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Workshop Recap

Lesson 11 from: The Storyteller's Guide to Taking Better iPhone Photos

Dan Tom

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Lesson Info

11. Workshop Recap

Dan touches on the biggest takeaways from the workshop, and shares words of encouragement and tips for the next chapter of your photography journey.

Lesson Info

Workshop Recap

(air whooshing) Hey guys, I want to thank you guys so much for coming to my workshop. It means the world to me. If you were to ask me five years ago, would you be doing a photography workshop, I would've said, "Hell no," and I think that this is just a piece of my journey and my growth in terms of being a photographer. I want to encourage you guys to look at your own journeys, and hopefully this workshop has helped along the way in terms of shooting, editing, telling your story. Remember, you guys are the best ones to do that. For me, you know, doing this workshop is not easy. I actually hesitated in committing to it in the beginning. And when I thought about it more closely, I realized that this is actually a great opportunity to challenge myself to be in front of the camera versus behind the camera, where I'm more comfortable, but also to really kind of challenge myself. I think doing things that you're uncomfortable with is so important. That's really the only way to grow. So, I e...

ncourage you guys to try new things, to get uncomfortable, to experiment, but just have fun. In addition to editing, to shooting, and all these kind of more technical tips about photography, I think the one thing that I want you guys to come away with is realizing that your own stories are super important, and that's really your voice, and that's going to give you something that's unique and also special, but also something that's authentic and real, and I think that's always the goal of storytelling, is to be authentic, real, and yourself.

Ratings and Reviews

Lindsay Remigio

Great Workshop - Not just for iPhones This workshop was concise but packed a lot of great information. The things taught can not only help you take better photos with your iPhone but can also be applied to any format of photography. I particularly enjoyed the section where Dan edits viewers photos. I feel inspired to get out and try what I learned.

Déborah Mocquant

I like the way Dan Tom sees the world and how he is inspired. This is more than a workshop for me. I felt like I was in an other world. This workshop also gave me a lot interesting informations about photography. To be honest, I watched this workshop 4 times already.

Emily Guldborg

He has a definite passion for what he does and encouraging people to share their stories through photography. Not a huge time commitment and he refreshed my interest in sharing my perception of the world.

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