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64 Drum Pad Mode

Okay, sixty four drum pad mode so I'm going to hit delete get rid of this guy and actually I have a track over here so I'm just navigating left and right with the navigation here to get through tracks and I have this eight away from earlier if you were with us and if I want to let's say have more than one set of banks of sixteen aiken go to what is called thesixty four pad mode and so when you hit so right now I hit notes to get into the notes view, but if I hit it again you'll see that there's little lightly lit areas so this actually will turn all of them into trump had so you can play everything up and down um the pads so we actually find if I it see if I can find a kit that has more unlike sixteen sounds ah latin percussion might be bongo a try one more may not be able to find one that's sixty four week unload a couple so you can see me change that because I'm not gonna like that in a second so hit us again it shows up with his light yellow and then I could come in here like we did...

before and select an empty pad and then make sure that's uh we do browse and I could just add another note it's and so just sit load so what happens is it goes uh the first row of racks of sixteen from c one then it goes up to the next bank of sixteen and then goes to the third bank of sixteen and then goes to the fourth bank of sixteen so if I navigate up you'll see like that's that's second bank and if you look here on the notches that shows you the different banks so I could low different sounds in the multiple banks I'll select this one empty pad browse seeing a star building a complete kit let's say um you're a finger drummer and you're really ridiculous I'm not a finger drummer I'm not gel or divinci here any of those type of guys who could kind of like get all over it I like make my beats and I couldn't figure drum a little bit but if you're one of those type of guys and you want to you know play crazy lead lines here and then the drums and have like weird vocal sounds you can set that up over all the sixty four pads also if let's say you're doing things also that are like latin are very percussive and you need a lot of different sounds maybe you're maybe you're working on a production of some sort like a play you need to have some music background they're putting you in charge of music you could have something like this where you like okay I have the's sounds I've like wind and noise and here in this sixteen in these sixteen, I have the door creaks and the you know, different things, maybe doing a halloween program or something like that and you could break it up by the sixteen's and get to all of them as opposed to the regular note mode when you're kind of left here with just the first sixteen also, if you're playing in a live situation, I was in a band for a while where I played tom's and symbols inside of me, and then I had to push in front, then I was triggering tracks and all sorts of stuff. It was very, very common where I would get into it. I'm like banging on a drum and doing this, and then I mistakenly hit the actual sequence er and so I'm just playing and then as you'll see here will start hearing like sounds play oh it's not playing that part, but you would hear I would hear random sounds everyone's a lot of like, why am I hearing random? Some bolly sounds? I don't know what's going on than I look and I'm like, oh no, I accidentally hit the sequence, sir, so if you go in the note mode, it's all notes, so if you mistakenly hit up here, hit somewhere it's going to actually play a sound and just play it once, and it won't sequence the thing over and over again. Um, so, yeah, this makes it really nice to get to multiple drum pads all at once. Does anybody have any questions on that? Not about that, specifically, but we have some questions. Marius has a question. Can you change the vsd pretty sets in iraq from push, uh, technical question going back to the stds, is there a way to do that? I haven't done that before us, and they think you now because those air program changes, possibly some of them work off a program changes, so, yeah, you have to open it up and change it. Um, there. I know there's a ways around it, but not a simple, like coco. You just turn this not, but okay, so almost every answer is always max for life, but there's other ways, tio.

Class Description

Ableton’s Push Controller is not just another MIDI controller, it’s basically its own instrument. Whether using it in a live DJ set or simply speeding up your creative workflow in the studio, Push can help you program drums and melodies faster.

Learn how to take advantage of the step sequencer, note mode, and create custom maps of the entire 8x8 pad layout to maximize your production in Ableton Live in Ableton Push Fast Start with Josh Spoon. 

Josh will cover:

  • Hardware Workflow
  • Tonal Relationships in Note Mode
  • Alternate Pad Layouts in Note Mode
  • Step Sequencing in Drum Mode
  • Quantizing Drums in Drum Mode
  • Using Push in a Live Set
Josh is an Ableton certified trainer and is well known for his extensive tutorials on Push and in Ableton Push Fast Start, he will walk you through everything you need to know to get started using Push in your Live setup

If you’re using Ableton Live and have yet to incorporate a complete controller into your workflow, Josh will show you how Push can be more than just a controller, but an extension of your creative output.