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Shake Up Routine & Three Degrees of Separation

We are going to return, I want to talk a little bit more about technology and then we have our amazing guests with us. Brian kramer who's going to be joining me here on the stage, he actually will not be so skyping in he'll be live and in person, which is fun, but what I want you guys to think about is that with technology, you know, over the last five or six years, we've talked a lot about how social media has changed everything, right? It's the infrastructure it's changed how you make decisions. It's changed how people shop it's changed how people travel in the book I talk about how when I travel off post on facebook and I'll say, you know, I'm going to this location does anyone know someone in that area completely has changed our decision making process and how we stay connect with people? So the evolution of technology this is a screen shot leah you had mentioned that you were using here on business is a screen shot of that app. It's, just representative of one of the many types of...

ap said there are there now that are going to change how we network, but I want you to realize that because of technology and that ninety seven percent of us keep our phone, three feet are smart device three feet of us all the time? How about you guys? Do you have your phone three feet from you? Yeah, you all do not years is not ok, so you're that you're that out of the three present, but that is going to keep happening. And so the fact that we're tied to our devices and it has a gps tractor and there's going to be more big data that's collected on you, that information is going to be fed, and so pretty soon you'll be able to say, you know what I'm interested in women's technology networks pop that into your smart device, and when you're traveling around it's going to beep up and it's going to say, hey, maggie here's an opportunity there's going to be more information that is pushed out to us in the future, through our devices, through localization through contextual ization. So it's very important again to think about knowing that, well, who do I want to be online? What do I want? My online persona and my offline persona be right, it's, another book that I read recently it was all about the digital age and what the future is going to look like. It was saying that that someday we'll probably have passwords to get us into our virtual identities because we're going to be wanting to make sure that they're, you know, really safe and sound so think about online and offline who you want to be and how technology is going to change the way we interact google glasses I'm sure a lot of you have seen images or even tried those on google glass is another example of how technology is changing things. Another shift that is happening is wearable technology, so we've got smart phone soon it will be smart watches or smart jewelry all this information is going to be coming at you that is going to change how you connect in the world is going to get smaller and smaller so knowing that it's very important to position yourself where you could have the most opportunity. So the online connecting what I really want you to think about, we've talked about some of this but simple actions that show that you care about people if you like their articles following bloggers or influence sirs, we're going to talk a lot about that brian who's joining us has over fifty thousand twitter followers and so I've asked him, you know, how often are you tweet? He said he's, often tweeting nine to ten times a day. So thinking about that, you know if you're passionate about it, you know, reaching out to the people that you would like to meet on being active online with them using it for travel again, we talked before about moving conversations to skype or to face time google hangouts I'm seeing a lot of people using google hangouts to connect now what's amazing about that is you can actually record the session and then have a video session of your hangout I've also been seeing people integrating online and offline so for example one woman in the book jessica nor the uses google hangouts on the red carpet she does red carpet events she'll bring a google hangout and she'll interview people on the red carpet so online and offline is merging together we're going to see more and more of that in the future so what I'd like to do is I'd like to welcome my guest brian to this stage and brian come on up in come join us you're gonna come right on up to the stage hey come and join me it's so nice to have a drink with me my pleasure so before you came I did let the cat out of the bag that I met you on twitter like I meet most of my friends and for the for the person who e mailed me from south africa earlier I will be e mailing you back and thank you for your interest in the material so we met on twitter is right maybe like two weeks ago yeah yeah that sounds about right I think I was reading your book and in the middle of the book I saw a quote that I really like tonight and I tweeted it from an e book and that went out and I think you had responded pretty quickly and said thank you and that turned into another hey, this lady is nice and she's tweeting back I'm going to go ahead and try and twitter again a couple days later I think we have a couple more tweets and now now I'm sitting here like I weigh well I think that goes to say that you know, as a new author in particular like I really appreciate it when people say, hey, this was interesting right? I found something that was inspiring and I believe used the word inspiring so I was like, oh, that touches me like I was really like moved by that and so that was great and then we ended up we did end up on a phone call because we decided to talk I thought, wow, I love that you were trying to you know, I started watching what you were doing in your social media posts and I saw the ellen campaign and I thought, well, this is actually right in line with what I'm talking about, what trying tio you know, meet people do things that are different and big it reminded me a lot of the kids trying to meet sir richard and how that all came together I thought, well, you are you are living the networking dream plus you're this social media fanatic you've got a huge following so we had a phone call and again very thoughtfully you shared some things and the phone call but what I thought was interesting as you told me a story that you had chatted with your wife and I think it was something like I really hope that someday I get to work with this person and you had said that to her a couple days before the day before I got the message from you I had finished your book which I could not put down by the way and I was working through it and I thought man, I really want to be a reporter I don't know how it's going to happen I don't know how I'm going to work with her but some at some point this had just has to happen and I said that out loud to my wife and she said, well you just put it out into the universe so now it's gonna happen in the next morning I got a message from you on facebook saying would you like to be on my show? Is that crazy what is going on? Yeah and I don't know your wife she didn't call me and say said my husband a facebook message you know I think it's just again that serendipity but you were being participatory in your community we're giving feedback saying hey, this is interesting to me and so you know, the opportunities came so you