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Superior Drummer Master Class

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Superior Drummer 2.0 Intro

Rikk Currence

Superior Drummer Master Class

Rikk Currence

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1. Superior Drummer 2.0 Intro

Lesson Info

Superior Drummer 2.0 Intro

everybody. Welcome to Creativelive. My name's through Councilman, and I'm really glad that you've joined us. This is superior Drummer masterclass with Rick. Currents were excited. Have Rick back. Rick is the president of Tune Track North America. He's an expert on spirit, drummer and easy drummer to, and we're lucky to have him back here in the studio. Eso we're coming to you live from Studio B in Seattle. Take away van. All right. Hey, Good morning, everyone. Thanks for tuning in wherever you are. Whatever time of day it is, we appreciate your support. So, like Drew so eloquently put it today, we're gonna be talking about Superior Drummer two point. Oh, So maybe you had the opportunity to tune in for the last class I did, Which was about easy drummer to this is gonna be a very similar format to that class If you were available for that. If you're new when you're not quite certain how things are gonna work, let me kind of break it down for you. So you know what you're getting yourself ...

into over the next few days? The idea as we start here this morning is that it's gonna be a two day class and were to be covering everything that you could ever want to or need to know about. Superior Drummer two point. Oh, now that being said, as generally tends to happen in live filming situations, things could change. Maybe I'll get bored and just stop in the middle of it. Maybe I'll think these people don't appreciate me. They don't deserve to know how the mapping page works. It's really eloped to me. I'm in control. Notice your watching me. I'm not watching. You know, I'm just kidding. We're gonna do everything, though. We're gonna go through all of the basic features. We're gonna go through all the advanced features. We're gonna go through every menu. Basically, if you are a superior drummer 2.0, Owner, this is sort of the video owner's manual you've been waiting for. If you're just thinking about getting into superior 2.0, this might answer a lot of the questions you have and how it's different than are other Program is drummer to as well. So there is a ton of information that we're gonna be going over, and I'm walking into this scenario just presuming that everyone knows nothing about Superior Germer. Two point. Oh, and I'm just gonna start there because I know there's a lot of folks probably have had superior for a few years there really excited the masterclass get to the good stuff and we're going to get to the good stuff. But we want to cover all the bases. So if you're one of those superior 2.0 power users out there, that's just chomping at the bit on some secret feature you're hoping I'm gonna unveil. It's coming, but we've got to get through some of the basic things so that everybody's kind of caught up to speed. I think that's Onley, right and fair. So what I want to do today is start with the basics. So on my screen you can see that I have superior to point open. Um, just because it's a lot more dramatic toe have the program open so you can look at it when I actually go live. But now I'm gonna close it, because when I say basics, we're literally gonna start with the basics on how you would actually open it, how it's going to work, those sorts of things so I'm gonna actually close the program right now. Quitting and I'm not saving anything. I don't care what they asked me to do. Nothing has been saved. Everything's lost. Okay, So if you were not familiar with Superior 2.0, let me just give you a little bit of information and maybe even if you are, this is stuff you did or didn't know. First of all, Superior Drummer 2.0, actually, is the second version of software. There is a superior one point. Oh, that a lot of people don't necessarily know existed because it came out so many, many years ago. But superior 1.0 is where the tune track story actually begins. It's the first professional software program we manufactured to sort of address our own needs as a company and needs of writers. Consequently worldwide and producers as well. And it became so popular in such a hit that obviously there was a sequel as there should be superior to point. Oh, believe it or not, Superior. 2.0 was released in It was I'm off by a month. I'm sure either October or November of 2000 and eight, I believe November. But in either instance, the program is ultimately and seven years old, which is amazing. And the program is ridiculously forward thinking so that even though it was released almost seven years ago, there are still features and components to the program that make it very, very viable and very, very valuable still to this day. And that's why we're doing this class. So Superior Drummer 2.0 is the flagship program That tune track makes as far as drum production software goes. It's little brother, Easy drummer. Too easy Drummer, Obviously first and easy drummer to the share a lot of the same feature set, and at the same time, they share none of the same feature set. So we're gonna go through that today in its entirety. Is everybody out there in Internet land ready to learn? Let me see your hands show of hands. I can't see your hands, but we do have some folks joining us in the studio. Drew is gonna be here. So if you're following us on Twitter, if you're logged in, if you're online, please get your questions. Anything that you might want to know as I'm going through it too Drew, and we'll make sure that I address it because we sort of want to handle the questions in real time. We don't want to wait till the end, because I don't know. We just don't just go with me on this one, okay? So there's a couple of things you need to know right off the bat about Superior Drummer 2.0, that are gonna help make the process of installing and working with the program much easier on Number one. You can buy Superior Drummer 2.0, any music retailer you want to your favorite retail. You can actually buy it online. Attuned track dot com, And once you buy the program, you ultimately have to install the program. Now I say that because a lot of people think and sometimes get confused when you buy something and downloaded that it's automatically installed. That's not how it works. Superior Drummer 2.0, as a program just the program itself can be downloaded from any one of the places I just said from your favorite retailer from from anywhere from the discs that come in a box. And but that's just the program. The program actually comes with the core library, a drum library that was recorded and that library is 20 gigabytes. So you have to install that library. So after you have the program installed and up and running, then we can actually start to work with how to open it in its standalone mode or even more commonly, inside your dog. But that's sort of jumping ahead. Will take a step back. Let's just presume everybody has it and they have it installed on their computer. And I'm using for our demonstrations today a fairly new Mac book, Pro Apple MacBook Pro. Let me see kind of the SPAC. So I am using Yo Samite and I do have 16 gigs of RAM, so it's a pretty powerful laptop. So there are gonna be a number of things that you're seeing that are relative to the the actual hardware amusing. And I want to make certain that you understand that if you're using a PC or maybe using a Mac with a different operating system or even an older configuration of hardware, it's always a good idea to go online before you do anything to tune track dot com and look at all of the minimum system requirements to make sure that this is going to function properly the way you want it, Teoh. So the last thing I want you to to do is watch me kind of work through these examples and these tool sets and not understand why minds working so smoothly and fastly and yours is so slow and not attractive are appealing to anyone at all. So that would be the difference. I'm using innovation Launch Key 25 which is a little keyboard controller we're gonna be using for some of the many demonstrations. Our audio is running through an apogee quartets, and it's feeding straight into the live stream. So you're getting the best audio available thanks to creativelive for these amazing tools. And other than that, we're just gonna be working in superior 2.0, in stand alone mode and then later, in further sort of demonstrations and as we sort of explain things in pro tools and we're gonna be using pro tools 11. point one, I believe, But we'll double check that when we actually get to that. Okay, is everyone with me? Does anyone have any questions? Thus, far. Anyone? Anything? Bueller Taking a sip? Just a couple of beard. Comments. People are digging the beard. Look, here's the thing. Usual. This is hard work, and I want you to appreciate it. I know many of you watching. Don't even care what I'm talking about. You just want to see a beard and hear a voice, and I'm down with that. I'm fine. I don't take it personally. I'm actually kind of flattered, but I'm married. So stop flirting with me and let's just get back to Superior. To point out, we actually do have a question chain. Just ask on installing. Would the would be smart to install the library of samples on separate hard drive? Or do you do that on your Well, that's a great question chain. So there's two ways that you can do this, obviously, and this isn't just for a tune truck product. This would be any product that has a large, sample based library you can obviously install directly to the hard drive you're working from, or you could install toe a separate library that might have larger capacity. Now, one of the things you might want to think about if installing to ah different or an external hard drive is what kind of hard drive it is, whether it's 7200 rpm's 5200 rpm solid state, those hard drive speeds actually matter in getting the data to and from the actual computer. Now, the way superior drummer to works and we will talk about this at length is it actually takes your samples that you're gonna be using for your session. Stores them in your computers, RAM. So once they've actually moved from the hard drive the external drive, two year session or two year project, you're safe. But if you you're going to be working with a lot of tune track media, for instance, Superior Drummer has a number of expansion packs and easy Drummer also has a number of expansion packs, and they both work in the superior format so you could accumulate libraries very quickly. So it might not be a bad idea to have an external hard drive to put all of your your libraries on. So there, in one place conveniently for you, and we're gonna go through that in just a few seconds. So yeah, a great question

