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Studio Lighting Basics

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Class Introduction

Tony Corbell

Studio Lighting Basics

Tony Corbell

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1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Hello and welcome to create a live my name is ken klosterman and I am your host and this is tony core bells the complete home studio collection now we are excited to bring youth three days three different classes here as part of the home studio collection with tony core bell so today's class is a full day class and it is studio lighting basics and then we're going to go into a home studio starter kit that's going to be a half day where you're going to really get down and dirty into just a few hours of if you want to get your home studio started and then we're going teo end with inside the home studio which is our third class with tony and that's going to dive even deeper so the whole idea here with this complete home studio collection is to get you from getting a studio in your home from nothing to running a studio in your home so this really is the complete collection now tony korbel has been here on creative live a number of times he is a photographer, an educator and an author he ha...

s been photographing famous people for over thirty years from presidents to astronauts and we're very lucky to have him here on creative lives so please help me welcome tony corbo it's so great to have you here tony as always you like it's always a this is this is a nice treat to get invited that's for sure. Well, you are an educator extort in there, and you just have such a passion for teaching, and that comes through a tremendously. So tell us about what we are going to come away with at the end of these three classes. I think when first off, when we started talking about this, my first thought was what we have to make sure we talk about this, and then we have to make sure we talk about this and we have to, you know, and it kind of came out to be segmented a little bit. We've got to talk about studio and we got talking about the basics of how light works, but then we want to do a jump start segment so it's like, okay, here's, what you need to do and we're going, we're going to have some serious discussions. You guys, uh, tomorrow about that that's the starter kit way have to really talk about the business of doing this too that's right on then finally, we actually are going on location in someone's home, and we're setting up studio shots all around their home and that's going to take up most of our day on the third time on the third day, which is a lot of information so much and so we're going to break it down once again today is all about just learning about light light that you can use in your home and could using another studio as well I can't wait for the in home section because class because it's going to be really fun really fun alright we love it when we can actually take you guys into the real world scenarios that's where what we are all about here at creative life well fantastic thank you so much for being here and me in here I know you just flew in last night so thanks for making the effort to get here yourself absolutely tony always always a pleasure to have you let's get started with studio lighting basics right here on credit black thank you you know it's funny there's ah uh we're kind of we're sort of talking to different topics here on this we have to talk about those that are starting up and they're having that they're building or starting their first business in their home uh we also have to talk about people like that one who's been doing this for a while closing their retail commercial location and moving their business into their home so that's another aspect of working in your home then they're actually has another one as well that we should be talking about and that is the the concept of going into someone's home when you're hired to photograph her family or his family or whatever when you are invited into their home that's another thought process that goes into how do you produce and how do you you know what? I like to think of his perform on demand? How do you pull all that together? And so you put all that in a blender and that's a lot of stuff to sort of have to know, but it's all it cannot be learned pretty easily I don't have all the answers I've worked in big big studios, I've worked in small small studios and my studio right now is in my home I happen to be very fortunate that I have a very high ceiling in my home and I have one very large room that I use that also has my drums in my guitars but that's uh but but the fun part for me is that it really doesn't matter and I can show you a photograph and you have no idea if it was taken in the studio we're in someone's home and that's the way it works that's away supposed toe work so it doesn't really matter where you shoot as long as you understand the concept of light like control like qualities, the tools and we're going to spend a lot of time talking about lighting tools and then the subjective use of those tools how do you use them when do you choose which tool and how does it best compliment what the photograph is supposed to say and that's little bit of a challenge sometimes, um that that seems to be for me, one of the biggest challenges is for people to really experiment with, certainly with life shaping tools and try something new and fresh and different and so many people just do the same thing every day, day in, day out, a good friend of mine came to visit my old studio in texas long before I was in california, and at the end of the day, we were going out to dinner he goes, are you leaving your studio lights set up? I just finished the shoot, I said, well, yeah, weiss is none of my business, I'm like, what are you talking about? I'm not saying a word I said what? And he said, well, if you leave your lights set up at the end of the day today, tomorrow's first session's gonna look exactly like today's last session and he was right and I was in a rut and I didn't even know it. And so it was probably because I didn't understand the tools very well and so well g that worked yesterday, I'm sure it'll work again tomorrow, so I'll just do the same thing well, that kind of after about a year or two or three of that, you're kind of wiped out of any creative juices you have. So you do have to understand the tools, and you can start with a clean slate every day and, you know, a za great j mais elle says. I like to go out on a job empty, no preconceived notions of what I'm going to shoot. I've got a general idea of what the client needs and once, but I don't have a specific set thing that I'm going out looking for. I'm out there, open thinking, okay, what can I do here and what might come out of this if I do this, this or this and that's what we have to think, but you can't do that if you don't understand the tools in the basics. So that's, why we're starting with the basics of studio light we have to. We have to find a foundation, uh, over which everything else sit. So that's what this is all about

Class Description

Lighting equipment doesn’t come cheap, so it is crucial you get your money’s worth. Learn how to make the most of your investments in Studio Lighting Basics with Tony Corbell.

Tony is a celebrated photographer, educator, and author. In this class, he’ll help you get more out of basic studio gear. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to use off-camera speedlights
  • The basics of studio lights including; mono lights and pack lights 
  • Combining studio lighting with natural light
  • The properties of light 
  • How to position lights for varied results and styles
You’ll learn practical ways to work with strobes and light shaping tools and get tips on creating the exact look you’re aiming for. Tony will also help you overcome any hesitations you have about purchasing and setting up your own lighting equipment.

If you want to get more looks out of your existing gear or want to know which gear you should invest in, don’t miss Studio Lighting Basics with Tony Corbell.

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Catherine Stevens

Excellent class. Tony does a great job of highlighting different ways to work with light without being prescriptive. He's also a great speaker - very clear and easy to listen to. I would love it if this class came with a gear list and some basic guidance on the different lights as a starting point - I think the class does assume a certain amount of pre-existing lighting knowledge. Still worth every cent though!


I love watching Tony Corbell. He is such a wealth of knowledge. He is one of the Great Masters. Tony is an excellent teacher and he both freely and honestly shares his immense experience. It is truly a delight listen and watch to Tony teach.