created that opportunity by being vocal and that's what networking a lot of it is is about is really sharing your thoughts and believing things could happen, so I want to hear more about this ninety days to alan we're on day sixty three by the way of this campaign and what I think is interesting is you're not only you and your partner trying to have lunch with her, but you are trying to do it for a cause, so tell us a little bit more about what ninety days to ellen iss yeah, so we way got together to figure try and figure out, and we were we met actually overto over twitter as well. S o d j waldo who's, my partner in crime on this, his wife and another lady who introduced us over twitter and then my life all got together for dinner, so I think it was about two bottles of wine in when we started to talk about how all this could really come together. What could we use social media to really prove? Because being a dee jay being a strong email guy he's a female rock star dude so I love you by the way oh, good, good, yeah so he's the guy and he so he was like, how do we make all these different medium's work so that we can actually create a relationship with somebody who's kind of unobtainable, but reachable, and we're thinking about people in hollywood, so we went through all the all the all the people in hollywood that exist, who was in second place after ellen, if it wasn't me, ellen, you know, I think matt damon and justin timberlake were up there on the list, and we hit some other other good ones, a cz well, and so we finally ended up with ellen because she was tow us, I think, the most approachable, approachable in her, her demeanor, the most fun, and then also, we could be serious, and we like that combination of of those things, and so we're we're we're thinking about how do we, how we now make this work? Is it the bottles of wine that's creating this? Or is it something that we're really going to move forward on? And by the time we're done, we took a picture together and posted up and said, ok, like, we're often running, and we'll get this going. So we started to build this campaign here on that objective, to try and reach somebody who is unreachable on, but yet obtainable on, we're going to use it as an experiment to see if we can actually work to make this work within ninety days yeah, well, you know, it reminds me of you know, the filmmakers that we've interviewed already where they're creating something and they're they're not expecting this immediate financial reward from it its creativity, its a case history and you're seeing what can I make happen and what is possible and you're kind of like pushing boundaries so I love your whole hypothesis was that you can use social media to create friendships and relationships here's an example of one right now that we, you know, met on twitter and now we're meeting liven it wasn't scary to meet brian he I met him in a safe place and here we are we met in the green room, right? I did my background check it's all good yeah, I got makeup done so we're good that's right that's right? So tell me, how is the campaign go? And you're in day sixty three what what has raised your hypothesis? Is it starting to be proved is true or false? Yeah, well, it's the interesting thing is that it's actually creates it's creating it in a different way. It's it's definitely positive it's definitely working it's working in a different way I think we thought it would because the friendships and the and the relationships were building isn't actually directly with ellen it's, the cause of moving toward ellen that has everyone in this community this community of people that we've never met before that's come together and said said online we want to see this happen because we also want to prove that social media can build relationships and so that in itself I think has has worked well and and it's just really was started by you and d j and then it sounds like your wives also had some instrumental influence in this yeah and you'll see in another screen here how that debate actually happened to separate the two because there was a camp that said social media will not work and social media will work so you're him you've got camp one here so to you and d j and a couple of your wives it looks like that's right? So courtney and the jackie introduced all of us together and d j and then christina who has the egg picture actually isn't on twitter she actually has a facebook page but has never used it and her and she's a physician up at stanford her whole thing is social media will not work it will not build relationships and it does not connect me with people that khun build human relationships I do that in person with people can so we were we were debating I think now by the third bottle when we're probably debating how do we make this actually work so that we can prove christina wrong is christina starting to believe that it works that you can build relationships or she's still in her camp? Well, you know, I think I think we're getting ready to move over she's probably crossing your fingers right now that I don't say that but she is moving over a little bitch we've got we've got her actually making a making videos and doing some things I think you know that those those things are really helping to show the camp and how she feels towards towards the relationship builds that can happen on social media so I'd say yes she has actually crossed okay? So ninety days to ellen was born and you know what? I've been impressed by that, you know, you've had a very systematic approach you've had a complete campaign around and so even though you're building this community and your building and network, you have lots of elements that we're going to talk about that you've been using blog's you've been using videos and so you've been putting a lot of energy and resource is into the campaign to build the network tell me about the size you just referenced community that you have a community coming together that's supporting you how big is this community and who's in the community? And you know who are all the people there are rallying around you now? Yeah, so it it's really taken us four steps to get so what you're talking about, we had to come up with not just the hypotheses, but also a foundation that we could build from. So the website was really that foundation that blawg helped us too hold all the content that we wanted to hold for the cons for the duration of the experiment you were use wordpress, or what did you use wordpress? And and then we used a template and put it up, and we really wanted to do this ourselves, so we didn't use either of our companies to do this. The whole goal is for us to actually use what we have within our means to see if we could connect with ellen. It was it was it cost a lot of money to put this up, or was it just sweat equity? Where was sweat hocking that's what? I never umm yeah, and I think my keyboard I had had, you know, some stress on it, but other than that, I think it was just just us really putting our time and energy into writing those block posts, getting them up and running and then getting the the getting the community is starting to see where that that blood was that how much time between the dinner and the website goes live? Two weeks, two weeks makes all right, and you're still working your day job yeah, I work, I work my day job, and this is my night job. So this is, you know, when we can we respond to everything we've responded to, everything that everybody's