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Adobe InDesign CC Intermediate: Beyond the Basics

Erica Gamet

Adobe InDesign CC Intermediate: Beyond the Basics

Erica Gamet

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2 Flowing Text Duration:11:52
3 Linking Text Duration:11:30
4 OpenType and TypeKit Duration:09:49
5 Text Effects Duration:25:00
6 Special Characters Duration:13:03
7 Bullets and Numbering Duration:13:55
8 Paragraph Rules Duration:04:33
9 Advanced Image Options Duration:19:34
10 Inline and Anchored Objects Duration:16:18
11 Paragraph and Character Styles Duration:16:19
13 Layers Duration:10:10
14 Tables Duration:11:37
15 Pages Duration:14:46
16 Master Pages Duration:21:59
17 Mater Pages: Numbering Duration:15:08
18 Primary Text Frame Duration:09:26
19 Object Styles Duration:16:28
20 Captions Duration:08:38
22 Transparency Duration:16:32
23 Live Preflight Duration:12:47
24 Output Preview Duration:05:44
25 Printing Options Duration:08:46
26 Packaging Duration:06:31
28 Exporting to Other Formats Duration:06:38

Class Description

Adobe® InDesign CC® enables you to create rich documents and layouts that combine graphic elements, images, and text. Advance your design skills with Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud Intermediate: Beyond the Basics with Erica Gamet.

In this class, Erica will help you tackle complex design projects and share best practice techniques in Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Manage multi-page documents and use master pages
  • Automate your workflow and save time
  • Select character and paragraph styles
  • You’ll learn about advanced exporting options and she’ll offer tips on taking advantage of the extensive selection of assets in the Creative Cloud® Libraries.

If you’ve mastered the basics are ready to advance your design skills, don’t miss Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud Intermediate: Beyond the Basics with Erica Gamet.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced. Recommended prerequisite: Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud for Beginners

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Marianne Stewart

I've been using InDesign for a decade, and decided to take this class to see what else I could learn. Wow! Erica taught me ways to do repetitive tasks easier, faster, and cleaner. She showed me many, many ways that I wasn't using InDesign to it's fullest potential (and now I am!). Her teaching style is very thorough and in-depth, but also easy to follow and understand. I highly recommend this class!


Great class and very informative. Erica’s a good instructor. Given the volume of information presented I’d like to see class materials included. It makes the course much easier to follow.