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Syncing Maschine with Traktor®

All right, so now that we went over the f one in full detail how to make a remake set mash up how to create one with machine there's one other really advanced technique that I want to show you, which is how to sink machine with tractor this is really a um I should say this is really something that gives the deejay more power than they ever had because now you can literally take your studio on stage and perform songs completely live giving the deejay more power than they've ever had and I feel like this is a technique that I'm really hoping that mohr djs and producers moving forward and years to come are going to adapt and you're going to be able to see live performances on stage unlike anything ever seen. So how does it start? Well, you wantto actually get machine to sync up to the clock inside of tractor and the clock is the tempo, right? It's whatever bpm that you have um you want machine to see that. So how is it done since we've already went into the controller editor, let me show ...

you here it's open up our preferences let's go into controller manager and our tree and we're going to create a generic committee device and new one one of my many that already exists were to add generic midi and then I'm going to go into ad in I'm sorry we already have this and we're going to send the import two tractor virtual input I'm sorry the out port detractor virtual up and then we want this to none ok, so now tractor is going to be sending virtual midi all right now that we've done that we're done that's just gonna be set up the way it is then inside of machine I'm just going to create a new scene here and we're going to go into the file menu and sink to external midi clock is one of the options, so that means instead of tractor I'm sorry instead of machine using its internal midi clock it's going to sink to whatever midi clock is inside of tractor which is now sending out many clock next we need to go into audio many settings and go over to midi and make sure that tractor virtual output is selected on so by default this is going to be off so that means machine is going to see the virtual midi output inside of tractor. So now we're set up and you can see if I change the clock inside of tractor to stay down to the one twenty five the clock a machine should match up let's send some middie clock out and there it is one twenty five point one which is just a fraction off so now since I have my mid o'clock playing inside of tractor that's going to match up a machine so let's get a click track going inside of machine let's play a song so I'm going tio find one of my songs here let's go back to track collection a lot of this new trick back to the basics track let's find my effects turnoff effects you know I have a track on the machine so it's not perfectly on you can hear that the click track and machine is still a little bit off let's fix that so we're going to do that by going into the preferences let's just first get everything going holding down sink is gonna reset too many cars teo preferences way have our sink offset slave. All right, now it's right on. So now I can turn off the metrodome. Say maybe so now we have both of them matched up and I could mix from one track to the other or I can go in between creating songs on machine and then bringing in tracked ex. I mean, really the possibilities are endless and the fact that you have full vsd support over everything that comes with complete you could have synthesizers running with this you could have a keyboard on stage, plug that in with your machine and really just have an entire studio production set up alongside with tractor, so the live performance nowadays is all the tools air there, it's just a matter of using these tools that we just went over and the tractor pro advanced techniques class and applying them to your deejay sets. So that wraps it up. We're gonna go over, and I'm gonna show you a routine on the tractor control essay to kind of end things. But I just wanted to thank you for sticking with me through these three tutorials. Um, there is a lot of information and hear, all of which should get you up and running and creating very dynamic deejay, says tractor pro. Um, watch them over and over and make sure the check out other things from korea to belive as well. My name is victor k kiss, thank you, and we're good.

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Nick Trikakis, better known as NüTrik, will show you how to add pro-level polish to your DJ set in Traktor® Pro Advanced Techniques.

Nick is lead product specialist at Native Instruments and in this class, he’ll show you how to integrate the best features of Traktor® into your DJ set. You’ll learn:  

  • Advanced sampling, looping, and effects
  • Innovative ways to use remix decks
  • Integrating Maschine with Traktor®

Traktor® is packed with options for making your performance stand out – learn how to DJ like a pro in this class on advanced Traktor® Pro techniques.