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The Art of Less Doing

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Batching: Going Paperless

Ari Meisel

The Art of Less Doing

Ari Meisel

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13. Batching: Going Paperless

Lesson Info

Batching: Going Paperless

Now we're talking about batch, so I've alluded well more than alluded to the idea that we cannot multi task and that we need to be able to single task much responsible even in some cases giving ourselves a little bit of tunnel vision so that we can really focus on the task and get it done when it comes to batch ing basically over talking about is putting together similar tasks that we can benefit from this sort of idea of greasing the group basically so rather than switching back and forth between various things, you can focus on one thing and it's the gearshift mentality basically that we're trying to avoid so in an hour somebody might very typically go onto their computer and checking mail for a few minutes and then get a phone call and then they walk away and get a cup of coffee and come back another phone call get on email again maybe do some excel maybe some facebook basically invented the hour forty things have taken place but nothing actually got done and it's that uh what did y...

ou call it yesterday and already the tiny shiny objects syndrome way want to avoid that as much as possible because there are all these things that are so interesting and want to grab our attention so even if you can focus on something for fifteen minutes or twenty five minutes that's a pretty good thing and research has shown that our minds work better in sprints than in marathons, so we need to be ableto give some structure to that. So one of the methods that I like for that is called the pomodoro technique, which is there's no reason why it's named that actually touch the pomodoro is in a tomato, so basically the way the pomodoro technique works is that you take a timer on dh they have these tomato shaped timers, but you can use any kind of timer and you said it for twenty five minutes very important twenty five minutes and then you start working on a task and to be clear, it doesn't have to be just one thing, but ideally it is a task that you need to work on incomplete and something that probably will take more than twenty five minutes when the buzzer goes off in twenty five minutes. You stop no matter what you're doing. If you're in mid sentence or mid brushstroke or whatever it might be, you stop and you take a five minute break and as you know, as we talked about before, getting interrupted is actually a good thing. If there's some structure to it, maybe so you take that five minute break and you write down an ex and you put that x on a piece of paper opposed to know whatever you want, just make an x that's one pomodoro. And then you do that a few more times, maybe two, three, four more times. And after four, you take a longer break, probably fifteen or twenty minutes, and then you can do it again. But basically, it does two things. One at the end of the day, you might have six x is written down on that post it note, and that means that you can save yourself. Okay? I have a very, very basic sense quantified sense of how I did today and you can say, okay, I want to do six access tomorrow and I wanted to six sixes every day this week. Or you could say that was good, but I know I can do more. So tomorrow I'm gonna go for seven over time what you'll start toe learn. And we talked about this yesterday about figuring out how long something takes. You start to learn that when someone gives you this new project to get to do, you can say that's three access and I can do that in that amount of time. But having that structured interruption and break is highly highly effective, and what you'll find is that if you just stick to that task and get it done, that you'll be able to get it done that much more productively. Now I do want toe point out that as I've shown I love email right and I like checking my email I like doing things anymore I like driving as much as I possibly can to my email including if you were to call my cell phone on the voice mail will tell you that if you really want to get a hold of me quickly you should send me an email then leave me a voicemail I wanna have his much done and email is pasta because it is your friend if use of the right away it's a record it's searchable its there in writing you can keep track of multiple things in that vein I consider email to be one task even if you're dealing with multiple things you are in this one box and even if you're responding to somebody or you have tto add an attachment or maybe you have to write a little note in there email is a task and email is a skill and you can bring all those things into that one skill set and then that pomodoro can be dealing with the mail which really does work very well and it gives a structure to something that might otherwise be very unstructured but there are other forms of matching that that really allow you to take advantage of this whole idea so one of which is making meals and we talked about that a little bit before but a common one is that people will saw decided that rather than dealing with the scramble of making meals every night or deciding what they want to do, they'll pick that sunday to spend two or three hours and actually work on it and enjoy the process of cooking and make you know the crock pot for the whole week, or make little sandwich baggies of whatever they need for the whole week and then add something individual to each day. It allows you to put together those tasks that maybe have even a sporadic nature to them, and that way you're not constantly switching around and not be able to stay in the mode, and this also speaks to the choosing on work week if you haven't made that connection as I was talking about before in that session, you don't want to have the one meeting on a monday and then the one and one monday afternoon and then to meetings on thursday morning, and then nothing sort of in between and not knowing what you're in for so that choosing our work we concept is also a form of patching. As I said, I only deal with my paperwork on friday mornings at ten a m and I'm gonna get into a lot of detail about going paperless, but if I get five pieces of paper throughout the week from, you know, bill or something it's dropped off in my house or, you know, hit the nail my process for dealing with paper is I take it and I scan it, you know? So I have been without the laboring the point