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Yoga Strength Basics for Beginners

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Yoga Strength Basics for Beginners

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When we start finding our core strength and our core stability it's important to also include into the ability toe lift the court pull up the pelvic floor we hear this the concept of bond us right the bonuses this low lift this drawing up way use it from everything from stepping from downward facing dog teo hae lunch to press in a handstand or coming up into crow so by developing this core lift were able to move into these advanced postures also with that we really want to make sure that we're supporting everything through the side body and to do that you have to work the side body and work into side body control let's start on our back lay down used the core of course to come down onto the back draw the knees into the chest is goingto start with a nice little gentle twist so draw both knees over towards the left bring the gays the right kind of releasing into the back and I want you really think of drawing the right hip away from the right shoulder and pull in the right shoulder up to...

the right corner of the room this creates a nice a little bit nice bit of length through the side body could even assist with the left hand to press out maybe feeling a little bit of length and extension through the bottom part of the spine come back to center squeeze the needs in take the knees over towards the right reach out towards the left again you reach the left shoulder up towards the left corner of the room and lengthened the outer left hip away. I'm just creating a little bit of pressure and you might not be able to see it, but hopefully you could feel it in your body and if you don't feel it, it's okay, don't focus too much on it. Just focus on getting a nice twist through the spine come on to the back. We're gonna warm up the body with a little bit of bicycle crunches now this is a pretty basic and common thing to do, but it's it's also really effective, especially if you take some control into into doing it right. We're going to do these really slow, so bring the knees up, bring the feet up, bring the hands behind the back when she was straight on the right leg out, take the right elbow towards the left knee and crunch up, find the slow crunch, bring it back straight in the left leg at the same time, lift the left elbow up towards the right knee, find a little crunch this side body for one back to three, try to keep the chest open for right side five lift six, seven, eight nine last one ten set the feet down let the belly relax if you did those right you should feel lot through the belly especially if you're working through all the other corps stuff it should start to cook start to talk to you pull the knees into the chest reaching arms out to the side walls like this take the shins parallel to the mat let both knees fall over towards the left create a little bit of length and stretch this side buddy I want you to engage the right side of the cores we pull the needs back up to center take him over towards the right for one bring it up to center take it over to the left up to center over to the right for two up centre left right use the core for engagement for five six seven eight nine ten set the feet down relax so just a little bit to the side body more than anything you're learning how to control you know as we move into twist and we worked through twists when we want to think of controlling the side body to move into it and actually using the muscles and stuff to bring us deeper into these twist plant the feet lift the chest up we'll take the right arm we're going to reach it overpass the left shin or kaffirs far four days you can pull it up for ten nine eight contracting in the side body seven six five four three two one switch sides for ten nine eight reach seven six five four three two one good job draw the knees and the chest take a deep inhale open the mouth access ah well more time deep in him open the mouth exhale roll up cross the ankles come on to the knees onto the forms extend the legs back we're gonna come on to the outer edge of the right foot finding form side plank you could support that yourself by keeping the left hand down on the mat or if you can bring the hand to the hip or to the back of the head I'm going to show it with the hand on the mat we're gonna lift up to the side body really wants you to think of finding this supporting engagement through the side body then lower down pull it up and contract for five each time pressing the left hip or the right hip is high up to the sky as you can four three work on this lift to last one come down move on to the forms maybe you could go through without putting the knees down if you need to put the news and come on to the left side stack the feet bring the right hand down you want to pull the right hip on top of the left, press down into the hand lower the hip down pull it up engage the side body for five slowly lower lifted up for slowly lower three lower down to lower one hold it up come down onto both forms talk the tailbone engage the core bring the knees down to the met sit back rest maybe bring the hands behind the back and left the chest up shake out the arms little twist to the side body come to the hands and knees wrap the tri cities back set the feedback so we're going to first find plank pose talk the taliban and send the knees down we're going send the chest ford pull the shoulders back like this and we're gonna round and tuck really just working on to engage in the corps and finding this little bit of lift right think talk tailbone a lot open it up closing the core for ten nine eight seven six five four three two one good walk the knees and grab a set of blocks or cans or whatever you have come into a high lunch so plant the blocks alongside the foot again we're going to find whatever level is necessary for you you know maybe it's even know blocks and hands on the mat that's that's great if you're there but you know I always start the higher and if this isn't high enough you know stack the blocks bring another block down to get to the proper height that you need to find the exercise but we're going to start with this high right here. Come into a nice high lunch. I want the need directly over the ankle or directly above the ankle wrapped the crisis back. Press into the hands.

