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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Strategies for Shooting in Difficult Situations

Susan Stripling

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Right? So low we're here to talk about today are case studies and I know that that's kind of an odd topic what's a case study what is it why is it important and how is it going to help me in my photography business? Well case studies in wedding photography or important because you're going to learn the following you're going to figure out what you're seeing how you're learning to see it how can you learn to see it and what are we even looking for? And I noticed when I was starting my wedding photography business that I would look at other photographers websites and I would see these amazing images they were posting and I would think I can't take pictures like that you know my my venues don't look like that my clients don't look like that my clients are awkward in front of the camera or I'm working in catering halls or the church is I work in are ugly and I had so many excuses for why I couldn't make great images and I realized that the only person holding me back was actually me so wha...

t's important here are the behind the scenes images that you're going to get to see and we're going to get to that very shortly we're going to spend the very beginning of this class I guess for those of you who have whoever heard me teach before which if anyone's watch thirty days you got to hear me for a really long time we're going to talk about some fundamentals really quickly light background selection the gear you bring on the wedding day because you do need to talk through those tools before you actually get out there and start shooting once we get into the actual case studies of this case studies class you're going to see behind the scenes images and then what I was able to do in those behind the scenes images to make portrait or to shoot details you're going to see me you sparkly hugs to make a picture of a ring you're going to see us shoot a really beautiful portrait on the street in brooklyn with a terrible background we're gonna go to a parking lot you're going to see how I used one clients living room in ten days in ways and I think that that's very helpful for people because it really does break down the mystique of it all depends on your location where it all depends on your client or I can't do this because this if I can do these things in the scenarios that you're going to see you could do anything anywhere so for those of you out there and for those of you at home who are getting out your paper and getting ready to write everything down when we get to the case studies you actually don't have to do that because I have a book actually have two books case studies, volume one in case studies, volume two, which is out today. And it's going to detail everything that we talked about today, and more so you don't have to feel like you've to write down the ex. If data for all of these pictures, or to write down the steps of how you got from a to b to c u want to see the behind the scenes images in these books, you're going to see the final images. You're going to read a description on how they were made. And you'll have access to all of the camera settings and everything.

Ratings and Reviews

user 1c7bd6

Wow! Fabulous course! Ditto with the above reviews! Thank you, Susan, for giving us such helpful information for shooting weddings in such challenging situations. You have such a brilliant and quick mind for making the magic happen! The camera settings by each photograph was so very helpful. Since I didn't write anything down I shall be in search of your books. Susan's class is a must for anyone considering a career in Wedding Photography. Thank you Suan and Creative Live!

Kat Penniman

As the description says: MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING! Spot on! Thank you Susan for sharing what you know and helping me become a more creative photographer despite less-than-perfect scenarios. As photographers, oftentimes, we find ourselves placed in a position where we are expected to create beautiful photos in the midst of difficult situations like low light scenes or crappy background. Her explanations are very clear and she definitely knows her craft. She cares about her clients and she's determined to give them great pictures despite what's thrown at her. If you are a strobist or use flash in most of your work, this course is not for you. But if you a natural light photographer and sometimes struggles to take photos indoor where light source is very challenging, take this course! You won't regret it!

Jessica Lindsay-Sonkin

Susan is amazing. This class is a pile of case studies, with behind the scenes and camera settings, to help you find the light. There are parts that can be repetitive, but that is because Susan is passionate about helping photographers memorize this message and put it into practice. A worthwhile watch!

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