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Customize Develop Panel

Lesson 2 from: Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Workflow for Photographers

Daniel Gregory

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Lesson Info

2. Customize Develop Panel

Even if you're familiar with Lightroom Classic CC, the latest new additions are hidden features that can boost your workflow. Learn what's new inside the photo editing software before jumping into the start-to-finish workflow, starting with the new tool to customize the Develop Panel.
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Lesson Info

Customize Develop Panel

I wanted to look at some of the new features adobes put into light room recently. We're gonna return to some of these features when we actually get into, like, the editing image workflow. But some of these things were really, really kind of cool. You might have missed him. Some of them have been in for a year, year and 1/2. Maybe they're just small little updates. But I think in terms of workflow and thinking about what's happening, they're pretty important. And a lot of what Adobe has been doing in light room is actually making the work flows more efficient behind the scenes. So there's little check boxes that appear, little things that can happen to make the workflow more efficient. So I wanted to talk about those things as well. So this is kind of high level, is going to jump around a little bit in the program, but we'll take a look at those the 1st 1 I want to show you. Everybody makes fun of me for this. I have been requesting this feature since light room to it's in light room. N...

ow it I will flat out admit it is not the most hot, sexy feature, but I When they announced this, I was like, really like, like, dance. No exaggeration. So you just get ready to laugh at me in the development module. If you right click over here on any of the panels that are there, there's an option now to customize the development panel. Okay, I won. I I I want my work flow to make sense to me. And when Adobe designed light room, that kind of the thought was, Let's work top down. But there are certain things that I do in my workflow earlier than later, and there are lower in the panel stack. And so I would be working, and then I'd have to drop down, back up, back down. And what I want is consistency in the workflow. So when you customize the development panel, not only can I turn on or off panels, so if you think transform is just stupid, I don't want to see it. I don't use it. I've never clicked in it. I'll never use it. I don't know what it's for. Whatever your story is, for your reason for not liking the transform panel, you can just turn off the transform panel. Save transfer panels. Gun come back in and customizable panel again. You're like, Oh, turns out now that I know what the transform panel actually does, it's really interesting and exciting. I'm gonna need that back. Check that box bringing back now if you click over here on the, uh I don't know what the actual name is. Pancake menu is what we all actually call it. Appear, uh, I can drag these around and put them in any order I want so I can put the calibration under basic. I could move the tone. Curve up detail is one of the things I do early. My process, this sharpening noise reduction. Let's get that near the top When I click Save. I got a relaunch flight room. Lightman's gonna hurry. Start here. And my panels in the development module are now gonna be in the order. I want basic detail, tone, curve, calibration. I say this is not like, Oh, my gosh. We have made it so that hdr is really fast, slick, easy. We've tripled the performance. This thing was huge for me. And it wasn't just cause I have annoyed them for 11 versions. I do think in your work for this is a little little side tip. I think that's really, really, really, really helpful. Um, next thing I want to take a look at is hope. Question. I just want to know, Does that Will that be like that from now on? Unless you go reset it and change it back, that's worth stays. And if for some reason you did need to go back to the default, if you go back to that customized, there's a the default order is.

Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

I watched this course live. Really good!. Of course, I like all of Daniel Gregory's classes. It's a real treasure when one finds a really good teacher who thinks like oneself. I thought that I already knew Lr well so I was really surprised about how much I learned from this course. I learned so many ways to improve my workflow efficiency.

Anne Dougherty

I was impressed by the amount of information covered in depth, and by Mr Gregory’s teaching style. I’m somewhat new to Lightroom and found his explanations of its capabilities, and why you would use it rather than Photoshop for specific processes, enormously helpful. I especially appreciated his lessons covering printing. This is invaluable information. Great class.

Warren Gedye

This was a great course. Daniel certainly explains it well and in terms I can understand! Super worth it and learnt loads of new tricks! Great job!!

Student Work