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28 to Make

Lesson 22 of 29

Day 22: Shiny Object


28 to Make

Lesson 22 of 29

Day 22: Shiny Object


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Day 22: Shiny Object

(electronic music) Hey this is Erik Marinovich and this is 28 To Make. So today's project is gonna be called Shiny Objects. And what I mean about shiny objects is that we all have a tendency to, I guess, get in a tunnel vision. And what I find is that when I leave my apartment, I walk to my studio, and I'm always so concentrated on all the things that need to get done that I overlook all the beautiful things that are around me. And being in a place like San Francisco, instead of being like this, maybe looking at the world and your city a little bit more wide. And something that I've found recently are these wrought iron gates that are all over the city. And I've now taken a tendency to document them. So what I would love you to do is to actually get out your phone and document that one shiny object that catches your eye outside of the tunnel vision that you have throughout your day. So, I'm just gonna quickly snap a photo here. And when you do finally share it, maybe there's somethin...

g in this that you would actually like to share with a friend. So if it's on Instagram, like, call attention. So I'm gonna share this with my friend who's building a house and actually has to build one of these. And maybe it'll inspire him to do something a little bit more creative. So what I would love to see next is you picking your shiny object and sharing it with everyone else with the hashtag #28toMake. (electronic music)

Class Description

Sometimes, we lapse into unproductive habits because we don’t know what else to do. That's why we worked with some of the best creators we know to bring these 28 daily creative project ideas to your inbox so you can get back in the habit of making. 

Week 1

Celebrating everyday objects through drawing with Kate Bingaman-Burt

Week 2

Exploring line, form, and texture with Ryan Putnam

Week 3

Hacking visual language and creative thinking with Lara McCormick

Week 4

Connecting to your context through observation and lettering with Erik Marinovich


You'll get the same 2 videos every weekend, when you'll be encouraged to take in the sights and relax with Brooks Chambers

Who is this for?
It’s been gently optimized for designers, illustrators, and typographers, but it’s for anyone who wants give traction to their desire to create. 

How does it work?
  1. Sign up with the blue button above. 
  2. Watch your daily video prompt. 
  3. Make something! The projects can all be completed in 20 minutes, but you can take as long as you like. Also - do it your way. If the project calls for a drawing, but you've got some modeling clay on hand, feel free to sculpt instead.
  4. Reflect on your work for a few minutes. Did you love it? Hate it? Do you wish you could make one of these every day instead of doing the other projects? Do it!
  5. Share what you made with the world on Instagram using #28toMake. We really want to see what you come up with, and we're not alone.
  6. Repeat for 28 days, or until you stumble upon that thing that really gets you going. If you find yourself getting stale again, you can always come back. The videos will be emailed to you daily, but you can watch them on this page whenever you want.


LAra TAmalunas

I was looking for a way to get back into the habit of creating. The class has some fun ideas for projects that are easy to work on, which is super helpful. Every day I was excited to see what my new project was! But...a few seemed to not be what I considered sketching or drawing and didn't seem to fit the description. Overall, very helpful though :)

Margaret Agnew

I just loved the way this was presented and the immediate connection of the videos and their content which helped me discover and try things I would not have thought I could do. The affirmations from others doing the same thing and being able to gather ideas from the 'sharing' bit was also important for me. I have gained a lot creatively and it has fired parts of my imagination that lay hidden. I am just sorry it is formally over. I missed the last x3 sessions and the portfolio bit due to illness but will complete the other tasks and will continue explore developing those that really opened a creative slot for me. Above all thanks to the tutors - each of you - I loved the content you chose and the enthusiasm and creative energy you conveyed in just a few moments and the generous attitude of the skills share. That's it - Thank you, would recommend to anyone not to miss this opportunity.


Best course ever on Creative Live. It's the foundation for doing anything or everything creative. Even if you think your only creative interest is say photography ...and you're not a drawer, maker or artist of any kind ...think again. This course will open up your mind and you will discover that actually you are a creative and you can pick up a pencil and draw... and it doesn't take up much time... 10-20 minutes a day. In the beginning it's not about the end result, it's about the doing and how it sets something off in your brain. It will make a huge difference to everything else you put your hands and mind to in life.