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Unleash the Power of Adobe Creative Cloud

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Class Introduction

Melissa Piccone

Unleash the Power of Adobe Creative Cloud

Melissa Piccone

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1. Class Introduction


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Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Let's unleash the power of our Creative Cloud. We are going to be talking about Adobe Bridge and how to use Bridge to basically navigate your hard drive. This is my favorite app on the planet. We're going to create managed graphics with the Adobe mobile apps on my iPad. And I want you to understand libraries and how to use them. And we're going to talk about Adobe Stock and templates. So you are a Creative Cloud user, always seeking to improve your workflow and your speaking. You have your eye on the future and stay up-to-date with the newest mobile gadgets. The challenge is keeping up with the ever-changing Creative Cloud landscape. You just not have enough time in a day, right? You guys are busy. This is much more than just desktop apps. Mobile workflows are the future. Our children are taking over. By the end of the workshop, you will love Adobe Bridge and wonder where it's been all of your designer life. How did you ever live without CC libraries? You need the newest tablet to star...

t working with mobile apps while just hanging out at the park with your kids and a dog. You're in good hands. With so much to keep up with, exploring an ever-changing world of Creative Cloud with a seasoned expert who will set you on your way. I am Melissa Piccone, Adobe-Certified Instructor and Adobe Community Professional. When the first Photoshop version was released, I was hooked for life and I love teaching people just like you. I've been doing it for about eight years full-time. All right, so, let's get started, you guys. I have one more quick slide. You guys want to find me on social media, here I am. Come say hi. Let's take a look at the Creative Cloud app. We're going to start at the beginning, right? Everybody needs a Creative Cloud app to run Creative Cloud. And I'm just going to kind of go through each one of these little guys. You know, people just don't take the time to kind of see what they've got, right? So, we have this Home View. This Home View in your Creative Cloud app just kind of tells you what's happening. It tells you if you've updated something and you can see, you know, I installed stuff. It's not very interesting. But then we go to our apps, which is very interesting, because here in the apps is where we find all the stuff that we want to work with, right? So Adobe's doing a real big push for Adobe Stock, which is awesome. And look, it says, "Get 10 free images." So, you guys can look into that if you sign up. They give you 10 free images. That's been going on for a while. I can search for Adobe Stock right here inside of my Creative Cloud app. If I type something in the search and hit "Go," it's going to take me out to the Adobe Stock website online. And the most important part is, here's where all of my apps live. So, here, it's telling me I have 10 apps installed on this computer and I can find additional apps. And this is a well-hidden one. Okay. Sometimes, you know, Creative Cloud is updated. Our apps are updated so often know. We used to wait 18 months. Now, every three months or so, we get an update, right? Two times a year, usually in the spring and the fall, we get a big, giant update. And then, the rest of the year, they're kind of making little updates. And every once in a while, something slips by an update, you know, something really important to you that you like to use a lot might be broken. Like, one update, the Liquify filter was broken for like, three days. I was like, "What happened?" Okay. So, you can always actually roll back to previous versions, right? I answer questions in the forums all the time and I get this question a lot. "I want my old version back. How do I get it?" It's right here. It's all here at your fingertips, okay? So you can roll back to a different version if you want to. And of course, you can come and see what you're missing. So there's all these applications that I don't have installed on this computer that I could install if I wanted to. For those of you who don't know and those watching who don't have Creative Cloud, anything that says , "Beta," or "Pre-release," they're actually free for anyone to use. So even if you don't have Creative Cloud and you know, you're watching and you're like, "Well, I'm on CS6 or I'm on CS5," you can download these Beta applications and use them for free until they go, you know, for reals. So, just a little FYI there. And look down at the bottom. It says, "View the Creative Cloud mobile apps." Let's just click on that. And we'll come back to that in a second. I'm not done in here. Let's go ahead and click on "Assets." So here inside of my assets, I have my Creative Cloud files. I am an official Creative Cloud user, so I have 20 gigabytes of storage in the Creative Cloud. My Creative Cloud folder works just like Dropbox or one of those other things, you know, where I'd have a folder on my desktop and I just keep stuff in there and it goes up to my Creative Cloud . And then, it'll mirror. So, this is not my computer, okay? My computer's at home in Denver, here in San Francisco, but I'm logged into my Creative Cloud and I have access to all of my Creative Cloud files here