Wedding Post-Production Workflow


Wedding Post-Production Workflow


Class Description

Once you’ve finished shooting a wedding, the work of post-production begins, and that process can be overwhelming. Join Jennifer Cody and John Aarnio for a one-day course that will introduce you to a painless, productive method of navigating the post-production workflow.

This one-day course will introduce you to the hardware and software tools that will speed up and streamline your post process. You’ll gain invaluable insight into maximizing the image management potential of Adobe Lightroom. John and Jennifer will also share tips for stress-free communication with clients throughout the post-event process. You’ll also create strategies for setting up your workspace for maximum productivity.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the knowledge to tackle the post-production process efficiently and confidently.


a Creativelive Student

This workshop is fantastic. Being a creative is not synonymous with being organized, and this course has helped to begin to bridge the gap. I love how easy it is understand and follow. If you are looking for help in getting and staying organized, this course if for you. P.S., I purchased the Sidecar Post LR presets, and they are as good as advertised as well. Definitely as class to add to your CL collection.