Working with Color Tools in Illustrator

Lesson 1/14 - Class Introduction


Working with Color Tools in Illustrator


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Class Introduction

Yeah, we are gonna talk about color in Illustrator because there's lots of it, as you can see by my beautiful, fruity page that's up here. We're just gonna talk about some of the tools that are there. If you're like me, which, I'm assuming, you probably are 'cause you're in this class here, and if you dabble in Illustrator, or if you've never really opened Illustrator, or if you're that type of person that opens it and gets just overwhelmed by all the panels and all the different options that are here. Well, we're not gonna talk about absolutely everything that there is to do with color. There is a lot. I just want to talk about some of the cool tools that are there that some people don't know about. For me, up until a few years ago, I would get into Illustrator, and I would just be like, just pick a color, or something that was already existing in the file, and not really think about it beyond there because everything else frightened me. So, hopefully, if that's where you are, we won'...

t be there at the end of this class because we're gonna look at some of the tools and how to make choices with color and just different options that are out there. I am not going to tell you how to be a colorist so that you can start your own comic book, not anything like that. I always say that I will teach you the tools, you bring the talent because that is just a whole different thing that's out there. I'm just really into how things work, and why, and where they live in the applications. So, color is a big thing, obviously, because we're working with things like logos, or illustrations, and if you are like me, I'm from the printing world. I tend to work witH a lot of other people's artwork. So, sometimes, I get the artwork, the color's already there. Now, I have to do something with it, and how do I do that, and where do I go for those particular tools that are there? So, that's what we're gonna cover in the class today. The first thing I want to talk about is sort of color modes and color spaces, and just sort of, what I tell everybody in pretty much everything I teach is you can't just jump in and start working on a project without knowing the history of it, the history of where it came from, or if you're the beginning of the line, where it's going to. So, the future history, is that what we call that? The future, look into the future, and see where that, where it's going, and who's using it, and how they're using it because the worst thing is to get done with a project, or what you think is your, done with your end of it, and suddenly, it doesn't work for what you need, and you've gotta take steps backwards. So, always be thinking about where it goes, what its purpose is, where it's gonna live in the world, whether it's digital or in the real world, and how it gets to that point.

Class Description

How much can there be to Adobe Illustrator’s color tools? A lot!

Adobe Certified Expert and Illustrator guru, Erica Gamet, will walk you through the basic features to help you understand how to pick colors from existing swatches.

In this class, Erica will cover:

  • How color gets introduced into a document
  • How to choose other colors (palettes)
  • Bringing in colors from other sources
  • How to combine shapes and color

This class is for beginning designers or basic InDesign/Photoshop users that dabble in Illustrator and never really explored color in the application.

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator CC 2018



A lot of useful information about work with colors. Solid colors, Gradients, Global Swatches, Color Groups, Object Mosaic for grabbing colors from images, Color Books, Libraries...and so much more! This is a class for those who want to know everything about color management and use of colors in Adobe Illustrator (some information is helpful even for Photoshop and InDesign users). Erica is a great teacher! She has a good articulation. It's important for those like me whose native language is not english. She speaks evenly (neither slowly nor quickly) and to the point. I definitely recommend this class!

Gemma Kelly

Erica is a really clear instructor. I found the class really useful and the pace was great. This will make my workflow much quicker and I cannot wait to put what I have learnt into practice.