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Creating a Remix Deck with Maschine

I understand that I haven't got into machine too much, so all we're really going to do is focused on a couple of different things I'm going to quickly load up some drum sounds and two different groups and then I'm going to take the loops that I make in each group and load them into a slot and sells on my re mixtec I don't do this in dec de which was my second remakes decks so again hold down shift and then just switch control over the deck d sexy is the mash up dec de is going to be the remake step going to create right now so let's think of each group in machine as a band member, I like to think of it is led zeppelin we have john bonham, john paul jones, jimmy page, robert plant that's just the way I think of it uh there's different where flows depending on what you're doing but for creating remix deck since there's four slots let's think of it, enforce lots and only use four groups. Each group could be a different instrument or a different group sorry, different instrument or a diffe...

rent set of sounds so let's go over to machine and take a look at this is my beautiful machine interface here and I'm gonna make this much smaller since it doesn't need to be very big and I'm gonna go into my browser and excuse me for kind of just blowing through this because this is ah not a machine tutorial I'm gonna load up a kid and see what I got here all right that that's ah drums will make that my drums will make be for base all right let's do ah I don't know maybe some locals or something not even sure what I'm gonna do here maybe it will make a percussion so handsome percussion as well it's tio kind of reset this go to kids when she was a percussion kit and maybe bongo will do way have four groups drums release regular drums, bass vocals and percussion so that's how my slots are going to be laid up I'm gonna have my drums here my base here my vocals on my percussion so let's first make a beat so to make it be a machine I'm gonna make it be inside of a pattern and it's a store pattern I had pattern bun hip had one and one hundred twenty six speech for a minute which should work for this and I'm going to create a very simple kicked all right that's gonna be what's gonna go on slot one I'm gonna duplicate that and I had an open high hat duplicate the next one and two stand from them we're a club people get again that's going a little too much cool. So now I have a very generic beat here, let me add a baseline or something so baselines air typically four bars so I'm gonna create a new pattern and make the length for bars just so it's not so repetitive and let's record that cool so now it sounds a little bit less generic let's go into my vocal section so I'm gonna record that e cool. Well, now that's way could do here, make it a little bit cooler. Just play kind of experiment. So that's, what? Two bars? Just to four bars recorded, right? And just for the sake of kind of making this a little bit more interesting, so we have more slots. I want to create another baseline and I'm gonna have it be very simple. Right? So maybe this is the intro baseline. So that's just kind of the monitor monotone baseline. All right, so I have foot four drum patterns I have to base patterns have one vocal in one percussion. Okay, so I have enough now to start taking these loops and putting it into a remix tech so let's, go ahead and do that. So how do I do it? It's? Very simple, actually. First let's select the group that I want and you can see here this is all my midi data, so all of the different hits the kick, the snare all of this stuff that I had in there I first want to go back to my first pattern. All right? My first pattern was just the kick drum now machine makes it extremely easy to bring this into remix tech. I have these two magic buttons here. One of these buttons is going to drag and drop the middie data so I can take the middie data and put it into, say, able to in our logic and then use whatever sounds I haven't there, but since we already have always sounds of machine, I'm going to use this button, which is going to quickly bounce out the audio so I can drag it into his cell and I re mixtec. So I'm gonna click here drag here, watch how easy this is click boom bounces there you go. All right, so let's first change the playback mode that we have here. So I'm gonna have to make sure that my playback mode is what a loop, right? So let's do that it's got a type it's ah playback and change that next we'll leave it like that. I'm gonna go to my second to pattern click drag, change the playback type I third pattern, click drag, change the playback type just by default to makes it a one shot click drag playback type ok, so I'm done with group a let's go to group b now let's click drag there's my base first pattern could drag there's my second baseline and already I'm taking this and putting it into remix second this is really fun all right? We're starting against it really fun stuff we got some vocals here click drag third slot and then finally my bongos I should've done cavill more calvo or not all right cool. So now we have this gun let's play it all right so you can see I can trigger these but let's uh let's change my master temple here because originally I was working with that came supreme on uh now about a new tempo so now I can heat sink innocents sync to one twenty six which was actually the original tempo so check it out I got my kick all my different patterns I'm a baseline so that vocal is way too loud right it's much louder than the baseline and the drums so how would I compensate for that it's really easy with the f one I'll show you so I'm gonna turn these three up on that I mean just the vocal samples so it's where I wanted to be in the mix I've done that I've adjusted these failures too turn all the because basically I want to make sure that my volume is all the way up I want the volume to be perfect when these fighters are pegged at the top, so I've already adjusted the volume to where I think it sounds best, so to do that I'm going to hold down shift and then just bring these back to the top way so that's the process of turning down the volume and say the volume isn't loud enough say I want my drums to be a little bit louder, okay? So I'm going to do that now and I'll just show you the process basically I'm going to bring my fate or down by holding on shift, which isn't gonna just the fate and then I can bring it up a little bit, so watch cool. So now we've created very mixed back in a couple different ways we've learned pretty much all of the functions of editing the remix tech we've went into machine and showed how easy it is the dragon drop samples from machine, so there is a lot of things that you can do with these remakes tex and now, it's just a matter of applying this to your deejay set and as I mentioned earlier, you don't have to necessarily make a song and performing with the remix tech a lot of djs, they just want to play songs, right? They don't want to actually take the timeto perform out your track because it can be tedious all right, so, uh, it doesn't necessarily need to be a full song. I could just create a number of different percussion samples and make a remix tech that has different percussion lines. I could create a bunch of different vocal chops and create a dream. Expect that's, simply just different vocal jobs. Or I could make a remix. Tech that's, just kick drums and just snare drums and just high have patterns. So there's a number of different ways that you can use the remix tech in your d j set and not go overboard and make it very, very simple and easy to follow. So that's that I think the next thing that I'll do is show you a routine over here on the control estate.

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