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Think Like a Visual Designer

Sarah Doody

Think Like a Visual Designer

Sarah Doody

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Class Description

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  • Consider your audience and content first in the design thinking process
  • Understand universal design principles including information hierarchy, typography, alignment and more.
  • Apply design principles to practical project examples including resumes, presentations, spreadsheets, social media posts, and email signatures.
  • Approach problem-solving with the appropriate principles and vocabulary, whether as a designer, team member, or client.


Great design is invisible.

Design is not about what a product looks like; it’s about understanding and outcomes. It has the power to communicate ideas, influence people, and impact your business. But too often, we put too much emphasis on how something looks. We let the message get stifled by colors, fonts, and layouts.

As attention spans shrink and increased screen time changes how we consume information, a design thinking approach has the potential to help us get customers, colleagues, and clients to understand our message and take action.

You don’t need to work at IDEO or Apple to design innovative solutions to complex problems. Nor do you need to go to MIT or Stanford’s to learn design methodology. In this class, Sarah Doody leverages her 15-year background in user experience design to teach you how to go beyond aesthetic and truly think like a designer.


This class is for creatives of all levels: visual designers, entrepreneurs, those considering a career change to the design field, design team members, clients working with designers, and professionals looking to apply design thinking to yield standout work.


Sarah Doody is a User Experience Design Consultant based in NYC. She helps companies and entrepreneurs assess product ideas, understand their customers, and design and launch products. For companies already in the market, she guides businesses to reach their goals through optimizing their User Experience (UX).

She’s the creator of The UX Notebook, an education company that helps you learn how to think like a UX designer though a popular weekly newsletter, online UX courses, and in person workshops and talks worldwide. Sarah’s work has been featured in the New York Times, Net Magazine, and UX Magazine. Some of her clients include WeWork, Domino Magazine, General Assembly, Government of Pennsylvania, TicTail, Blue Apron, and Vice.

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Ratings and Reviews

Natalie Santana

I wish more people knew, appreciated, and respected the content Sarah covers in this course. Design is such a critical piece of the functionality of the tools we use every day but its often disregarded as "fluff" or just "aesthetic". Sarah does an outstanding job of establishing the importance and methodology of design for beginners. I would recommend this course to literally everyone.


Definitely recommend! This course is aimed towards people who don't make a living as a designer but are exposed to it in everyday life—even if they're unaware. Your resume? Design. Your social media posts? Design. Your spreadsheets? Yep, design. Sarah does an awesome job giving an overview about what design is and actionable things you can do to improve. The "live design" portion is awesome and it's where she re-designs/improves documents, mostly on the fly. She goes through her thought process so viewers can learn to think like a visual designer. I would definitely enroll in another class, especially if she chose to focus more in-depth on a few design principles for the entire class.

Jorge Martinez

Awesome Class! highly recommend.

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