Class Description

Skill level: Beginner
Classes: 12
Time: 20-30 minutes
Cycle: 30 days

A yoga routine for strength practice offers so many incredible benefits to creators. It helps clear the mind and relieve stress, leaving you better able to think and concentrate on your work. It exercises the body and builds strength and endurance while tapping into the deepest parts of your mind to discover true inspiration. These strength yoga for beginners classes will help you:

  • Feel confident and empowered
  • Build your strength in the four major strength categories: core, straight and bent arm, back and legs

Instructor Dylan Werner grew up in the mountains of Southern California and became interested in fitness, movement, extreme sports, photography and nature at an early age. Dylan travels extensively, teaching at workshops, instructor trainings, festivals and retreats. He has taught more than 400 workshops and events in more than 60 countries. He is passionate about spreading his love for yoga and helping others by sharing his journey. Dylan’s strength yoga for beginners course will instruct you in:

  • Movement, handstands, arm balances and creative sequencing
  • Building your confidence
  • Achieving a profound level of calm and peace

Workout Descriptions:

Day 1: Scapular Strength
This series will begin by focusing on scapular strength, which is very important when working through any yoga movement that involves straight arms.

Day 2: Core Strengthening
A strong core is one of the most essential parts in a balanced yoga practice. It’s involved in every pose in yoga, and this class will focus on dynamic yoga for abs and core. If you're just starting out, some of these poses may challenge you, but they’ll provide room to grow.

Day 3: Front Body Opening
Backbends use the shoulders, chest, psoas and hips. In this class, we focus on yoga poses to stretch hips to open the front body and improve mobility so that you can prepare your body for backbends or deepen your existing backbend.

Day 4: Rest Day
Recharge today!

Day 5: Mobility and Movement
These yoga mobility exercises are essential to combat the side effects of being stationary, especially if you are stuck at a desk all day. Even if you have an active lifestyle, there are benefits from increased movement and activity.

Day 6: Bent Arm Strength
Yoga arm exercises require bicep, tricep, core, chest and back strength. This class is designed to help strengthen your upper body so you can better execute poses like chaturanga, down dog and up dog.

Day 7: Core Stability
One of the most important parts of the core is the ability to stabilize the body. Through developing yoga core stability, a whole new group of yoga poses and transitions are available to you.

Day 8: Back Body Strength
This yoga poses for back strength class develops the other side of your core, highlighting the muscles in your upper and lower back.

Day 9: Rest
Rest up!!

Day 10: Leg Strength
This yoga for leg strength class will help strengthen and improve mobility in the quads and hamstrings, which will make warrior, chair and crescent poses much more attainable.

Day 11: Strengthen Your Vinyasa
Vinyasa links postures and breaths into a basic vinyasa flow. Through strengthening your vinyasa, you are able to move more efficiently and quickly through a flow to advance your practice.

Day 12: Side Body and Core Lift
By lifting and drawing up from the pelvic floor, you will begin building the foundation to eventually move into more advanced yoga poses for strong

core, postures and transitions.

Day 13: Back Body Opening
These yoga poses for your back will not only help open the back body, but also help you with backbends as you further your practice.

Day 14: Standing Balance
This standing balance yoga class helps you build balance and equilibrium to help you with standing postures.

Day 15: Rest
Take a rest!

Day 16: Rest
Take another rest!

Repeat for Programming
Day 17: Scapular Strength
Day 18: Core Strengthening
Day 19: Front Body Opening
Day 20: Mobility and Movement
Day 21: Bent Arm Strength
Day 22: Rest
Day 23: Core Stability
Day 24: Back Body Strength
Day 25: Leg Strength
Day 26: Strengthen Your Vinyasa
Day 27: Rest day
Day 28: Side Body and Core Lift
Day 29: Back Body Opening
Day 30: Standing Balance



Yoga Strength Basics for Beginners has an amazing amount of quality content. The title of the class says it all. These workouts are designed to target various muscle groups in the body to build strength and stamina, which can be applied to yoga moves or, quite frankly, to living life to its fullest. Each class begins with a short warm up of the targeted body part and ends with a short relaxation. Instructor Dylan Werner, offers clear, concise instructions about how to position yourself and how to perform the movements properly. As a novice in the world of yoga, I appreciated his suggestions for beginner modifications and his pleasant and encouraging tone. The workouts have no background music, which means you can have your own music playing at the same time, if you choose. In addition, it was easy to find time in the day for these lessons, as they range in length from 18-27 minutes. Thanks to the presentation of this class as a 30-day program, where 12 individual lessons are offered twice with six intermittent rest days, I feel it helped foster a routine for me. The skill level of this class is set to “beginner,” and while I believe anyone can learn from these videos, I think it did help me to already have some exercising experience (I have been an at-home, video exerciser for over three decades.) I plan to continue watching through this class again and again because the content is so good and I have lots of room for improvement. In my opinion, Yoga Strength Basics for Beginners certainly adds to the quality lineup of classes that Creative Live offers.

Hilary Larson

Great course for yogis of ALL levels. Dylan does an excellent job of explaining how the body should be working through even the "simplest" poses in order to get the most out of your practice & grow stronger faster. Even after just 20 min, my muscles feel it the next day. I look forward to taking what I have learned and integrating it into my own routine! What a nice surprise to find an online course which gets me excited to deepen my yoga practice.

ROxanne FLeck

This is a great class, after years of bad form in yoga due to lack of strength, I am building up my core so I can rock a sun salutation. Straight forward, easy to follow, nice short classes that you can double up on if you want to work more. Super great way to start your day.