here, but I opened up the scanner. I open up the application, I have to scan it. I have to decide what I want to do with it. Put a drop box, maybe senator, virtual system. Maybe go pay a bill, whatever it might be. So instead of spending fifteen minutes on each piece of paper, why not have it all done at one time where I can open the scanner once and open, drop box once and get the e mails and all that, getting all that together once so that I can get it all done very quickly rather than having to spend a lot of time, many individual cases. So going paperless is a really good example and there's a bunch of ways to do that, and I I'm gonna go through each of these in a little bit of detail. We can talk about them so the first one you might not consider as a method for going paperless, and that is lifelock. So you may have heard of lifelock lifelock is a identity theft protection service, and if any of you ever seen the billboards on buses and stuff where the ceo has his social security number on there, that's lifelock. So what lifelock does basically is it protects your identity from theft if somebody tries to open any kind of credit account with your social security number, something flags that and the person actually has to call a number and answer a bunch of siri questions, and I've had it saved me twice from somebody who was trying to get a mortgage and somebody who's trying to get a a car loan, so it does work and the condition of that they offer, like, a million dollars of of insurance if your if your identity does get packed. But why is that for paperless? Because one of the main ways that apparently thieves get your information to steal your identity is from junk mail, so the service will get you off of a lot if not most, of those mailing list for credit cards and other kind that offers like that. So immediately you're going to start reducing the amount of not only junk paper that's coming in, but possible liability quite honestly, so they do that on your behalf now genius scam is a iphone and android app that turns your phone into a scanner and it's better than just taking a picture of a document, what it does is you take a picture and I could be standing like this and stand like this, I can do it and bad lighting, it will recognize the edges of the paper, and it will correct for the angle that you are in, and it will enhance the text and whatever is on there and you will get a really good sort of scanned image of what that piece of paper is, so you almost don't even need to have a full on scanner. If you're dealing with things one off like that once it's ingenious can you can upload it directly to ever note, you can upload it directly to drop box, or you can email it to a virtual assistant and that's something that I will commonly dio. So whether I get, I literally get about five pieces of paper that come in once a week, every week and one of the ones that comes in as I get a mortgage, statements from a bank that I used that does not do paper a statement so that comes in. I take a picture of it and immediately put into a evernote shared notebook that is then shared with my accountant, so they get those statements and I'm dominant basically paper karma is also a mobile app, and what paper karma does is you take a picture of a catalog or a male or something when you get in it's junk mail it will recognize what that is and get the address everything and the paper karma on your behalf will contact the company and get you off that list so you could technically by the way take a picture of something and have a fancy has a system for instance gay off those lists. But paper karma seems tohave there their magic methods for getting this done and the actual track the process for you and as annoying as a lot of these catalogs and things that we get in the mail might be most of them do have some sort of legitimate process for removing you from their lists so paper carmen will take advantage of that and get you off square is a credit card taking application you might have seen it the little square white dunkel I think it was the one of the founders of paper of twitter created this but basically it makes it so you can take credit cards on your phone and if you see in a lot of coffee shops now a lot of them are using ipad's as their registers and square is the method for taking payments so this becomes really interesting as well. Yes, there are methods for sending payments to people and friends and family and stuff that air free or easier cheaply douala or we pay or things like that, but what I like about square is that you can take a credit card on the go you don't need the swiper if you if you just put in the number, you can still take the card that way. There's a slight different in the slight difference in the thing, but it means that, yes, friends and family could pay you back for something. It also means that you can take credit cards from clients when you're on the go. It makes us you don't have to have another former processing. You don't have to receive a cheque from somebody necessarily. You could just take a credit card, and this receipt is immediately e mailed to them to you, they consign on the on the ipad or iphone itself, it just makes it about a seamless as possible. You also can verify that the payment is legitimate as well, which you can't deal with the cheque on the spot card. Munch is an app that pretty cool actually, I got bought by length in so it used to do something really cool, and now it does something even cooler, but what it does is you take a picture of a business card that you receive, and then real people will transcribe the information on that card and put it into your contacts. And the picture will be the picture of card so in case you ever have verified information it's their lengthen bought it so now when you do that you can push one button and invite them to be a contact on linked in which is really cool but now it is when somebody hands me a business card I take a picture and hand it back because why waste it honestly and why should I so card much does that hello fax is hello facts and sign now actually fairly somewhere so what they do is they allow you to sign documents digitally you can do this on the iphone you could do this in your web browser and they're similar but they have a couple different features so you can fill out a pdf for a document you can fill it out with type and information you put in today's date you can sign it you can put in check mark so you can fill out an entire form and sign it and digital signatures are legally acceptable in all fifty states at this