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Creative Gifts for Artists

From graphic design to hand lettering, indulge the artists on your list with the experience of sharpening their skills and expanding their creativity.


Gifts for Artists who Draw

Show a budding artist you're a fan. The gift of illustration classes taught by award-winning, renowned illustrators gives them the opportunity to elevate their skills.

Gifts for Graphic Designers

Every graphic designer wants their portfolio to stand out from the crowd. Gift them the chance to learn from the industry's top designers to make that a reailty.

Gifts for Learning Hand Lettering and Calligraphy

Beyond the brushes and paper, gift your aspiring hand letterer the inspiration and skills to tell their stories with type and calligraphy.

Gifts for Flower Enthusiasts

For the budding florist, give them the git of inspiration and skills to make floral designs into works of art.

Gifts for Bakers and Food Bloggers

For the bakers and bloggers who appreciate the art of food and find a story on every plate, gift them the experience of learning from the industry's top of the top.