Studio Lighting Basics


Studio Lighting Basics


Class Description

Lighting equipment doesn’t come cheap, so it is crucial you get your money’s worth. Learn how to make the most of your investments in Studio Lighting Basics with Tony Corbell.

Tony is a celebrated photographer, educator, and author. In this class, he’ll help you get more out of basic studio gear. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to use off-camera speedlights
  • The basics of studio lights including; mono lights and pack lights 
  • Combining studio lighting with natural light
  • The properties of light 
  • How to position lights for varied results and styles
You’ll learn practical ways to work with strobes and light shaping tools and get tips on creating the exact look you’re aiming for. Tony will also help you overcome any hesitations you have about purchasing and setting up your own lighting equipment.

If you want to get more looks out of your existing gear or want to know which gear you should invest in, don’t miss Studio Lighting Basics with Tony Corbell.



I love watching Tony Corbell. He is such a wealth of knowledge. He is one of the Great Masters. Tony is an excellent teacher and he both freely and honestly shares his immense experience. It is truly a delight listen and watch to Tony teach.

Robert Boud

This class is fantastic. Tony knows his stuff 100% and I've learnt so much viewing this course. Looking forward to putting things into practice. Very much recommend to anyone.

JIll C.

I have watched part or all of several of Tony's CL courses, and enjoy his humorous and matter-of-fact teaching style. He offers much practical advice and is able to explain concepts and techniques in an approachable manner. His advice and teaching has gone a long way to removing the mystery from studio lighting for me !