actually sent out and that's part of the deal, we want to make sure that we're connecting with people, we want to make sure that we're actually they're connecting the campaign. And so we have made that that happened. And so we're taking turns and that's great that's the that's why I love working with d j so that we can actually take turns because we're not always both accessible, right? I just was overwhelmed by thinking what if elin called creative live right now, she was lying on phone. Wouldn't that be amazing down one hundred if everyone could start tweeting that out? Yeah, so ninety days to ellen call creative live. We want to talk to ellen. Would that be amazing? Should be sitting waner is no, I don't think so. I don't think that's a good idea, so oh, god, that would be amazing when it would be a moment that would be like one of those things were like, can you remember when we did that? Wasn't that incredible, right? Let's put that intention out there, I love it, so, you know, hear, hear you're doing this campaign really, for the good of the experiment. But then you decided to go to a step further. And you added it's a charity component. So tell me right, that was important, that giving back in the charity. Yeah, well, everyone's got to eat right and that's. Why? We wanted to make sure that there was an aspect to what we put into this campaign so that everyone was able to really contribute toward this. So we want to make sure that people that are going hungry, actually khun eat as well as part of this whole initiative. And so we partnered with feet america and we have a website. We connected with them one on one, and they built us a nice little portal that enables people to go on and actually donate money to the campaign, and it enables restaurants to go on and donate money to. So as restaurants or food distributors of any kind go onto the campaign bill distribute, they'll hopefully contribute to the campaign. Whoever contributes the most gets toe hopefully host us for lunch when we eat lunch with ellen. Wow. Ok, so the restaurants that donate the most would get the lunch with hopefully ellen deejay and yourself that's, right, that's the goal that's the goal on day ninety day well, we can have lunch whenever ellen wants that could be a day three hundred sixty five if she wants to eat into him twenty fourteen were okay there as long as she hopefully showed shall contribute uh yes to the campaign that during the ninety days wow okay, so the components you've just kind of summarized you've got you guys are tweeting you're pinning your posting tell me a little bit more about the elements that you're using to get the word out your blogging every day we block probably about three times a week and that actually is a courtney so she's making us look good they're all those posts going up are written and posted by by courtney so she's doing a great courtney's your wife courtney is my wife and also my coat the co owner of our agency pure matter and people want to go look at cia pierre pierre matter dot com it's a pure matter dot com okay that's right? So you've got you guys you've got all the social stuff you've also been using videos in a very interesting way and you did send me some background on the campaign side know that there's been a lot of tech luminaries like robert scoble and I can't remember all the names right now, but a lot of amazing people have been doing buying videos and instagram videos for you how did you get people to participate it's this really interesting thing and I don't know if I should actually say it live but we asked so it was it was a challenge but we actually reached out to some friends and it does taken the initiative to reach out as you know to say how do we how do we get some people to help? And we have a lot of friends in the industry that are, you know, thank god willing to help and they get it just gets the ball rolling because once that was ruling, people really started time in and we had no now I think over fifty videos that were made on instagram or buying so yeah, we had robert scoble and ted rubin and peter shankman and you know all kinds of great people that have gone up there and put some effort into what we call sixty sixteen seconds or six to fifteen seconds byner instagram whatever your choice say whatever you want all you need to do is just say hashtag ninety days talent create and they had a good time with it somewhere had like upside down shots we had some in switzerland that actually showed all the cows running and how they could host lunch and it was just it was phenomenal people actually came up with and how much fun they had with it and using all that fun to transfer it back into the campaign helped a lot well, you know, again that's amazing looking at the technology because now we have so many, you know, video applications where we can create those short videos very easily with our phones, and in the past, people couldn't do that. It gives you the megaphone, it's, thie the amplifier and connecting in with those key influencers, I'm sure has been very powerful because they're not only giving you the videos, but I'm assuming that they're tweeting them out and they're posting them to their own network. So tell me about the virus ality of the kind of the ripple effect of how the campaign has been spreading and maybe some of the unexpected things that have happened. Sure, yeah, the viral ity of the campaign, I think on an upcoming slide here we talk about some of the things that have, you know, it's phenomenal, that the amount of tweets that we've received on the campaign has been great. We have it gets over thirty six million impressions made through all the tweets that have been generated on the campaign. So that's the videos, the blog's tweets, everything that has really come together that doesn't take into account facebook and facebook actually is I would I would say it's as much if not it probably equal to our thereabouts to the amount of amount of traffic that we've received on twitter so when you combine those two in the amount of eyeballs that we received on all of this, I can't help but think that ellen is watching and actually sees this the dreaming about her already obsessed with you know, day one I was I liked her, but now I'd like to give her a hug and say hi, I think she's a cool cat um yes, so we have we have a lot of unexpected stuff really that happened out of this with the people that came out of the woodworks to help some of them were pieces of software that actually donated to the campaign well, so let's hear about that I'd love to know about, you know, software that's been useful and also which social media platforms are have been more effective for you any tips in that space? Yeah, um so way had one piece of software has donated through for social listening and there the company's name is mutual mind um and they donated this offered there for us to be able to track all of these different statistics because at the end of the day, we wanted to prove that this worked not just through the relationships but also through numbers and analytics and things like that, so we plugged all of that into their software and they're doing daily listening on everything that's happening so that we can track it, reply to it, and then also be able to come up with these kinds of numbers here for you, um, we've we've had paper lee, which is a social social newspaper online newspaper, and they actually donated nine dollars, for every new subscription to feed america