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Cached Mode

Lesson 6 from: Superior Drummer Master Class

Rikk Currence

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6. Cached Mode

Lesson Info

Cached Mode

So let's go into cash mode because and let's make this a little more interesting right now. Obviously, we have some layer limits set, and we know that we're not unlimited were on e drums. Let's make this unlimited. Let's see him. OK, so it's It's a little over megabytes of ram Now, that doesn't seem like much to us right now. But again, if we're working on a system with limited resource is, we may want to look for ways to make that footprint and CPU and memory less. Is that fair? Okay, we know if we go to 16 bit mode, it's going to shave some off. It's gonna reload everything. That's the one thing you gotta wait for. So that's the first on the easiest option. Makes sense. You're good there, But let's say you don't want to do that and you want to get a little more specific, so I'm gonna take this off. It's gonna reload again. All right, so if I go into cash mode, we clear this out, I'm going to cash to mode now. I've got one megabyte of sound loaded, and that's probably not gonna work,...

but I have a MIDI file, right? I have a mini groove that I've been playing. Check this out. I'm gonna hit play, and it's gonna sound weird. So what's gonna happen is, as I play this MIDI file, something's gonna be happening behind the scenes in the actual audio of the software you're gonna hear it would be like, Oh, it's broken. Not yet. So here we go with memories kind of going up, right? Oh, just jumped. That symbol really wanted to be in there, but we seem like we're kind of leveled out now. Yeah, So what just happened? I cashed the actual groove that was playing. So here's what the software did. The software says, Okay, I'm in cache mode and he's got a groove that's playing. I need to listen to this groove and look at the information that it's presenting to the sample pool and Onley load the actual samples being used by this group because again, we've got a whole kit loaded here. Maybe we're not hitting a symbol where there's no Tom's in that group. There's a whole bunch of samples that are loaded that he's not using. I only need to load what he needs to its fullest based on again my layer limits and everything else and the fact that I've got my voice limits set at 99 for the snare drum. So all of these things it's listening to it's jostling him around a place through a couple times and look at the huge difference right now. When is this really handy? As we'll see later on in the class, when we actually build a long performance in a doll and you have your performance ready to go and you've got everything planned on its a three minute song, and you put things in cache mode and let it determine okay that you're you're cutting. Your resource is in half immensely, based on what you need new, very cool feature. So you can always. And again, it's a very small mini group, so it's corresponds. And then, to get out of cash mode, you can simply take this off, and it's gonna reload everything else that makes sense to everybody kind of a cool feature again. Even once you set this up, it wants to make sure that you understand that it doesn't have to be a drain on your system. that it is completely customizable that you can get the most out of a based on your machine. So in this menu, when you're in cache mode, so I'm gonna clear everything out, There are some cool presets. So, for instance, we've gone through these, right? So these air your basic layer limits. We're gonna talk about Easy drummer in a second cause that's kind of a special one. You'll see over and over. You can create some presets for your layer limits. You can see I've done zero presets for this class from layer limits, cause it's not that exciting. But down here, you've got exclude, unloaded articulations, exclude on used articulations and next load selected on Lee. So what I want to do is in next load selected. Only this is something this is one you're going to see often in a lot of the drop down menus and people like What does that mean? Next load selected only It's like stop ahead, is it? Stop ahead or stop ahead it the way that it's It's annunciated, right? So next load selected, only it's next load selected only. So there's no comma because I don't think you put commas and drop down menus, although you should be able to. So what's gonna happen is very simple. If I have something selected in superior drummer, it will always be blue. That's how you know it's selected. And when you apply that particular menu option next load selected only. So next exclamation point, right? I check that whatever I load next, as far as a preset goes, will Onley be applied toe? What I have selected require when I want to use that No, I do know. I'm supposed to know. That's why I'm here. Wouldn't be funny. Much like I you just did. Here's the thing when you go through that, I mean, look at how long we've been talking about memory, right? So and we're talking about it because we want everyone to make sure that they understand how this all works. But when you're on your own and you're working in a dog, you can spend hours minute, Lee, fine tuning everything, and you may get to the point where you've created a voice and layer limit that you love that you know, works for the snare drum, and you want to apply it on every snare drum you load from any kid any time because you're hoping that it's gonna have the same effect. But you haven't taken the time to do. Tom's ultimately just giving you that option to do the work once, save it and apply it to very, very different things, which is a good Segway. So has everyone follow me there? Next load selected only. Okay, I think a couple of these other menu options for the later okay, exclude unloaded. So this would mean if if you wanted to make sure that you weren't bringing anything already that was loaded in. You've set the layer limits low. Don't bring anything else in right. Exclude unused. Which is the same as if you're in cache mode, you're gonna It's automatically gonna happen anyway. Um, sound good. So let's get out of cash and let's talk about a couple of other things

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Great course, the tutor kept it entertaining and held our interest whilst still getting over a huge wealth of detail for all levels of user. recommended :-)


Killer class! Well worth purchasing. Each lesson is effectively thorough, as well as comfortably paced. And Rikk’s sense of humor makes the learning process all the more enjoyable.

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