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The Magic of Watercolor

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Drawing & Compostion - Introduction

Molly Murrah

The Magic of Watercolor

Molly Murrah

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15. Drawing & Compostion - Introduction


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Drawing & Compostion - Introduction

this is what I called the bones of painting you need to get a good drawing and a good composition on your paper before before you start painting and every week I always try to find some sort of quote that I think illustrates what's coming up for the week before and that would be this quote by pierre bernard which was a french painter and after drawing comes composition a well composed painting is half done and that really is the truth you can have the best executed painting in the world but if you have a bad composition you're not going to have a good painting so this with this quote really says it all so in our five week course the first week was just a no overview of painting in watercolors the second week we talked about paints and color and all of the various color terms and the doing a color wheel and the various properties of paints and pigments the third week we talked about paper and brushes and that was paper surfaces and various different kinds of brushes and breast strokes a...

nd things like that this week is drawing and composition and that would be various different styles of drawing how to use a grid to transfer your drawing onto your watercolor paper rules for composition rules of thirds and how to set up the year subject matter on your paper and visual flow and then next week is additional fundamentals but I really am calling that the fund stuff because that's when we're going to do special effects and learn all the various techniques of using masking fluid and salt and how to create textures and that kind of stuff and there's not going to be much of a presentation next week that's mainly going to be a demo class and we're gonna have a lot of demonstration and that's a lie a lot of stuff to fill into an hour hour and a half also so we'll do the best we can to get to us much of it as we can and at the end of this presentation I give you some a list of supplies and things that you should probably have at the ready when you get ready to paint next week now I always like to go to the flicker site and take a look at what people have done and what if they've posted during the week and we were talking about bracco cat earlier kate and this is I don't know if it's margie or margie but they both did thie geometric shapes exercise that we had in the class and we didn't actually do that in class because it would take too long but look what a great job thes people did I especially love this one I just think that's magnificent and this is fabulous too so they really have done a great job of of doing their exercises and posting them online and neon fog didn't this one on the left and she said that she had bit of trouble with it because it was done on hot press paper and hot press is difficult paper you can see one of the things that happens with hot press is that you see your brush strokes much much easier and you get some streaking and things like that and that's good when that's the effect you're looking for but if you're looking for smooth transitions like we got over here hot press isn't the paper to do it with and t s thing she posted hers too so I was very happy to get thes and then neon fog posted her various brushstrokes and things that she did and I thought she did a great job she even said I never thought of making trees this way and then somebody actually made the little sponge that I talked about last week it's not really a sponge but braca cat did and then she I hope you like it because I meant to bring this stuff to make that this week and I forgot so next week I'll bring all of the stuff and we'll just make one during the banter up front so people can see how this thing is made but it's very very handy piece bronco cat commented it this last one was your favorite exercise teo took two tries but she got there yeah no it was great and I mean I think she did a great job

Class Description

Join Molly Murrah for a fun, 5-week watercolor class for beginners. Learn about color, papers, brushes, drawing and composition, as well as many great painting techniques that will get you working and playing with watercolors!


Susan Mueller

Absolutely loved this class! I've been fiddling with watercolor for the last year, but have never really taken any art classes. This was the perfect intro level class in so many ways, covering basic principles of color, composition, etc. - and always in a warm, encouraging atmosphere. I learned so much about watercolor as a medium, and I would recommend this to anyone interested in getting involved with it. Would love to take a class with Molly again!

a Creativelive Student

I absolutely love this medium and have owned the material for about 5 or so years now, afraid to waste them. I've bought books but realizing I am both a visual and audio learner, this is the format for me. It is so important for me to be able to replay and review the information that taking a local course is just not as convenient as this has been for me. Molly is a delight to watch and listen to, she is such a wealth of knowledge. Thank you Molly and thank you CreativeLive!!! I am in love with this site.

Linda Berg

Molly is captivating! Her soothing voice exudes her love of watercolour painting! She is very organized and knows how to paint with watercolours and how to teach it as well. Not all painters can teach... I was drawn into her 'teachings', loved listening to her wealth of knowledge, and signed up for her course. Oh, I recommend it totally!