for the for the duration of the campaign. So people are really stepping up and getting out that must feel great that you've started it's blown a movement, right? It's blown us away? Yeah, yeah, and we have ppr service, this new clip pr that donated their software to the campaign as well and there's a number of others that just, you know, they just step up and say, hey, will you be willing to also use our software? And we'd like to see if this actually works, and we'll donate also to our subscribers and see if we can get the word out as well. And if you really think about it, this is all about the power of a network and power of a community, and you nice started an idea and it's just starting to grow and grow and grow right, anything that you would have done differently so far you're on day sixty three of you made mistakes, or if you learned from anything that you could share with us, yeah, we've had we've had a restaurant that we tweeted because we were trying to get restaurants involved, and I'll leave the name of the restaurant out, but way, tweeted them, saying that we'd really like them to be a part of this. We've had other restaurants that positively came back, like outback steakhouse and a number of others that said, yes, we'd love to be a part of this. We've had one that came back and said privately in a private message that they felt like we were intruding on their space, and that's is so that we we kind of, you know, obviously, we step back apologize and said, hey, we're not going to do this anymore, but that was kind of surprising that we're all on social media, and you have to be careful about crossing that line and becoming a little bit too much in somebody's face. Yeah, but I also love that you said that you apologized and it's, like, you know, if if someone's ruffles do get your feathers, do get ruffled, it's like, you know what? That wasn't my intention, you know, we'll change our behavior and so again, not taking it personally, and you move forward, so you just told me about paper, lee and the clip, pr mutual mind, I know that you're also using some means and I'll show a couple examples of that, but you're really using like all the techniques of social media today, so we've got tweeting, blogging, pinning or using pinterest at all. We're not on dh that's simply because if we don't have enough time in the day to be ableto to manage that, if we had another pair of hands, we would probably use pinterest, but we decided to keep it to the core set of social media platforms that we could use, but we have we have pitiable items, so if anybody wants to go up on to the site and they want to pin stuff than that, that is that's easy to dio were does not managing a pinterest page okay, so it's hard to make decisions of where to put your energy? How did you decide what would stay in what would go? You know, I think twitter and facebook was our initial yes, we have to do that platform, our platforms and we consciously did not start a facebook page because we didn't want to manage it in one place. We wanted to manage one hub, one place that managed everything and that's it. Everything else gets kind of dispersed from there, so everything's done personally, it's done through my personal facebook page, my personal twitter account there isn't anything set up as a ninety days to ellen page or any anything on a network that we give us and that was that was a conscious decision to make it a personal campaign versus you know, a company and that's one thing that might think again the less is more that you sometimes if you have too many channels that you're managing it just you can't be a effective so that's really interesting what I like you said that what you're really trying to do is do something good and also make people happy is that would quote from ellen yeah that's right? It was a great quote from ellen about how she's trying to make the planet a better place and so she aligns perfectly with our campaign and what we're trying to do as well. Now I really hope that you do get this lunch but in the scenario I don't even want to bring it up but if you don't get the lunch, how are you going to feel they're gonna be disappointed or what do you think you're gonna feel on day ninety? Yeah get the lunch or you don't get the lunch where it where do you feel then? I'm just going to think all right murphy's law shall call on day ninety one but if she doesn't then I I have had a great time I mean this has been one of the best experiments that that I think I've done in my career to see been test and do the things that I normally can't dio in my some of my other more public personas and work so doing things like this helps me to test those things out and that is just you know you can't buy that right? Right so you know, I love though also brian that you are taking a risk and I think it's really important for people to recognize that there's no failure in this situation you have lunch where there you don't have lunch of there you can't lose right? You've already one you've already shown that you're building relationships and that you can create amazing things and build your network and it happens to be through this fun and engaging campaign so very, very exciting if people want to get involved I know we have a slide on how people can help tell me a little bit more about how people can help your campaign yeah, thank you I um definitely we could use all the help we could weaken get teo, get out there and make sure that the ellen camp is listening to us and and it's it's rather easy in helping us by tagging using the hashtag ninety days to ellen so it's nine zero days to ellen and then we have if you tag her the the ellen show at the own show then that'll hopefully tagged them to let them know that they're they're being talked at are having some kind of engagement on other than that we're on facebook or on twitter, you can connect with me just type in brain, kramer in tow in the google and I should come up and I'd be happy to direct him in any way possible. Have you received any communication from their camp? It all a good tweet or re tweeter favorite? No, no, I haven't I haven't received anything yet and are thinking there is that they if I were them, I would respond on day eighty five or eighty nine because right now, day sixty three I would want to see what are these guys, brian and deejay made off and what can they really pull together? So we've got some things coming up in the next can you tell us? Well, coming up, I can't because it's such a wonderful surprise when people actually see it the day of and that's one of the things that's made this campaign actually really great is have it being a part of it as it's happening. One thing that I do do you know that would be greatest is ideas, the ideas air generating this campaign more than were actually generating the ideas by the behind the campaign, we have a page on our site. Where people have gone we've received over one hundred different ideas and I think we've implemented or listen to it and instituted them on some level and so having people put those kinds of ideas will help us generate maybe s'more activity right in the next couple weeks so a lot of collaboration and set hole it takes a village right right um that's amazing well I actually I'm going to keep you up on the stage with me as we talk a little bit more about social media but first I want to just go to our audience and see what do you guys think about this campaign to try to have lunch does it uh inspire you