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Overview and Crew Introduction

Let me give some opening remarks. First of all, um, you know, I think, mike, you said something that was really interesting in your introduction. We really do live in one of the most remarkable times in history, and that the technology that's at our fingertips has never been more sophisticated and nevermore accessible and at lower price points than what we have available to us today. And I think what we're doing here on creative life really speaks to that. This idea that we can set up a studio in a house on the lake outside of seattle, thirty minutes from town and then broadcast live to the world educational pieces like this is pretty extraordinary. And I think photography is very similar to that in a video. Storytelling is it is in parallel to creative live in the sense that we have these devices, whether it's, our mobile devices, whether it's, our marylise cameras are dslr cameras were empowered, like never before it actually communicate with these devices, the playing field, a super...

level it's no longer about bringing million dollar piece of equipment, our million dollar production value to a location. In fact, it's the tools that you can buy a costco allow you to actually shoot at the absolute highest level. The ideas are the key it's what we do in our heads that is the great limiting factor it's if we're creative if we have a lot of drive weaken do amazing stuff today and I think one of the threads that I heard everyone discussing was this idea of small footprint production and that's all scale of one and this is there's some lights and there's multiple cameras in this room but it's still, this is small footprint production scaleable small footprint could be one person with one camera where it can be a couple of people with some extra lights and some extra gear, so we're going to kind of address all of that we're going to look at what what the one man band model looks like and we're going to look at the slightly larger model and then we're going to look at the you know, the big time, the hollywood style of production over the next three days um, I think one of one of the other realities in this course is like I'm here to give you a cz much information as I possibly can, you know, the goal of pulling back the curtain and just revealing everything that's why I'm here, I love sharing I always say if I weren't a photographer and a filmmaker, I'd be a teacher I'm not sure if I'm good at it, but that's what I would try to do, I'd be working in a high school right now but so that's why I'm here I want to share ask questions whenever you want there's fifteen minutes at the end of each session that will take questions from the live questions and also from the internet so this first session all this go ahead and tell you my story and set up the course and then let's do fifteen minutes of questions and then with the rest of the sessions I think we're just going to keep more of a flow of questions as an idea give me a minute see if I address what you're about to ask and if I still haven't addressed your question and just, you know, put your hand up and fire out the question the goal really for this course is I want to walk you through from start to finish a mock assignment that includes final delivery of still photographs to add comes as well as a fifteen to thirty second video spot for the web and so really what I want to soup to nuts I want you guys to feel like wow ok, so this is how the first phone call comes in are the first concept lands in corey's head and this is the thought process, the methodology, the philosophy, the process for going from a concept and all of the production necessary to get into the field than the actual process of shooting the project being creative in the field bringing it back to the office doing the postproduction process and delivering to your client so we're going to really soup to nuts we're going to go through the entire process a lot of this is it's my technique so it's the reality is everyone does it differently there's no right or wrong but at least I'm going to give you a path that you can go down in terms of head this this could work or you can modify your probably smarter and more efficient than I am so you'll take what I give you and you're going to create your own process for doing exactly that I'm super fortunate to have brought kind of all my boys with me on this shoot part of what you're going to hear me talk about a lot of the key is working with great people I try to surround myself with smarter and more talented better looking funny or guys and women all the time and that's exactly what what I've done I'm going to talk about this a lot during my presentation so I'm gonna introduce the guys that were with me if I can't answer a question they will be able to answer the questions so first is dane henry from lake tahoe dane has been on a lot of shoots with me dane is often times the dp operating the motion segments when we're shooting is also in the back and doing a ton of editing and he lives about a mile away from me and like talk so it makes traveling to the airport with eight hundred forty pounds of gear a lot easier so dane any question on the video front point of day and if I can't answer the question and yeah I'm psyched to be here and share what we do behind the scenes so I think this will be a fun few days all right next we have blye gillies come on out bly actually works in my office in lake tahoe, california and bly is kind of the wizard first of all you can tell he's a lot stronger than dane and I so he can lift the heaviest pelican cases and get them up high on top of a roof racks but bligh's also the photoshopped wizard in our office and there's a lot of assisting on the photo shoot side of what we do so bligh's actually native of colorado but living in tahoe and he says it's all right apparently he likes looking forward to it guys cheers okay and then we have sean haverstock and sean is a world class athlete but has taught himself the art and craft of flying rc helicopters and he really is like the top gun pilot of rc helicopters and and has created he brought with him a home made handheld gimbal device which we're going to show you how this these tools there really changing what we do, I mean, bringing production value to that next level. So you're looking at four guys that travel a lot together and what what weakened? This isn't a pat on the back, but it's, what a four person crew can do in two thousand thirteen is what one hundred person crew used to do ten years ago and that's so most of it because of the technology, and I like to believe that we're all just smarter than ten years ago, so we're also gonna have one more lighting tech flying, but I'll introduce him when he arrives. We're also going to have a world class fisherman who's going kayak fishermen that will be our model he hosts a tv show will introduce him as we get deeper into today and upstairs, my wife and our brand new baby six months old is if you hear any crying in the background that's probably what it is, but usually marina would be doing hair and makeup we're going to try to when we do the voice over, which also explains she's going to show you the basics of makeup on camera, maybe even with a baby in tow, but that's called real life, and so so that's it here's our crew and, uh, thanks guys for you, and I'm gonna have some fun

Class Description

The future of storytelling, for enthusiasts and professionals alike, is all about capturing great pictures AND great video during a single dynamic shoot. However, attempting to be both a still photographer and ace filmmaker at the same time is rife with opportunities to mess up, miss the shot, and blow the whole shoot.

A lot of photographers have learned to add video into their repertoire through trial and error, often with frustrating results. Join seasoned visual storyteller Corey Rich for a 3-day live still-and-motion shoot on location. Corey will walk you through every step of the process — from storyboarding to post-production.

Whether you’re an enthusiast wanting to capture stills and video of your cousin’s wedding, or a professional photographer looking to offer stunning motion spots to your clients, this workshop will help you seamlessly bring your stories to life.


a Creativelive Student

What a great class it is such a great opportunity to what some real pros at work. This class will inspire you to do what it takes to get the image. You will see that even the pros struggle sometimes.

Edina C.

Very informative class! I loved it... Thanks Corey!

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