this morning in my inbox that said it was it was this little thing about about how there's there's always another tool in another app and blah blah blah but at the end, what we need is to be brave. And so I think what I got from here is till like, put yourself out there and just go for it and that's been an amazing experience could I have this piece of wood? Yeah, it's, your butt is going in my e mail address on it I think the answer that question yes, you can have that piece of wood for one hundred dollars I was going to buy one if you didn't give me well, there there are about thirty pieces up on my website right now and I think my husband texted me and said a bunch of them have sold today but once they're gone, the prices like going a ten times right that's a fantastic all of you guys so much for sharing your story I saw you guys just diligently writing in your notebooks and coming out on sharing everything not just with ryan but with the creative live community and right now ryan is way during this course to it to a close we love to get some any final thoughts from you I didn't know I was supposed to prepare final fun I don't have any, you know? Oh yeah, I think I I deliberately set up the progression of sort of like like look at your old house in order on then once it's there and you know the story you're telling go out confidently into this world and understand that like people want to hear that and they they're going to help you along with it because it benefits them to sew like yeah, you don't have to stop short you can blow you can't make continents gonna blow because like there's, this whole edifice designed for spreading that information and it's desperately starved for like content and information like you're not right in too many stories, right, like you would rather have maura, good stories come your way, you probably feel like you don't get it. You're not like, look, people are pitching me too much great stuff, and I'm drowning in it. It's like too many annoying people are throwing shit at me and then, like the hidden gems, are not talking to me and not communicating to me what I, what I would love to write about, and so that that's like, really exciting and interesting to me, like, obviously, my approaches. And so my writing has been cynical about it, but, uh, because because I think there's improvements that could be made to the system, but as it stands right now, that's the opportunity. You yes, you have to be careful. Bad things could happen as well, but but but in the aggregate, this is probably one of the best times to be a small business entrepreneur, uh, or marketer, because, well, there's a market for your product.

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Aleksandr Staprans

I've been following Ryan Holiday for awhile and have loved his books. This class is a fantastic addition to any marketers self-education toolkit. Ryan provides clear information and, better yet, it is really enjoyable to watch!