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Building A Remix Deck

Hello and welcome to course three here at creative live with tractor pro advanced techniques my name is nick turk a kiss I'm the lead product specialists at native instruments in los angeles and also I'm an artist deejay producer by the moniker new trick in this course I'm going to get into the fun stuff the advanced techniques of tractor so what we're going to go over is remix tex the remix techs are controlled ah, a number of different ways the most commonly used way would be with the control f one in front of me, so we're going to go over this controller in detail. We're going to create some remixed x by capturing from attract deck to build a mash up, and we're also going to create a remix tech by creating our own stems with the machinists off hardware and software, and afterwards I'll even show you the differences between performing remix techs with the f one and brand new tractor control essay so let's get started focusing on the software here I wantto actually create a couple mor...

e decks, so so far we've been using two decks decay and be on what I want to do next is actually show dex cnd which are going to be my remix tex so first let's open up preferences by the click into tool icon or command comma get preference is a second to load all right and now we are already index layup, but if you're not go to your tree and find two decks layout and we're gonna do show see indy so what happens then? We have two brand new decks that we can either low to track into, but we're going to make those every mixtec there's two ways of making it a remix tech the easiest way is you don't even have to open the preferences you could just click, see and do re mixtec or you can go up the deck flavor and choose remix tech so now we have to track decks and two remakes tex so let's close preferences all right, so what are the differences between a track deck in a remix tech? We'll attract deck it's pretty self explanatory you load in a song and that's what you play the play had moves past away form that's what you're gonna hear with a remix tech you have four slots each slog and hold up the sixteen looper one shot samples so slot one slot to slot three slot for to get to the second four samples we can switch pages you see on the left hand side here I have different pages that scrolls down to the different slots and I'll show you how to do that on the hardware in just a second so these could be loops, which is a sample that's going to play over and over or could be a one shot, which is a sample that I hit the pad and it triggers at once and then it stops the's samples could behave in a number of different ways, so we're going to go a different playback types we can pitch the samples up and down we can add effects to them all sorts of different stuff and the huge benefit of using a remix tech is it behaves the same ways attract deck so if I had a turntable plugged in and I wanted to use some time code vinyl to scratch what's going on in this deck even though I have in theory four different songs that I could be playing I can scratch him all at the same time. So for a scratch d j I could have all of my scratch samples loaded up into different cells and my remix deck and then instantly switch between them or I could be a techno geek deejay create a song and important those loops into the f one and perform them live it doesn't even need to get that complicated. It could be a simple as me creating some percussion loops and then having those play over and already familiar song that's all that really takes to give it your own unique touch so there's a number of different use cases for using the f one uh and one that I didn't even mention is also mash ups so we're going to do two things we're first going to create a mash up and then we're going to create a remix tech using our own loops but first let me go over the f one hardware so what are we looking at here we have sixteen rgb performance pads so each of these pads can hold a loop or one shot sample on the bottom we have the mute and stop row so that will stop what's playing in each slot just a kind of backup these columns are slots and these pads are will be called cells so when I use that terminology just so you understand in the middle I have my function buttons so these are things like sink kwan ties reverse um browse etcetera and then on top I have four volume feeders which act just like the volume haters say here on the c one or here on the s a ts and then on top I have individual filter control for each so there's a lot of things that you can do with one single remix tech so let's start by actually getting some samples into the remix tech and how would I do that well let's go into the browser and I can get into browse on the f one here by simply hitting the brows so I've hit browse and now I can scroll through my list but first I want to actually get into my tree so to get into the tree which is on the left hand side here hold on shift and then I can browse through with the brows knob and I'm going to go into all samples and I'm going to load up examples here so I have some of these native instruments remix decks and say I want to load this in to pad all I got to do is hit that pad hit the path and it's in a load the sample into so you see how that happened right here on deck d and how is the f one actually seeing that deck and I should have mentioned that let's unplug this real quick and then let's plug it in so now that I plugged into remix tech you're going to see there's a corner there I can switch between which deck I want control and I can on ly assign this to eject that's a remix tech so I have d c for dixie if I wanted to change that afterwards I could hold down shift and go to dd which stands for dec de let's go back to deck see here all right and go back into brows so now I can go to the next sample hit a pad that I want to load that sample into scroll down hit another pat I want a love that sample into so on and so forth, and you could even get into your explore inside of your browser and load up samples that you just purchased from a sample pack or ones that you've made yourself to even faster load up samples. What I could do is well, I'm in brows I can hold down the