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The Alumni Program


the alumni program

All of our workshops have a limited number of seats reserved for students eager to learn in a hands-on, dynamic setting. As a CreativeLive in-studio audience member, you interact face-to-face with the instructor, receive coaching tailored to your unique personal and professional areas of improvement, and join a vibrant community of creative professionals. All students who join us in-studio become members of the CreativeLive Alumni Program.

Alumni Hangouts
One of our alumni perks is our follow-up Google Hangouts with instructors. We invite our in-studio alumni to hangout and chat about what they got out of their course and how they’re applying it to their work.

Here are a few recent Hangouts:

Tara Gentile

CL Course: The Art of Selling What You Make

Hangout YouTube link: Tara Gentile - The Art of Selling What You Make

John Jantsch

CL Course: Duct Tape Marketing

Hangout YouTube link (playlist): John Jantsch - Duct Tape Marketing

Scott Robert Lim

CL Course: Think Like a 10K Wedding Photographer

Hangout YouTube link: Scott Robert Lim - Think Like a 10k Wedding Photographer

Join Us In Seattle or San Francisco
Want to join us in-studio? Here is a list of current opprotunities:

Questions about the Alumni program or being in-studio? Email