point so it's completely legit for that with hello fax there's a faxing component built into it so you can have somebody fax a document to a number you get it digitally, you can sign it and then it will fax it back to them. So depending on the business you're in that maybe really africa ble if you're in something having to do with medic, the medical field and hippa requires you having actual paper documents even though the signature is still digital that's something that comes up a lot sometimes for legal purposes you do want to have actual paper somebody might not be able to email you a document uh or scan it so then they can fax directly into so they offer this to more functionally sign now has a couple of things that makes it particularly cool for gmail users sign now has a plug in so that if you get a document as an attachment in gmail you can open it within gmail, sign it and immediately re attached to the email to send back to the person it is about as quick as it gets to get a document signed and returned in addition sign now allows you to put fields for a signature or for other information so if you send it to someone else for signature it will prompt them to sign it and complete it really kind of amazing it makes it so that people like me was really bad handwriting can also fill out documents that even don't require saying sure, but if I get a document on my iphone while I'm on the go anywhere I want to be I can effectively deal with a document scan digital for those of you who have boxes and boxes and boxes of photos you can send all of them to scan digital in a big box and they will scan them all for you color correct them and get you back your files I've done this for a lot of family album's a lot of my parents family albums where things might have been deteriorating over time and not only do I not want to spend the time to scan each of those things, but I actually don't have the expertise in my opinion too properly handle on aging photograph that may crumble in my hands and these people do they can also do it for old videotapes and even really surreal stuff and they're really cheap for what they have to do so you can send entire boxes these air the best situations when you don't have to actually even sort through anything just send it all um and I even think in their case they will scan things and if there's things that you don't want, you don't have to keep them and you know they won't charge you for them so they can work is the sorting house for you in that same vein there's a service that actually is not listed on here called one dollar scan the number one dollar scam one dollar scan will scan one hundred pages of a book for one dollar you don't get the book back they have to they have to take off the spine so you will not get the book back but for anybody especially for a student if you have lots of textbooks that you don't think you can sell or that you want to be able to reference later not only can they digitize hundreds of pounds of books for you, but then they become searchable they have become searchable pdf ce which he then of course can then put into ever notes and have at your fingertips whenever you want. So for anybody who has like archival books, maybe you know, maybe no one does for those rare books they're not going to back, but if you have a manuscript, if you have, uh, something that's just a bunch of the page is a movie script maybe or a book that you know is not something special a story, but you do want that information and you want to be searchable a textbook ah, a medical reference has any of those things I've had this actually a lot of medical students have used this. A lot of doctors have used this personally I've seen that you can get pounds and pounds and lots of space reclaimed in your house by getting rid of those books shoebox offers sort of the contestants of battery so with shoe box it's a company again that will sort of outsource your scanning so you can send them a box of receipts or documents whatever you kind of wanted, they will scan and upload it for you to their dashboard was also integrates with ever known, but they give you these blue netflix style envelopes I think you get a couple of months and you don't have to think about it. You have to sort things you just stuff all your paper in there whether it's a bunch of receipts ah couple documents that you got whatever will fit in the envelope, you stuff it and send it off and they will scan it and then we'll sort it for you and receives get tagged and broken out and actually can put into automatic dispense expense reports. So what that means is that I have that blue envelope by the door and every two weeks I have a reminder involved assisi to send it. So when I walk in the house with something that's paper, I just stick it in the envelope and I don't even look at it and then realistically, because it's getting scanned digitally and it is accessible remotely, I don't really do the sorting myself either. A virtual system will then go in and check all that stuff and sort of as needed great for receipts if you need to keep expense reports it's great for those random documents you just don't want to deal with even if you have a scanner at home sometimes either just stick with me and we'll open forget about it. Quite honestly, going back to the photography scans, eva hosting says she worries about sending away expensive or priceless photos. So how do you work around that? I mean, so I have done this. My father has an art gallery, and we've done that with thousands of slides and photos that are really important not only tow the history of the business that he's had, but to the ongoing business itself and scan digital has just been great in terms of their the way they handle things there, you know, ups, of course, could always lose a package, but there's insurance there too. So it's one of those things like the question about privacy yesterday, you have to sort of do that risk reward, but in my experience and an experience of people that I've seen have used it, there have never been any problems at all. They really do handle this stuff with white glove treatment, so yeah, yes, yes, we'll get the photos back. Ah, and usually more organized in the way that you send them for bank deposits, even most banks now most big banks have mobile deposits, whether it's chase or bankamerica or I think citibank doesn't, too, you can take a picture of a check and get the positive if your bank doesn't do it, papal does it now so you can do it into paper and then transfer it for free into your bank account if you really want teo