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The Magic of Watercolor

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Additional Fundamentals (The Fun Stuff!) - Intro

Molly Murrah

The Magic of Watercolor

Molly Murrah

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19. Additional Fundamentals (The Fun Stuff!) - Intro


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Additional Fundamentals (The Fun Stuff!) - Intro

putting the fun back in fundamentals again I found a great quote about what we're doing this week and that is learned technique I have full command to the extent of not being conscious of how it is done when craftsmanship has been developed you're free to create technique will give way to expression and this was by the artist that I've mentioned before in this class sergei bungert that my teacher d and lynley studied with for a number of years famous russian painter a magnificent artist and I thought this quote was just perfect for today so our fire if we course consisted of week one being an overview of painting in watercolors and that was just why I why I find water colors such a magical medium week two was all about paints and color and we talked about pigments and the properties of paint we painted some color wheels we learn to various color terms and things like that that you'll run across when you paint in this medium mixing layering and glazing week three was about paper and bru...

shes and we discussed the various paper surfaces different kinds of brushes and the different kinds of strokes and techniques that you can use with the brushes how to create different edges with your brushes week four was last week and that was drawing in composition and we didn't really talk about I didn't teach anybody had a draw what we what we talked about was how to get your drawing from your image onto your paper and then how to paint it after that so we talked about using a grid the rules of composition there's certain rules of how you put your center of interest on the paper and things like that visual throat flow on your paper that was last week and then this week is additional fundamentals and the fun stuff and this is basically about techniques and doing special effects how to use masking fluid and salt and text your ring and using sponges and razor blades and all that kind of stuff this is really a fun week but first let's do take a look at some of the images that were posted online and like you craig I just loved seeing I was so glad I was so happy I found this particular image because it was a good one it combined the difficulty of a person with color and combined hard edged with soft edge it was really a good image to find I was really happy to find it and some of these I think are just exquisite and neon fog really took to heart my statement about putting blues and greens and things like that and in the face and I mean I just think both of these air absolutely gorgeous this one is great really great and I love what she did and you see the subtleties and the differences in color and everybody was basically working with same palate although I'm sure somebody had a palette that was different and then look what what margie did I don't know if it's margie or margie but wow I mean that's sort of like when I talked about it one time the alaska's palate that I used to paint in with only three colors I mean I just thought this was great so this is the first one that I did and you know I did it and I got done with it and I was okay with it this is the one I started in class and then I ended up going home and finishing at home but if I didn't I love it so I did it and then I waited today and then I did this one and this one I'm happy with this one I would I really wanted to do it again because in the first one I didn't pay that much attention to the eyes and this one I got all of those tiny little reflections in the eyes which are what really make her face to me and make the painting and so I was happy with this one because I got all of that in here and then we have these two with our birds I mean I just thought these were fantastic just fantastic this one ambit ski hadn't posted before that I knew off I thought this was great I thought the centering was pretty good you might have considered moving the bird just a tiny bit over to the right so that the I wasn't dead center on the paper because the eye in the in the head is usually where the eye goes but otherwise I just thought this was fantastic look at the way this background was handled here it's just and the blue in the in the in the wood I mean they added colors they just did a great job and this was great too I loved thiss composition I mean it's very odd it's very different and she took a lot of the detail out in the background and made this you know really nice moody painting and look at the shadows there isn't that nice they're just it's just great

Class Description

Join Molly Murrah for a fun, 5-week watercolor class for beginners. Learn about color, papers, brushes, drawing and composition, as well as many great painting techniques that will get you working and playing with watercolors!


Susan Mueller

Absolutely loved this class! I've been fiddling with watercolor for the last year, but have never really taken any art classes. This was the perfect intro level class in so many ways, covering basic principles of color, composition, etc. - and always in a warm, encouraging atmosphere. I learned so much about watercolor as a medium, and I would recommend this to anyone interested in getting involved with it. Would love to take a class with Molly again!

a Creativelive Student

I absolutely love this medium and have owned the material for about 5 or so years now, afraid to waste them. I've bought books but realizing I am both a visual and audio learner, this is the format for me. It is so important for me to be able to replay and review the information that taking a local course is just not as convenient as this has been for me. Molly is a delight to watch and listen to, she is such a wealth of knowledge. Thank you Molly and thank you CreativeLive!!! I am in love with this site.

Linda Berg

Molly is captivating! Her soothing voice exudes her love of watercolour painting! She is very organized and knows how to paint with watercolours and how to teach it as well. Not all painters can teach... I was drawn into her 'teachings', loved listening to her wealth of knowledge, and signed up for her course. Oh, I recommend it totally!