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Studio Lighting Basics

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The Lighting Equipment Part 2

Tony Corbell

Studio Lighting Basics

Tony Corbell

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6. The Lighting Equipment Part 2

Lesson Info

The Lighting Equipment Part 2

I think the next thing I want to talk about is this little this little e l b uh this little guy let me bring this out here in the light so you can see this a little bit maybe I can do this like this that work so this little guy huh is kind of the updated of ah a lot of people know about the the alan chrome ranger battery pack in the quadra this is the this is the quadra head uh but this whole thing from here it's all brand new they just announced this couple months ago worldwide and what it amounts to is uh this combination of this head with this pack this little head literally weighs eight ounces there's nothing to this head and this his lightweight enough I can throw it on my shoulder and actually like move around with it but the output at lowest power at eight feet away at lowest power with nothing on top of that no soft bucks I'm getting eleven and a half out of it at lowest power at twenty. What seconds at full power? I'm getting thirty two and a half out of it. This little guy is...

really really powerful hat only rated at four hundred twenty five seconds question for folks who might be a little bit new can you explain what that range you know kind of means when you say that what powers and eleven sure, sure. So they basically I've got enough. I've got enough range of power to I could put a soft box on this and I could photograph pam, for example, I could have it right here and it means I could shoot probably as low as two point eight or as high as f sixteen with his off bucks on it. It gave me that kind of a range of about power. Practically speaking, uh and what's great about it is it's got this this wonderful. Let me just take this head off for a second. It's got this really wonderful head of controller here that has lots and lots and lots of capabilities and it's really easy to see and they've got this new led read out. So when I powered up it's, it's white on black and I can see everything and I can power up and down on the head and I can see everything really, really clearly right, so and then there's a menu on board and on the menu. If I activate the menu, then I can just talk, go right through and I can adjust the sky port the radio transmitter I can change the channel, I can change the grouping, I can change the audio sound for the recycled beep uh, I can change a lot of both small controls in here the flash mode that has struck a stop it built in I can set up a delay so it fires off two seconds after my camera fires there's all sorts of things that I can do with this this little guy I think is going to change things from the standpoint of of me photograph in a high school senior outdoors on location without any electricity I just told this guy on my back and oh gee I wonder if I charge the back battery or not we'll hit that little button right there and it tells you how I got all four lights I mean it's just smart it's just real clever uh charges from dead dead dead dead it'll charge an hour and a half great flash duration perfect color temperature and it'll take two heads and if I've got and the heads are symmetrical in that they're one half or there won this be bank is exactly one half of whatever go on in a bank what that means I can go from full power at huge brightness all the way down the seven watt seconds and the seven seconds I've still got a lot of light coming out of there in fact I'll take a reading and I'll show you how bright it is I think this with the head is probably around eleven eleven dollars about eleven hundred us probably about a hundred so when you say that symmetrical you don't have control over uh, kind of the ratio between the two lights like yet not for that kind of money, right? Yeah, you can, but it is really, um I didn't know how much fun this was going to be when I got it. I found out a little bit. I'm using this guy all the time. I'm using the studio and I'll show you what we'll do some studio shooting with it this week let me show you the modeling lamp on it's got a built in led modeling. Let me show you how bright these little modeling lamp is. This is this is crazy, right? So let's turn on the modeling and basically what it amounts to it is a, uh if I take off the diffuser this on the front it's that little led right in the center say that one little led guy that's where the brightness comes from, but look at this head it's just like every other head that they have same thing, everything facing forward, a silver, everything facing forward is efficient. This is this is this is a ridiculously smart little tool, and I'm going to use this a lot more in my future and everything else a lot less in my future, even inside where I have the benefit to plug something in the wall I don't need to get this little guy, yeah and then I get so yes, you can't control the ratio between the two lights but you can move it further I mean yeah, so it's do you have you used them as constance there so bright you could almost do almost, but I can't with with good solid output by the time I get a box on it and if I need to goto eleven or something, I lose the intensity right? But a small dark room? Sure, yeah, there are people that I know of that are shooting a mixture of video and stills that are all saying, dude, I'll flip my eyes so around and I'll bump up and I'll turn that money and have fun and roll some video at a wedding reception and use that as my output and the battery lasts forever so it's ready to three hundred fifty full power pops that means that a quarter or less power I'm getting a thousand fifteen hundred pops out of that battery. You have another question? I know we're also when you're talking about that range, you can go, you could be shooting at, you know f thirty two if you don't have self fox on it is that with just one had plugged in both okay, so if you have a both than the most power you're getting out of, the key is gonna be down to eleven twenty two depending on what's in here it all depends on what's on here with the distances but all else being equal of having them both plugged in brings the maximum amount of power down problem a couple stops probably but still but still crazy bright write something I saw one one s o s from one hundred two hundred and you cancel that to be able to get whatever you want out of it but they're what they are and and I know we're spending a lot of time on this but I think this of all the tools that are out there this year that our new lighting tools this for me is the most exciting thing to come along this thing has a there's a small adapter here's the adaptor for it it's got this this is a small lightweight head and it's designed to be used just like that with that or without that if I took that off and then I've got the same hole I can put that little deflector on there or I could stick an umbrella in here the same head comes through and goes right through there and it's a friction fit for the umbrella or I can take this reflector off hey just removes it snaps right like that comes off so I said that to the side then I pull on this adapter and this is the one that holds every soft box that throne makes so now I put that guy in place and now I've got full capabilities in the studio of all the biggest lights and dr banks and everything else and this is what makes it pretty powerful I mean, this makes this thing really really a tool that you really want to use because there's not a there's not there there used to be maybe a good reason why you wouldn't do it but there's no good reason anymore because now it's just like every one of their other products and then you're now using this mount it's much much more heavy duty and it's more stable and more steel in the middle for the heavier weight of doctors in the big boxes and stuff. So was that a question it isthe and I could tell how excited you are about this I just haven't gotten excited out like oh, I know right right can you tell us again then what? What it is what the brand the product is it's called the e l b four hundred the e l b four hundred from ellen calm and I just there's a two head kit that comes in a great little carrying case it looks like a like a hard sided uh almost a dust proof and waterproof kind of hard side case plastic that two heads two batteries the transmitter chargers everything and the whole kid is about twenty four ninety five I think I think it's a smart, smart investment, because it's I mean, it's, just durable is gonna be a lot of camera stores already. This has only been asked couple months. Ah lot of camera stores already are loading up with ease in their little departments because they want a pattern of power, a powerful small compact battery pack for rental. So a lot of big camera stores around the country are going to start seeing these, and these were already selling like crazy all over europe this month, all the photo magazines in the us, it is on the back cover this little, this little guy. So it's it's going to gain popularity really fast and it's and it's shit. I'm going to be using a lot. Yes, ma'am, I think this is going to replace the other one. It depends on what you do. It depends on the style of work. If I shot high school seniors on location, this is the only thing I would use, but I do work in the studio a lot, and I do sometimes need to shoot with a big box at f sixteen of twenty to thirty two, and I can't get that out of this with with a large box, so I need the power that the other life we're given should team of twelve people yeah, same thing I would want I would want more power with bigger lights just so you're more comfortable and you know you're you're not stressing the light at its maximum every time you pull the trigger you're gonna do somewhere in terror on the on the product after a while I think so you know a cz with everything else you guys all these products everything's got a purpose and everything has got a job that it does better than everybody else. One thing that it does great, you know, just like the umbrellas it's like I would never use umbrellas for such and such well right, but they're designed to send light all over the room for lighting all ofyou guys one umbrella and I can go home you know, I can't do that with any other source, so but I think this guy is destined to do some do something and relative to the ranger on the regular quadra which a lot of people know about the regular quadra looks the same as this except this is twenty percent smaller and it's twenty percent faster and it's twenty percent more uh flash duration twenty percent uh faster charging is twenty percent of almost every category across the board it's better and better about twenty percent or so so uh I think it's just worthy of a good look anyway for what it does for the lightweight portability uh, I think this is this is this is this is this is a big one, it's pretty important, and, uh, yeah, they charge up fast, and boy, they just work like they're supposed to that's the whole thing for me. I'm really funny about that. I just want something to what is supposed to do, like in a race that doesn't work that's, just stupid insurance that doesn't work. All you have to do is just pay the claim insurance companies can't ever seem to play. Sorry. On a coffee mug that doesn't dribble, all you have to do is hold coffee.

