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Advanced Automation in Photoshop

Dave Cross

Advanced Automation in Photoshop

Dave Cross

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1 Class Introduction Duration:02:09
3 Keyboard Shortcuts Duration:10:15
4 Adjustment Layer Presets Duration:04:17
5 Brush Presets Duration:04:42
7 Conditional Actions Duration:05:53
8 One-step Actions Duration:05:01
9 Batch Processing Duration:03:51
11 Working with Scripts Duration:06:41

Class Description

Get more done in Photoshop and spend less time doing so. Dave Cross will cover creating and editing actions, using batch actions, and the Script Event Manager. Throughout the class, you'll explore some not-so-obvious ways of saving time, including making custom keyboard shortcuts, presets, and Smart Object Templates. Discover the huge timesaver of data-driven graphics using Variables.  

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015


Emily Bristor

Dave Cross really knows his stuff, and his knowledge is up to date. I didn't know there's a Photoshop "mail-merge" kind of capability - now I know how to use it! He gives clear instructions on how to save time in Photoshop in various ways. I highly recommend this course.