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Workshop Welcome

Lesson 1 from: The Method to a Successful (and Fulfilling) Photography Career

Alex Strohl

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1. Workshop Welcome

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Lesson Info

Workshop Welcome

(calm music) Welcome to my newest workshop. My name is Alex Schroll and this workshop is built as a guide to developing a clear, sharp mindset, the strategies to support it, and the routines to make everything happen for essentially a successful life in photography. Whether it is your career or simply a hobby. You see, most photography career advice on the internet I find is a bit unfounded or misleading. And that's because photography's not a science, right? You can't measure it in a lab. It's entirely based on our own experiences. So I'm giving you this as a disclaimer so that you're not surprised when you see me going against some of the common advice on the internet. This is entirely based on, you know, my own experiences. And whenever I can, I support that. I support my claims with my own stories, and with the stories of other sort of heart charging photographers. Things like use a lot of hashtags, tag all the brands you know, and you wanna work with on your photos or invest all...

your money in a killer website. That is all advice that has a time and a place but it doesn't apply everywhere. So this workshop will be precise, and when and how to act. And it's built actually to give you a path to setting goals on paper and then give you essentially the instructions on how to get to these goals. On my previous workshop, Adventure Pro was taken by thousands of people. And if you're one of those, I wanna say, "Thank you", because it means a lot saying that you are improving, thanks to the things I'm saying, and I enjoy seeing messages and e-mails and DMs everyday about it. Now, that workshop was built to help you sort of develop a naming in photography. This one actually goes one level deeper, and it only tackles two essential blocks. The first one is how to build a strong and determined mindset, and the systems that support it. The second one is how to make work that fulfills you, and only you. Although this guy that comes with the printable PDF that you can use for the future, hopefully every week, every month, you'll check on it. That is my goal and aim, and that will make me very happy if you do that. I really encourage you to take notes as I say things in the workshop. Just because it will help you assimilate better. I feel like by writing, we remember things better. So if you already do take notes, please continue. And if you don't, get a little notebook, and write some of the stuff out as it's being said, and write the things that resonate with you. There are nine episodes in this workshop, including a very personal and exciting field date. And most of the episodes here come with a little exercise for you to build on the knowledge that I share. So let's begin.

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Janelle Dransfield

A helpful combination of mindful and technical! I loved all aspects of the lessons Alex taught in this workshop! They were well thought out, specific, and easy to follow. Each category had numbered lists of steps, followed by more specific descriptions of them. The lesson about the art of negotiation, as well as the one out in the field with his dad were both full of really helpful first hand knowledge. (Also, side note: loved how his dad did NOT care about the production hahaha. Just a man about his business. A perfect example of someone you document and direct when you can!) The only reason I didn't give this five stars was because of the uncut interview episode with another photographer about how to find motivation. It was the longest episode, but there wasn't a lot of content there, and the video was really drawn out considering how much was actually being said. Maybe if the person being interviewed had been given an idea of the questions before hand, or if all the dead space had been edited out in-between, it would have felt like a little bit less of a filler? That being said, I really enjoyed this course overall and got a lot out of it! Well priced, and I would definitely buy again.

Oswaldo Martinez

Phenomenal guide to find YOUR reasons to be better This might be my favorite workshop from Alex. He shares amazing insights and provides frameworks to help you understand the why behind what you do, and plenty of valuable advice into how you can improve or find your own motivations. Loved this one.

Tommaso Novi

Absolutely amazing. You can see the works these community put in this course, is simply amazing and incredible. Inspiring is the right word!

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