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The Magic of Watercolor

Lesson 10 of 24

Paper & Brushes - Introduction

Molly Murrah

The Magic of Watercolor

Molly Murrah

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10. Paper & Brushes - Introduction


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Lesson Info

Paper & Brushes - Introduction

this was particularly hard for me to distill down the information because there is so much to know but I do want you to know that you can do so much research online and then also please just go to stores and see what's out there and see what's available and when you have the funds available buy some paper you've never used before and try it it's really paper and brushes really or what distinguished person style and so especially a person's brush brushwork makes a huge difference in being able to recognize their style as their own personal signature so this is an important subject alright so every week we always have new people in the class so we just do a little bit of overview of what we've done week one was our overview of watercolor painting and that was just the overview of why watercolors is so exciting to me week two was on paints and colors and we talked about the various pigments and the properties of paint we painted color wheels we talked about various color terms that you ne...

ed to know if you're going to be a painter mixing layering glazing that kind of thing this week this week three this is our paper faces brushes and strokes various techniques how to create edges with your your paints when you want you lay them down on the paper next week is drawing in composition and that's that I'm not going to I teach people how to draw we're going to go into the various ways that you can transfer your particular type of drawing onto your watercolor paper and the type of drawing that works the best as a watercolor artist I'm not going to teach you anatomy and how to draw people's noses in relationship to their lips on their face and things like that that's something you're going to have to could sort of go out and learn on your own we'll use that I'll teach you the methods of using a grid to transfer your drawing we'll talk about rules of composition they're too different they called rules thirds all of this will be covered next week and then in week five we talk about the additional fundamentals and actually that word fundamentals is the wrong word too I should have said fun stuff because that's what week five is going to be we're going to work with all the different things that you do in water color to create the various techniques you're looking for uh text during technique special effects will use our masking fluid for the first time we'll throw some salt it next week is our fun class okay so we did have we set up this flicker dot com account called seti watercolor and people posted some things up there this past week and I just wanted to go through a few of them and offer my congratulations because I was very impressed with some of the things that were posted I thought this color wheel was just great I think this is neon fog there a couple of people in here I show and I don't remember who they are but this color will was just totally great the only issue that I saw on it anywhere actually was this area right here probably could have been a little bit more intense and color but but neon fog did a great job on this she did the ten value scale and she did a fantastic job on this I mean that's about as well as it can be done this is not an easy value scale to do and this is a fin just in a great job and then she painted some apples which I thought were everybody's good is mine so you know she's uh obviously a dedicated artist and I really appreciate her posting these images on flicker now this was another person's color wheel and five value scale now this was a great job I mean the colors in here are pretty close to spot on and the value scale is very well done to I don't know whether this person used cold press paper or whether they used hot press but what this shows is probably a little bit more experience and learning how to deal with your paint edges and creating your strokes but this was a fantastic job and then this other person posted like an apple that they did and set it up on their work space and I thought this was terrific to this apple was just great they got the red in the shadow the shadow sort of blended out on the sides did a great job nice highlight great job on the apple and this person posted there worksite and I love this I think it is just fabulous they did a great job on their color wheel to and they actually printed out my exercise sheet this was my exercise sheet and they printed it out and they painted on a watercolor paper and filled it in and then they did the transparency test and this again was my sheet that they printed out and then they stuck it up on their wall to take a look at so this is so much fun for me to see I love seeing what people have done I just think it's fabulous

Class Description

Join Molly Murrah for a fun, 5-week watercolor class for beginners. Learn about color, papers, brushes, drawing and composition, as well as many great painting techniques that will get you working and playing with watercolors!


Susan Mueller

Absolutely loved this class! I've been fiddling with watercolor for the last year, but have never really taken any art classes. This was the perfect intro level class in so many ways, covering basic principles of color, composition, etc. - and always in a warm, encouraging atmosphere. I learned so much about watercolor as a medium, and I would recommend this to anyone interested in getting involved with it. Would love to take a class with Molly again!

a Creativelive Student

I absolutely love this medium and have owned the material for about 5 or so years now, afraid to waste them. I've bought books but realizing I am both a visual and audio learner, this is the format for me. It is so important for me to be able to replay and review the information that taking a local course is just not as convenient as this has been for me. Molly is a delight to watch and listen to, she is such a wealth of knowledge. Thank you Molly and thank you CreativeLive!!! I am in love with this site.

Linda Berg

Molly is captivating! Her soothing voice exudes her love of watercolour painting! She is very organized and knows how to paint with watercolours and how to teach it as well. Not all painters can teach... I was drawn into her 'teachings', loved listening to her wealth of knowledge, and signed up for her course. Oh, I recommend it totally!