to try something in your businesses or in your lives or any questions for brian right it's a really awesome story and one of the things I've been thinking about it I have a very wonderful rich large network and I have been thinking about how I can put my network on to some kind of project to really do some greater social good and really make a difference because they think there's a lot of things we've been doing one on one helping each other in a very individual way so your stories really inspiring for me in my personal mission in trying to find some topic so were there other topics that you considered or this was just the one that came out while you were having wine yes, um, I think that building personal relationships was at the forefront of why we chose this campaign and building that with a human on the other end, which I believe is what social media is about on dino deejay does too that's why we wanted to choose something that connected with somebody. And so that's, where the discussion began, um, the other kinds of campaigns that are out there could be endless in what we could have chosen, I'm sure, but picking that one person that kind of was that unreachable person that really satisfied that requirement of can they really do it? Um, and is that somebody that's also likable by the by the majority of people watching? Obviously, the ellen show, um, is something that we really want, tio see if we could make work as well. Great. Any questions from our fabulous online audience? Brian, we've been having a little a lively little discussion in the chat room here on dh there are some folks who are questioning whether real people can do this sort of thing. The question, you know, a like how big was your network to start out with, how much of the existing network to do leverage versus creating new for this, and then also just a question of time, you know, and time to set up a strategy like how much of this are you doing? You know, as a day job versus you know, just in your spare time and all that like how feasible is something like this for a real person out there define riel I think that first of all I do have a large network and it is something that I that I wanted to use I know d j has a large network as well. We both wanted to use our personal networks to make this happen so it was important for us to see what we could do with what we built it's you know, people some people don't have his quite a large of a network and some have larger um and on both ends of the spectrum it's kind of up to them to build the network from the get go in order to make something like this happen. Um I think that, you know, using that platform using our platform was really the basis for what's making at least a lot of people kind of turn their heads and say while we want to be what is that and how do we take part in it where we go with this and how we use it is then up to the community because that we only have so much reach and how we then take that as a community to make this happen improved that social media can reach eleanor can reach somebody that isn't normally obtainable I think is kind of up to how we how we approach this together solo we've got another question here from gina heart, she says what technique has worked best for you so far? Or what have you done that has created the most buzz? Has there been like one sort of tipping point that you remember through one of the social networks that really just said everybody ablaze? Yeah, people talking, um videoing, uncreative live probably right prior to today, tomorrow is going to go like, um right now we have probably to date, we probably I would say the videos would they've received the most the most reisch airs in the most likes, and they received the most on and I think we're talking about this before it's because of the people that were helping out front that then re shared that out and got people to take part so our ask, our original ask pop got got them to take part in something that we normally like if I put a video up that probably wouldn't have done the trick. Having jaber put a video up is something that's much more interesting the people then brian kramer, I'm sure, so that that kind of leveraging your network knowing when they ask, also knowing when not to ask and doing an over over ask through this campaign has also been important to us so we're asking at the right times and making sure they're getting something back for their they're doing their generous time and donations and ruth killing actually says that the project strategy had a built in what is it what is in it for me that lots of people can relate to like there's the fun aspect of like let's get the celebrity but there's also tied to feeding hungry people many people can relate to that value that was really great great great um and then we had one other question that I saw here um network brian how could we apply this to further a project slash goal or career if it's not attached to an altruistic goal such as a charity is this something that could be used just for I mean personal game no I said in jest but I actually think it can uh my personal feeling on that is that you you need toe have an objective for anything to be accomplished and I don't mean money I mean an objective that helps you to get to the finish line on something because the thing about social media is that it's endless so if you don't define what the goal is then you'll never reach something on a cz wide and his biggest social media so that I think unto itself no matter what you do deserves an objective, and it deserves a definition of what then and goal is doesn't mean you can't define it, redefined it along the way, or get to that goal and then redefine the next phase. But I would definitely say that it does deserve the same kind of attention to how that's that road map plan is going to be laid out. You mentioned that you already had sort of ah built out network. A lot of people are asking, how did you get that large network to start with? Just any quick tips you have for the people here who don't already have that network and they're dying do something like this, but how do they get there? Quick tips? How long have you been active in social media? You have been active in social media and now for really active for two years and a large part of it was connecting with the people that I already knew first, um, getting that getting to conferences and meeting people I didn't know and then connecting with them and from there meeting the people of that they knew, and then that meeting the people that I knew and actually cross referring people and you really participating, too, you're in engaged in these conversations. All the time there's a couple stories in the book that address this one is a story of brit morin who's just started a new company she you know at her cos she's tweeting and posting four, five times a day and over the last couple of years she's built up a huge fan base. So aa lot of the stories that I'm hearing and the people that we've talked to that were in the book it's about putting in the effort and the energy jessica nor the is another blogger in the book where she decided to focus on the country music space and she does her she does twenty what she does eh chat on monday nights it's called c m chat she's been doing it every monday night for several years she didn't start with a huge following, but now she has one so it's it comes back to again identifying if it's something you want to do and then he put the energy and