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Welcome back to creative live everyone this is the final segment of stills and motions storytelling on location with mr corey rich it's been a pleasure having you here for the last three days I can't believe it's ending it always comes to an end doesn't end in my pleasure is well I hope there was some valuable information I'm pretty sure there was a story I think I think you're all right all right everyone this is the final segment we're going to do some thank you's we have a lot of people to think there are a lot of people that makes something like this come together and happen corey has a big team creative life has a team we have a lot of people in the studio audience so we just like to do some thank you's and we're going to start up cory if you could just thank all the people that you work with that have made this possible for you and you're sure well certainly when you go to buy here goto adirama have the best prices and everything that you need epson every everything that we do pr...

inting wise in our offices on epson printer's ink and paper my website actually is on photo shelter dot com it's a very it's a big question that we get how do you build a website it's very easy on photo shelter man photo all of the stands tripods etcetera that we used over the last three days, man photo equipment that kayak that saved jim's life kept him afloat out on beaver lake jackson kayak and most importantly, is nikon all of the cameras that I'm shooting on our nikon cameras and I really can't say enough about that company they really believe in what we're doing right here, which is education and sharing and himself thanks to all of those folks light panels you saw a lot of led lights out there that was cutting edge technology from light panels x write software we're calibrating monitors we're maintaining our color with x rayed software and their tools sand desk all of the memory that goes into my cameras there once they are the leading manufacturer of memory worldwide, so go for the best low pro that's rally carry all of my cameras once I get on location and the adventure photography workshop if you watched this creative lie of course and you feel like wow, I got a lot out of that, but I want more it's a very cool event that I cofounded with rich clarkson and associates we do a weeklong adventure photography workshop that's very hands on we cap it out at thirty students it's a team teaching environment so we myself chris burkhardt, lucas gilman, sadique warrior from national geographic and scott wilson from the north face it's a team teaching environment we go into the field, we shoot rock climbing we go rafting which trail running we do video interviews so its hands on a week long jackson hole wyoming pretty doing fun so you can check that out online. That sounds amazing. It's pretty cool on a lot of beer drinking way cover low pro. Yes, perfect. All right, so we will cruise right along. We would love to thank the creative live audience that is everybody who has been watching from around the world. We think and appreciate you we would not be here without you, so we just love to give thanks and praises to all of you guys and also thank you to our in studio audience. You guys have been great great questions. Just great energy, great people. It's been a pleasure having you. I hope you've enjoyed. I know you've come in from, you know, far and wide around the world in the country. So I appreciate you guys being here and coming toe watch cory's workshop love to thank the creative life crew. We have so many people on the set here here at our location, we have people back in the seattle office and just everyone that takes a lot of people to make something like this come together so I'd like to thank everybody special shout out to our producers lindsay and erin they are incredible that you would not believe the time and energy that they spend to make something like this happen and they're just great people on top of that and I would like to add that I've been just blown away by the entire team and creative live from everyone here behind the scenes operating the cameras to those providing food to these incredibly talented and beautiful people on camera that make this all flow so I like this thank you, lindsay thank you, erin. Thank you. Everyone and creative live and for the brilliant idea of cool company. All right, everyone, we would love to thank cory riches team these guys have been absolutely incredible. Dane and sean and bligh you guys have just been with us the last three days making all this happen. We see that it's not just korea making all of these things come together all of these guys as a team or what make this possible. So these guys have been awesome also want to thank jordan who stopped by for a day. Jordan is actually traveling around the country right? That's, right? You confined jordan online he's a very talented photographer and is living in his truck with a little camper trailer and he and his wife are travelling the united states for the foreseeable future and making cool pictures along the way so wait always a good idea to do that thank you to marina and layla who are your wife and daughter? They have been on set as well. Beautiful family in fact I think I think I could hear layla crying upstairs well it's been nice having them on set and last but not least thank yu jin sammons who has been here in his kayak mr fisherman he has been incredible so thank you to him very much thank you, jim fishing show check him out if you do not know about him already all right? And also we would like to give a huge thank you to corey rich you have been an incredible instructor just mellow down to earth guy pleasure to be around and we're gonna miss you when you're on so my pleasure thank you very much to you I think we'll do a round of a wei have a little bit more we have some contest winner so we did an incredible facebook giveaway during this workshop and we do incredible giveaways all the time on creative lives. So if you did not participate definitely do that in the future because you would not believe the prizes that we give we gave away during this workshop and I believe that you and your team selected the winners of this contest is that right that's correct that's correct, we actually was it took a long time, but we actually did a secret ballot process where everyone put in their top five picks and then we narrowed it down to a top four and then finally, we after a lot of yes, I am, but they're actually I will say that the photographs were fantastic. I saw them just a tte the break, and it was a very difficult decision, but I was actually blown away with how great I saw the thirty tops elects and those thirty select that was actually floored by how incredible they were. It was a very difficult decision. I narrowed it down to the top five and then getting it toe one, two and three was was really challenging. All right? We'll look at those now, I just wanna also let you know that critic live. Our facebook page is so close to one hundred thousand likes, so if you guys are watching and you haven't liked the creative life facebook page, please do that and just push us over the edge during the cory rich workshop. That would be awesome. All right, let's, look at these winners, third place. Jordan fraser, look at that shot. Amazing. Anything you want to say about that, corey, or what is a beautiful life like it really just surprised me with a cool photograph that is very cool yeah, I was going to say okay I'm sorry okay everyone first place type of france number one that was the frame that actually impressed me the most very cool. All right, well, congratulations to jordan you just won a slew of prizes. The list is pretty much endless and I think the prize was multiple thousands of dollars for this first place it's right? And I think part of that prize if I'm not mistaken is all see you hopefully in jackson, wyoming the adventure photography workshop so very cool. All right, so I'm assuming the next one is the second place winner marcos pharaoh what a great shot did you put that? Because it's a climate shot? No, I just I was really surprised I've never seen you know, maybe millions of climbing photographs and this is something I've never seen before. It's surprising moment beautiful light great composition. Interesting moment. So marcos a really good job really cool shot. All right, also marcus also want some incredible prizes. So our third place winner is matt in genio if I messed that up because it's about ninety degrees in this room that influenced this selection just looked so refreshingly well no it's a beautiful photograph great backdrop beautiful white knight of the light so unbelievable all right, well, congratulations to all of our winters thank you for participating once again, you guys have to play to win. So upcoming workshops. You must participate in order to win these prizes. All right? And I think with that, I'm ready to pass it back over to you for our final segment. Corey. Okay, take it away. Well, thank you.

Class Description

The future of storytelling, for enthusiasts and professionals alike, is all about capturing great pictures AND great video during a single dynamic shoot. However, attempting to be both a still photographer and ace filmmaker at the same time is rife with opportunities to mess up, miss the shot, and blow the whole shoot.

A lot of photographers have learned to add video into their repertoire through trial and error, often with frustrating results. Join seasoned visual storyteller Corey Rich for a 3-day live still-and-motion shoot on location. Corey will walk you through every step of the process — from storyboarding to post-production.

Whether you’re an enthusiast wanting to capture stills and video of your cousin’s wedding, or a professional photographer looking to offer stunning motion spots to your clients, this workshop will help you seamlessly bring your stories to life.


a Creativelive Student

What a great class it is such a great opportunity to what some real pros at work. This class will inspire you to do what it takes to get the image. You will see that even the pros struggle sometimes.

Edina C.

Very informative class! I loved it... Thanks Corey!

a Creativelive Student