Class Description

Lighting equipment doesn’t come cheap, so it is crucial you get your money’s worth. Learn how to make the most of your investments in Studio Lighting Basics with Tony Corbell.

Tony is a celebrated photographer, educator, and author. In this class, he’ll help you get more out of basic studio gear. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to use off-camera speedlights
  • The basics of studio lights including; mono lights and pack lights 
  • Combining studio lighting with natural light
  • The properties of light 
  • How to position lights for varied results and styles
You’ll learn practical ways to work with strobes and light shaping tools and get tips on creating the exact look you’re aiming for. Tony will also help you overcome any hesitations you have about purchasing and setting up your own lighting equipment.

If you want to get more looks out of your existing gear or want to know which gear you should invest in, don’t miss Studio Lighting Basics with Tony Corbell.

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Catherine Stevens

Excellent class. Tony does a great job of highlighting different ways to work with light without being prescriptive. He's also a great speaker - very clear and easy to listen to. I would love it if this class came with a gear list and some basic guidance on the different lights as a starting point - I think the class does assume a certain amount of pre-existing lighting knowledge. Still worth every cent though!


I love watching Tony Corbell. He is such a wealth of knowledge. He is one of the Great Masters. Tony is an excellent teacher and he both freely and honestly shares his immense experience. It is truly a delight listen and watch to Tony teach.