the time into it there's really room for everybody, right? So we're now up to about fifty thousand followers and I would imagine this campaign is probably giving you more followers, right? Absolutely so more people are tweeting there's another story in the book that I am going to share a slide on, I believe, but I'm going to tell you the story now amit gupta remember reading that story okay, so this is a story it's a gentleman who had started a website s so he's in the tech space he lived in new york and what happened with amit is that he was feeling sick after he had been at the dentist's he went to the doctor and he found out that he had been diagnosed with leukemia. Um what happened was you know, he got very quickly depressed he had to start getting, you know, blood transfusions he flew home to be with his family and the social media community started rallying around him and he happens to be of south asian descent where it's very hard to find a bone marrow match to find you know, somebody that matches you in terms of having the right fit. And so they went to the be a match dot org's which is the online site where a lot of people register and there were no matches. He couldn't get a match. And so his friends rallied around him with tweeting with blogging with writing articles and there was a time window on this he needed to find a match within like ninety days and lo and behold through a combination of very similar tactics a lot of press writing to those like blog's about ken social media save someone's life combining traditional press efforts with social media within the ninety days they found two potential matches and he's still with us today and so it really saved his life and so I think that there's you know, the stories like that where it's life changing or there's a story in the book courts about a military mom who her husband's been deployed six times in ten years and having a community gives her the ability to thrive and survive when her husband is deployed. So I think there are a lot of benefits to the social media space, but again, like you said, you need to have an objective, you need to figure out what communities am I looking for? Who do I want to be engaged in what's going to be supportive and helpful for me? So you know, the power of social media, lots of reasons that, you know, we've talked about, but I also I want people to think about how careers and jobs are changing because of social media. Now many companies actually are filling positions after they've done a search on your social media, right? And they'll do a google search on you, so a lot of people are getting hired because of internal recommendations we can see on lincoln who you're connected. Tio so it's really important to understand all of your context with an organization, so if you want a warm introduction to a company, if you don't have your linked in page updated like update that we'll talk more about job search tomorrow, but figure out how those connections work in social media is really the way to start uncovering those connections, but I wanted to do now was just to talk a little bit more about kind of some of the tactics. So the key influencers you're talking a lot about people that you met at conferences. There are also ways their sites online that you can use, like credit or clouds social chorus is another one that companies will use where you can start identifying key influencers, but let's say, someone in the audience wanted to find influencers who are vocal in the food space. How would you go about doing that? As you know, person that's home that wants to find influencers in photography, so to speak, that's a good question, there's a number of you just named off a great number of ways, so using those sites that you just named are excellent ways to get in there and actually see what who is an influencer it's my belief that it's not just around scoring two. And so while there's, those sites are really great there's other sites that people could be influencers on but aren't yet on social media, and so identifying those them through the use of hashtags is something really simple to use both on facebook and in twitter. Andi even google plus if you're just looking for people are talking about a topic that's a great way to get out there and just search by hashtag and see what they're talking about but and there are hashtags now that are on facebook on twitter and also on instagram right? So there's there's hash tags everywhere right? So being able to go in search keywords you can start to see people that are active in the conversation and talking about topics that you're interested in so that's ah, great step I've also found that looking for reporters or bloggers that are talking about a topic following them so you're following people that are engaged in the conversation is another step to start identifying and building the network linked in we've talked a little bit about lincoln and we're going to go deeper into that tomorrow but a tool that is really growing in terms of recruiters using it there are linked in groups so you now can have a group not only on facebook but you can have one on linked in aa lot of participation there's also an influencer program on lincoln where people are writing a lot of articles and getting a lot of activity off of that have you used linked in it all for this campaign way yes we use can't we share our content on lincoln and also have joined groups the groups on linked in are excellent to be able to get in there and talk to people of like, mind how'd you find the groups to join the same way? Azaz using google will search for topics topics of so we'll search for things about wine, things about food, things about restaurants, things that she, ellen might my like or appreciate that full with in the same category on dh have like minds within this campaign as well, and we'll go in there and we won't blast it the groups, but ask questions, participate and then be able to respond with, well, here's a great campaign that you guys might be able to look at that, you know, meets the requirements, whatever they did, the group discussion is we've got some great, great results that way, ok, great. Now, obviously, with books, one thing that you do is you get people to give you endorsements or kind of, like, credits your videos in a way, our little endorsements from people saying, hey, I'm raising my hand, and I'm going to support you. Were you ever uncomfortable asking people to make those videos, or how did that process work? Um, no, I don't think I was in a large part of it, and you, I think you talk about this in your book is the give give, get and a lot of these people that I asked I've never really asked anything for of them, and so this was the first ask really that I've made of a lot of these people where I said, do you mind? And I did feel a little bit awkward because I don't like asking I like giving, but it's time I got to ask, I need the help can you help me and that's really where the ass came from? Okay, yeah, great. So a lot of things are happening now in social media it's obviously changed a lot from two thousand seven, and I've been tweeting for five years and my list is much smaller than yours, so you're doing an amazing job, but some of the things that are shifting and changing, you know, there are a lot of new approaches you've talked about the new platforms that people are using with videos, we've got instant vine also, a lot of people are looking at what value can I bring with content? So