because it all synced once I logged in to my Creative Cloud, okay? Again, if you don't own Creative Cloud, if you're not paying for it, you can still have an Adobe ID and get two free gigabytes in Adobe's Creative Cloud. That's for everyone . Okay? And that's kind of cool and important because when we move to the mobile apps, you'll be able to use those two gigabytes to create things in the Adobe mobile apps. Okay? We also have Type Kit. And Type Kit, I can click on "Sync Fonts," and it'll jump me out to Adobe, the Type Kit website. And I can search for and download and install fonts from here. One of the really cool things that I love about Type Kit is that the fonts that get installed are not limited to my Adobe apps. I can use them in whatever I want, right? So if I'm doing a Word document or whatever, these are available to me to use. So, Type Kit is awesome, lots of free, high-quality fonts that you can use. It also comes with web fonts. If you're looking for stuff to use on the web, you can find fonts to use on the web, in your Dreamweaver projects and stuff. So, Type Kit is awesome. And they're always adding new stuff to Type Kit. If I go to Adobe Stock, again, I can search for Adobe stock right in here, and then I have my community, so we have Adobe Portfolio and Behance. And I'll be honest, I haven't really kept up with that. So, I'm not sure if Portfolio is Behance or if they're two separate things but it's all there online, kind of go and put your portfolio out there. It's really cool. I know people who have gotten a lot of jobs off of using this stuff through Adobe. It's kind of fun to follow people that do stuff. You can put up finished pieces. You can put up works in progress. It's pretty cool. So that's worth checking out. The other thing I just want to mention because I do answer a lot of questions in the forums, sometimes Creative Cloud just breaks. Sometimes, the application just goes bad. I don't know why. And the weird thing is, it can cause weird things with your regular applications. So just a heads up, like, one day, my Creative Cloud wasn't working and there was like a piece in Lightroom that was all messed up . And something in InDesign was all messed up, completely unrelated. I mean, those applications don't even talk to each other. And I was like, "What is going on with my computer?" And I logged into Creative Cloud and I had this weird spinny thing and it just kept spinning and it wouldn't load anything, I was like, "Ugh." And it's actually kind of tricky to uninstall and reinstall. So you guys, you need to do a search on it because you have to go download. You can't just uninstall from your desktop. Go download a special Creative Cloud uninstaller and you uninstall that, and then you can reinstall a new one . I'm just saying, because it happens to me all the time. And I'm always answering questions about it in the forums. So, I just wanted to give you guys a heads up about that. So, I don't really know how a broken Creative Cloud app can affect your other apps but it does, so... All right. So, let's close up Type Kit and let's take a look at some of these mobile apps in here that we link to because we are going to talk about some of these. So this page just kind of goes over all of the mobile apps that are available to us, right ? And we're going to talk about Capture, and Illustrator Draw, and Photoshop Sketch, and Adobe Comp. Each one of these is kind of linked together with icons for the other applications. So, it's just kind of showing you a workflow, like, what would I use? If I wanted to use this thing called "Adobe Capture," which I haven't told you what that is yet, what would I use that with? Well, you could use it with Premiere, you could use it with Animate, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, and then these other little mobile apps here. Okay? So, you can create and use things and it's all kind of integrated. You know, for years and years, Adobe's been pushing that. Oh, everything works together. They all play nice together. And for years, we were like, "Yeah, not really." You know, it's a nice idea but they're kind of like siblings that don't like each other. They don't really play nice together. But today, they really do play nice together. Everybody plays nice together. You know, InDesign and Illustrator both take PSD files and InDesign will take PSD and AI files, and vice versa. And everybody's happy now. So, today, it's true, okay?

Class Description

Do you work with Adobe software, but not utilizing the robust tools offered with Creative Cloud? Even if you only own one of the programs, you still have access to everything the Cloud has to offer, such as design apps, file management tools, stock libraries and more. You will also gain a better understanding of the Cloud and how it can significantly improve your workflow. 

Adobe certified instructor Melissa Piccone shows you how to: 
  • Use Adobe Bridge to organize your assets 
  • Create and manage graphics with the Adobe Mobile Apps 
  • Understand libraries for better workflow and organization 
  • Use Adobe Stock imagery and templates 

Software Used: Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 


Derek Rodenbeck

Wow, I can't thank Creative Live enough for this class. I was blown away. This is just what I needed as I continue on my path of self growth and development. Please do yourself a favor and get this class, it is well worth the investment. After all the best investment is in yourself.

Astrid Callens

Nice Intro In the adobe creative cloud. Thanks.