browse button and then just hit and that's the pad and it's going to tractors automatically gonna load the next sample down, all right? So instead of having to load a sample, click down one loaded sample, all have to do is hold down brows, hit these pads and it's an automatically load the next sample. All right? So let's, hear what that sounds like we'll take up kwan ties and sink is I would no idea what is that sound like? All right, so I'm not sink or kwan ties right now, and I have no idea what these samples are. I just kind of picked a random sample, we're going to make our own, we're going to make a remix tech as well, so not to worry. I just wanted to show you exactly how you can use it from the browser itself, so let's go to the next page and we're gonna work here and I'll get into all of these different performance types here in a minute, but first I want to create a remix tech that makes a little bit more sense on we're going to do this by going in and loading tracks into attract deck and capturing from that from that particular deck. So let's first go into our browser and I'm going to go to creative lives remix that this is a folder that I made in an earlier siri's and I have a bunch of tracks from team supreme, so just a quick little thing on team supreme what it is it's, a weekly beat cipher, so two samples go online and then we pick a tempo and a number of producers can then download those samples and they make a one minute long track at that specific tempo so everyone, yes, the same rules, same tempo, and it goes online every tuesday and it's a really, really fun exercise thie only issue is if you want to play out some of these tracks there only a minute long, so if you have these in a track deck, I'd have to go from one track to the other really fast, and it could be tedious and not the most fun. So what I'd like to do is take these songs and make them into a remix deck, so let's do that when you use my x one here, and I'm gonna load up first this preston james song that's it a load into decades right so you can see here I have my trach decade right here let's hit play and see what it sounds like so I got this track here and maybe I want to and if this a little bit so let's see let's listen to the track and see what way way to go back to the beginning I want to select that section right there all right just that one section and loaded into my first pad so how would I do that when it captured right so appear I have cinquanta eyes and capture and when I hit capture by hold it down I can choose which track deck I can capture from so capture a capture b and capture el is the loop player all right so I can also capture from marley player let's go capture a because that's for my track is and I know that the beginning is q point one so now let's choose a capture size so take a look at the navigation way form the striped view here and you can see there's two um I'm sorry two triangles in the bottom so this would be a four beat capture and eight b capture I want eight beats because I don't want that beginning beat of the actual track the drop to be present so now that I have that capture I simply hit a pad and then that sample in theory should now load up all right school so that we have our first loop and now maybe I want to drop in their next so I'm gonna take you point to because I already know that's where my next simple is capture and maybe I'll capture I don't know sixteen beats this time says four bars capture so now I have two things tio sorry samples loaded in there and let's ah move on a little bit maybe to keep point three was captured there too so capture cool so now I have one song in here that's really all I need I can adjust the volume two that I could feel tio that I could load in my next song as well so let me go ahead and find a different song and maybe we want to do we'll see what this snarl extract is here let slip that into dec b all right so let's capture some of this as well somebody go to getting a nine nine nine nine nine nineteen all right I say capture let's capture part of that let's go to our next q point let's capture next key point capture excuse really capture so I've already added these key points beforehand but now I have what happened there so what I forgot to do is actually changed the deck that I'm capturing from not a problem because it's really easy to change that hold down capture capture a capture b all right, you might run into this as well. So let's go back to the first key point capture capture full capture capture just rinse and repeat there nine nine nine nine nine nine all right, cool. So now I have two songs perfect sync so this is already a really easy way to kind of create a mash up and you can do this with you know, top forty tracks or attracts that you've made yourself for so you have an artist and you really want to play a number of their songs but you don't have time to do that is a really easy way to do that. All right? So I've went into the basic functions of this I've already created this remix tech so I'm actually going to show you how to load a remix tech it's going to browse and literally with the finished product looks like let's get into our browser up here going to remake sticks and again I held down shift to browse through the tree just release let's see what I got here teams supreme volume two missing a click in and then here is that we make stuff get out of brows cool so let's see what that actually sounds like performed a little bit I'll be quick little performance here tonight I stopped the first two in the bottom letting the third one play fourth song going out I think it's a really easy way to take these one minute long songs and make it into a very dynamic performance.

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Nick Trikakis, better known as NüTrik, will show you how to add pro-level polish to your DJ set in Traktor® Pro Advanced Techniques.

Nick is lead product specialist at Native Instruments and in this class, he’ll show you how to integrate the best features of Traktor® into your DJ set. You’ll learn:  

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Traktor® is packed with options for making your performance stand out – learn how to DJ like a pro in this class on advanced Traktor® Pro techniques.