e books are really big? This was the book that we did for my last course, but people will say, you know, if you come to my website and give me your email, I'll give you an e book eso teresa, in your business, there might be, you know, a newsletter that you put together, what the content strategy behind what you're doing is important to think about if you're especially if you're starting your own business, what value can you bring in the content? So with the ellen campaign, a lot of the content is creativity and it's you know, whimsy and you're probably helping people do good but also have a wink and a smile, but in a lot of other situations you might be educating someone on, you know, photography skills you might be bringing the g matt skills toe life, so looking at what content can you bring? A lot of people are also using social media to get email addresses so it's not just about the conversation anymore, it's also about generating a way to get the email through the funnel so talking about bringing him from social media to the website I'm sure that you've been bringing some of the traffic from social to your website and you're asking for ideas so there is a benefit to thinking about that funnel and what we really are trying to do when I was at virgin america, the email was gold right that's where we were generating all of our ticket sales so you need to think practically and it's not just conversations, but how can I make this work for my business or for my career? What I'm trying to achieve we've talked a little bit about google hangouts we obviously have skype these are amazing tools that are free now, which is incredible you know that you can have eight people on a line at one time and then videotape that so keep looking at the new tools in the new technology that are coming into play lots of new aps that are very tech oriented you know that can help you be more productive and share you know how your networking trip it you can share your travel itineraries with people you're els is a way to shorten ur els so that you can have a nice short you ariel are a bit ly word world time clock if you're working on projects that are global lots of different aps to keep you more productive and keep you networking efficiently sticky password is another one where you can put your passwords and that's my downfall I've got all these things all these different social media sites like what password did I have on instagram or what did I have on my about me page s o you know, trying to figure out how to use the technology to be more efficient is important any tips on that and on things that you love using yeah, I've I've taken kind of two approaches one is creating content as a cz you mentioned and making sure that contents quality so that eventually somebody would like to sign up for it and receive that content immediately in their in box the other thing is, is the curation of content and I love curating, curating goes back tio, you know, the days of collecting paintings where people would collect ah, great painting out of, you know, a large number of paintings, and so for people who are really interested in collecting content, that is really quality really makes sense for who, what? That for what they want to do in their career or in their life is great, and using tools I think to curate is a really important thing, so I use buffer tio buffers, one of the best aps it allows me to on, and this is what I dio you know, almost every evening is is I read and I love reading articles and buffering the good the good articles, and what it will do is it will take you, take this little icon and you can click it and it buffers. You are your article, so we'll take the topic of the article or the title and the author's name and there twitter handle, and it'll create a bit ly link and allow you to share that article in a timed fashion. So you're not releasing everything all at once because that could be pretty annoying online, right? So you take all of this, put it into, um a sketch schedule and I've got about ten to twelve times that it can release throughout the day the next day and now have curated the content I'm not blasting it everyone and I'm letting that author know that I really enjoyed their their content a cz well so that's that's kind of my my process create and buffer is that a free app? Yeah it's free I think I sound like I'm selling it's free for I think up to three accounts and then passed that you pay and I'm still on the free account I should I should sign up for that okay actually paid I also know that the creative that you used you were putting together generating a lot of like mean creative and assuming that you were using there's now a lot of social media people are also doing phrases or inspirational thoughts said they'll be sending out well you confined sites that will basically art direct and put together these you put the phrase in and you pick the template and pops out and all the sudden and now this great shareable piece of content so content creation just like instagram has given us the ability to that look like we're all trained photographers with filters there's other things like that are you using any tools like that where you're basically making content if you go teo mean generator that's that's where you can make those and I use content creation on things like paper li, where I'm collecting content together and then blasting out on twitter or on my social networks, a collection of all of the things that I'm proud of for that I'm proud of other people for writing, so things like that are always helpful. I think then I'm a an avid blogger, and I just really love to collect little pieces of what people say and every once in a while put a block together that actually creates what they've said and the no rapid with some thoughts around that. And then finally, my favorite is storify you can collect things so quickly across the web from just about anywhere and it's like clipping little things and building a story line that shows how everything's going. So we did one of those for ninety days to ellen and collected every single thing that everybody said up until I think day forty and that way, when we released it have actually let every single person know that they've been store ified. And so you think it's at story five dot com I believe so and you would go in and you put your key phrases in and the hashtag does it have to have a hashtag to get everything to pull up? Yeah. Yeah, the hashtag is what helps it to pull up but you can also go to the site and that you can collect it straight from there if you're not able to do that or somebody doesn't use the hashtag, you can still lift it and put it into storify so there's a lot of repurpose ing to there's the creating the content that repurpose ing the content brit morin when I interviewed her, she said that you know she's posting she's maybe creating four posts today, but those four posts are generating twenty posts across her sights and she's also figured out, you know, when's the best time to post on google plus that she's realized her audiences more international so she's looking at the time clock she's posting when it's appropriate for that audience on dso really looking at how to use things the best time to reach the last person on social bro is a good one for that, so it'll suck in your twitter account and then analyze it and show you what times are best to be able to tweet for when they're going to be reading it b r o social broke social bro