Class Description

Superior Drummer is the industry standard for pro-level virtual drums. It is used on countless albums, at nearly every studio on the planet. Yet, most users are barely scratching the surface of the software’s capabilities.

In Superior Drummer Master Class, Rikk Currence, CEO of Toontrack North America, will give you the definitive guide to Superior Drummer. He’ll help you unlock countless new workflow efficiencies and creative possibilities. 

You’ll learn about:

  • The basics of the Superior Drummer interface
  • How to use the Construct page to assemble your kit 
  • Getting the Grooves page to work with MIDI 
  • Working the Mixer page – including effects and routing 
  • Navigating the Mapping page and using Superior with e-drums

You’ll also learn the advanced features that are the real key to getting the most out of Superior. Rikk will show how to use X-drum to assemble custom kits and layer sounds to create custom drums, and how to use the Bounce page, a highly-underutilized feature in Superior that enables you to bounce out every piece of the kit as its own audio file – the ultimate solution to bleed problems!

Superior Drummer Master Class with Rikk Currence will reveal the full potential of Superior and enable you to do things you only dreamed were possible.

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Shayne Sheldon

I am very pleased with this course. It was originally presented as a free live stream and is the first CreativeLive course that I have taken in. I am so impressed, that I have purchased it. If you are a current Toontrack Superior Drummer 2 user (or are thinking of buying SD 2) and are looking for a guided way to learning this software, this course is one of the best learning methods I have ever come across. I doesn't matter what your experience level is with Superior Drummer-- there is something here for beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Though I would recommend having a working knowledge of MIDI, audio and computers. Absolute beginners to using software instruments and creating music in their computer might find the information in this course a bit overwhelming. Instructor Rikk Currence takes you thoroughly through basic to advanced concepts showing the true depth of this virtual instrument program. Rikk takes you through the program settings and options; creating custom virtual drum kits; settings for MIDI controllers and E-Drum kits; using the SD 2.0 as a stand alone virtual instrument, as well runninf it as a plug-in in a Digital Audio Workstation (D.A.W.) like Avid's Pro Tools. So much more is covered in this course, that I can't fully begin to share it all in this review. The knowledge I gained from this CreativeLive two day course has given me extra insight, increasing my functionality with Superior Drummer 2. Two thumbs up for this Master Class-- I can't recommend it enough to all Superior Drummer 2 users Thanks to Rikk Currence and CreativeLive for a superior course on Toontrack's Superior Drummer 2.

Ian Stephenson

Great course, the tutor kept it entertaining and held our interest whilst still getting over a huge wealth of detail for all levels of user. recommended :-)


Killer class! Well worth purchasing. Each lesson is effectively thorough, as well as comfortably paced. And Rikk’s sense of humor makes the learning process all the more enjoyable.