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The Art and Business of Conceptual Portraiture

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Conceptual Domestic Shoot Part 2

Jennifer Thoreson

The Art and Business of Conceptual Portraiture

Jennifer Thoreson

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19. Conceptual Domestic Shoot Part 2


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Lesson Info

Conceptual Domestic Shoot Part 2

Okay let's have you both some anti lincoln have you lay down first just as if you were going to be sleeping in the bed yeah, head on the pillow and then she's gonna let you gonna spoon her basically try to keep her warm best we can yeah, go ahead. Hop in there now and you can tuck up real close like a little little bird again. Actually, it's kind of working to been johnny's just a little bit both of you, actually. And I think nora let's been journeys even a little bit more. You can kind of pull your knees up to your body kind of like you're talking into a cannonball like you're gonna jump in a pool. There you go, okay? And then and I can use to see where the pillows coming up in front of her face let's just pull it back to where it's it's she's barely on the pillow doesn't make any sense something else that people asked me a lot as I don't ever very rarely do I go up and actually interfere with them. I let them do their thing in their own space so something like that needs changed I'll...

just have them do it instead of having assistant go up there and do it or me go up there and do it because to me they've got this sacred space going over their that's their space their dance face and this is my dance space and no spaghetti arms in between and I think there's a sacredness that happens there I don't know what it is but it seems kind of special especially when you've got a relationship that's you so the exposure's going to be a little different on them and I love the way the light is just barely getting the face and then ending up here on the end of the legs with feet are uh that's literally only just opened up a little let's do eyes close nora for one day let me have the overlap her face a little with your own so you're kind of on top of her year there and kind of chin down into her shoulder area yeah yeah absolutely let's maybe bring your arm and a around her arms so you're kind of cradling her body her upper body and that arm can go underneath her just a little so I can see her arms yeah grabby again so you're holding on for dear life okay we're going to reverse roles a little bit and we have you on your back on the bed and nora you're going to sit at the end of the bed this time you're gonna be on this side and your legs can hang over toward me yeah yeah that's perfect I think behind but we can try both too what if you lay on your side and curl up a little so we don't lose your feet actually yeah let's extend him where they touch her I think but yeah nor that's perfect just like that just waiting there's quite a difference between them exposure wise I'm making sure okay which we are let's close your eyes and and where you're looking right at me go ahead let your feet touchdown just let the toes be there you go what if we kind of fold your arms and your arms go down on your body a little bit there you go that's gorgeous now kanai way youto where your head is on your mom's hip you're going to curl up like she is and you know what and I think tuck your feet behind her so she had there we go love that hand by your face and let your feet tucked back towards your bomb a little bit there you go let's put that hand under your face and see how that look yeah just curl it in so you're sleeping lovely trouble focusing here can you curl up into more of a ball nora so your knees er I'm almost like way up here at your belly button a cz muscle you can type there that's great awesome now we have more light on nora than we do on anna which is I think working really well and so it's more like the story is about her it's about nora who looks I think frightened right on mama's sleeping through it there's a different story what if nora you lay your back on your mom's hip yeah um come forward toward me just a little so I see a little bit more of you just relax back onto so you're kind of having on there and just roll your face toward me all the way it can actually hang over your mom's hip hip a little bit if you let it kind of just right yeah and let's pull those legs in just a little bit bye eyes closed nor for one beautiful gorgeous okay um let's see what if you lay on your mom so I don't know how to do what your body should be anna maybe if you just extend yourself a little bit feel having a little bit more spot to be you could be however you end up let's just see what happens they're just laying on you I'm thinking on your belly maybe can you lay in your belly when I see it happening and this is another holding on for dear life one let's go and extend your arms legs not arms those air legs down toward norris feet you know so all the feeder together there yes and just grab on to your mama maybe it by the neck like a hug. Could we fire the lamp for a minute, get rid of them because he's growing out of their heads now make it go away? Yeah, just relax. Look, kind of like you're asleep on her again. Um nor can you hug your mom around the neck with your left arm. Yeah, yeah. Can you touch your forehead to your mom's chin there? Yeah, you lay in their sink in there. I love the feet. Oh, pretty okay, you okay? I think. Set up for a minute, let's. See what happens next.

Class Description

Conceptual portraiture is where art and photography meet. In this class, Jennifer Thoreson will explore the intersection of fine art and photography and discuss the practice, process, and business of bringing conceptual portraits to life.

Jennifer is a visual artist, speaker, and lecturer whose photographic work has been widely published internationally in print and online journals. In this class she’ll reveal the process for developing commissioned and exhibition work. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create unique, imaginative props 
  • Secure the right type of model
  • Price your work
  • Approach galleries, museums, and publications

Jennifer will help you define your personal style and show you how to put together a conceptual series. You’ll get the inside scoop on what it takes to make a living through fine art photography and also get Jennifer’s tips on managing the business side.

If you want to expand into the expressive and exciting genre of conceptual photography, The Art and Business of Conceptual Portraiture with Jennifer Thoreson is the perfect place to begin your journey. 


a Creativelive Student

"Thinking about art is not making art." In this inspiring and informative workshop, Jennifer helps you put thought into action - through meaningful self-reflection, exploration and by taking her through her own processes. Through exercises and examples, she explains how to pull out a thread of an idea and develop it into a conceptual project that is informed and invigorated by personal experience, preference, interests, and so much more. Her workshop not only feeds the creative soul, but offers earnest information on taking first steps toward publishing and showing fine-art. Jen so beautifully shares her talent and her love of teaching - I first "met" her on Creative Live and have had the joy of being mentored by her in-person as well. This workshop is a very close second to spending time with her one-on-one. Thank you, CL, for bringing her back!

kalei harmon

I love Jennifer, she's one of my cL favorites! She is such a soulful photographer and her art just resonates with me in so many ways. While she was creating her conceptual piece with the mother and child, my eyes welled up because it was such a profound experience to witness. I appreciate that she has a graduate degree in art and is able to refer to others in the field who are leading the way. She is so genuine and I'm grateful for her willingness to bare her soul to us through her art and process. I've learned so much by watching how she interacts with models and communicates efficiently and gently to get AMAZING poses. Definitely worth the buy if you're looking for inspiration from an artist who creates images which evoke emotion and communicate a message, not just trying to make "great photos." I can't wait to learn about the business side of it all!


I am so grateful for this class; it is just what I have been looking for to help me go beyond my "photographic potty training". By leading us through her own creative process, Jennifer Thoreson invites us to think about why we do what we do and to make our work more meaningful and authentic, creating our unique visual vocabulary. Moreover, she provides detailed info on submitting work to galleries and publications, contests, printing editions, preparing an exhibition and pricing. In her calm, unpretentious manner, Jennifer demystified art without trivializing it and I finally saw light at the end of a rather long tunnel.