okay, great, another site that I use it's, a business to business site but it's called hub spot and they have a lot of great e books that are free you have to give them your email but there's you know free resource is on that site on the best way to tweet there's also lots of deep dives and sometimes on twitter just saying please retweet where you're actually specific and asking someone to do in action can raise the number of retweets and so there's lots of tips like that in those free books so it's another great place mark eto is another place for e mails where you could get a lot of free information about how to best use e mails to network so there's so much that's at our fingertips and what I would love is if people do have questions we can try to gather up you know answers for you tomorrow and more tips and tricks you mentioned that you're creating a lot of content around ellen here was an example I think that it's important to not only have your blog's but if you do have a website creating content that's evergreen that's going to state fresh and has the key words that are going to help generate the right links so that your sites are going to be searched this was just a screenshot founders work bunch is a legal company but what they did was by adding value into this space by putting a lot of content about financing or operating anything that would be curious to accompany about legal they added this to their site in that content will never go old right and so looking at what can I provide to my community theresa? There may be things that have to do with the coaching services where you cannot be afraid these days of sharing content and information and often people will say, well, why are you doing so many webinars on your book so well, I wrote the book because I want to share it with people, right? I mean, ultimately you you hope for the book being sold but you have to really be wanting to share ideas, share content and not worry about the end product you do it because you're passionate about it in any love it so adding the value thinking about the contents really important I just put up, you know, a bunch of social media sites you know, even on wikipedia there's a social media page where it lists like five hundred social media sites that are up there there's tons of niche sites now but if you wanted to, you could get overwhelmed in about a minute, right? We've got facebook, twitter, linkedin next store where I know you used to work for those of you not using next door it's, a neighborhood based social site where you have to be in a certain geography to join a group my neighborhood is fanatical about next door, so I know every time somebody's lost a cat needs a baby sitter has a barbecue for sale path we've talked a little bit about that but it's more of a closed network where you have up to one hundred fifty people google plus instagram you know good reads was just acquired by amazon it's for people that love books the point is is that based on your funnel test there's pretty much a community for every single interests that's out there couch surfing you know flicker if you want to be sharing your photos tumbler is a great one for kind of re blogging using tumbler at all I am and tell me a little bit about that I like tumbler because it allows you to have blogged within a larger community of blog's and so you can follow each other and be able tio share each other's blog's out it's almost like your own little amplified network of blog's so it helps you get your content on a lot faster than the other nice thing about tumblers it's easy we could have launched ninety days down on tumbler even faster if we really wanted to, but we wanted to make sure that we use it on another blogging platform but other than that but community aspect of plucked of tumblers is nicely done on dh then the other blogging network is tribe er try bird does take your word press site or any blawg site and it puts you into another blogging community that helps you to amplify your blog's so people can go through and they can immediately tweet the block of its content that they like I think they have thousands of people on that network as well and that's a free network that is a free network as well. That's uh try t r I b e r dot com what advice bryant would you give to the person that wants to start beat building their social media network now who doesn't want to get overwhelmed? What are the three main things that you would say they should d'oh? Um, you know, I was I always say that the first thing is to make sure that you're not an egghead, so taking the egg picture down from twitter and putting your own picture up is really important. Andi, I see that about all social networks fill out all your information everywhere go sign up and put your profile in there, get everything situated at the point where you're a real person online and people can like you for everything that you have to show number two is due the curation aspects that we're talking about curate their content and make sure that stuff that you really stand behind that's true to your nature because when you do that you're going to attract those people into your life on social it just happens and then three start coming up with your own content and building your own block and seeing what you can do once you've curated all that content, you'll start to see trends and you'll start to see things in a different way that helps you to start becoming your own writer. What about for the people that don't like writing instagram? Pinterest recommend different sites if you don't like writing. Yeah, yeah, I think everybody's creative in their own way and that's what this has given us all of this, a lot of these networks are enabling us to pick what's right for us. So being I'm I'm in instagram fanatic, I just think it's great that this little phone makes you look like he photographer superstar andi, I think it's a it's a wonderful way to start the thing is, start something and take action and actually use it. Put it up in hashtag if you hash tag on every network like you were saying before you're going to attract the right people into what you're interested in well, and it was amazing to me when I launched the book. I used a lot of social media tools, but even things like slide share it's a you know, a site where you can share your power point presentations, I never really thought about the impact of slide share. But lo and behold, you know, I put a presentation up there and it was luckily featured as, like, you know, one of the twelve presentations of the day and I ended up getting, like, five hundred thousand views just from one network. Now, I didn't have the media budget to go out and buy media for the book, so I was trying to look at what are all the things that I can turn on? And so, you know, a slide share presentation about a conference or something that you're doing at the conference might be a great way tio generate buzz that you're not even thinking about where you can build the network. So looking at these things and one thing that I've found that's useful again, I talked to writers when I wanted to write the book, so you start finding people that have had success in the area. Well, how did you do this? What did you learn? What were your the events that you think are the most important? What are the ways that I can get involved? Learn from other people a ce? Much as you can to help really build your network and move things forward?

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