and different banks have different limits, whether it's five hundred dollars for five thousand dollars that it kind of depends, but nowadays, as I said the other day yesterday, to take pictures of the checks to come in and put them in ever known a lot of times now as well, I will do that at the same time is taking a picture of it with my bank of america, uh, app and depositing the check so I don't have to worry about sending checks in by mail, which really makes it great if you're working remotely or you're not in a place where you can really deal with getting through the bank, even if your bank offers bank by mail, this is instantaneous and you have a record of it. It's actually, one of the reasons that I typically when I make a deposit at a national bank, I will do it through the rather than taking it to the teller, because then you get a scanned image of the check I think it's a better record of it, quite honestly, the doxy is an actual physical scanner now I use genius can for most things, but when there's a few more pages. Then I want to deal with on my phone or I do need a really super crisp scan. I'll use the docks and it's a it's, a bar size scanner about this big and it's sheet fed. But it's us be powered and what's cool about doxy is it has a cloud functionality built in so there's a couple different versions. But one of them is completely self contained and has wifi in it so you can scan directly into ever note you can scan directly to drop box without having a computer at all. You literally could just keep this sort of toblerone bar size scanner in your bag and break that out. If you need to scan, things really worked very effectively for males. If you don't want to be receiving mail at all, then there are two. Well, I should start there's. One option there. The other one is something else. We can talk about. Two virtual postbox is a virtual mailbox. So some of you may have heard of both class mail, which is good also, but it's a little more expensive and has some limitations. Virtual postbox really does work as your virtual. Post old mailbox so what you do is you get in a different address and you can have your mail sent there, you can have it all forwarded there if you want, you could give people that new address and what's cool about virtual postal besides the fact that you get a digital copy of the front of the back of the envelope. At that point, you could decide I'd like them to open and scan whatever's inside so I can see what it is or that's, obviously junk, so I'd like them to recycle it immediately or I'd like them to forward it to this physical address, wherever that might be in the world, you can actually do automatic sorting with your mail in this case, just like you can with email. So with virtual post mail, you get post box, you get a suite number, and if you add a certain letter to the end of that sweet numbers, so like sweet for fifty seven f that means that automatically gets forwarded or sweet for fifty seven em. Whatever it might be, that means that it automatically gets scanned and opened. So if I'm getting something from a person that I know that I want things forwarded from all the time, then you can give them that specific thing, it also allows you to sort of automatically route junk if you need teo somebody has to send you something. There's. A number of companies where they require you being on a mailing list in order to use their service. And it has to do with certain security compliance. Is there's nothing wrong with you? Automatically having that destroyed recycled when it comes in? So you can do that now? In addition, again, you can have a virtual assistant. Then go in and deal with your physical mail so we can't bring the virtual assistant to us. We bring the mail to them, and it allows them to go in maybe once a week and deal with all the male that's come in. And whether it's dealing with a check, which, by the way, virtual post mel can do check deposits by mail for you. So if you do want to have that done physically and their larger checks than you, khun dubai, thank thank the positive. You can actually have the checks immediately directed to a bank to be deposited and it's very, very cheap. Yeah. Special is inside the envelope. Besides, just, you know, just words on paper. If there's anything else in the envelope that got sent like a card or, um, money or, you know anything that's, not just letters on paper. Right? Well so I mean if it's a car or something making scanning for you if it's money than they can forward it to you wherever you want it's a person opening it so there's a very specific process because there's a few companies to do this you have to do a very specific like postal mail authorization to have somebody else deal with your mail so it's a secure facility it's one person's dealing with it so they will do with it whatever you want and then they can re package it up and forward it and that's another nice thing too is that if it's something like money they can fedex it to you overnight if you want they don't have to just stick it back in a postal envelope and send it along but they can actually receive packages for you and for those as well but even with a package you will kiss scan of the top and bottom of the box so you know what it is which is sometimes enough to know what you need to do with it before opening it incidentally, you can actually use the service like virtual post box to scan large documents if you need because you can mail yourself fifty page manuscript or something like that if you want and they'll scan it because then you show it to you so that's one little work around if that happens once in a while postal methods allows you to send a pdf through the postal mail or any document for that matter rather so takes a digital document and put it in the mail ok, so we've sort of come full circle on the stuff you could be anywhere he one in the world and be dealing with male going in and out and paper and all that stuff but it's really cool what post about the does because not only can you send a letter if you want or something like that you can upload a mail merge mailing list and they can send out your mailer if you need on your behalf and they'll put in the right name and I'll send it to the right people and it's done very cheaply and very effectively and it's all managed online but again this is something you can have a virtual assistant do for you when I was talking the other day yesterday about the parking ticket thing in order to send in the document you have to mail it in and this is how I did that but the process was completely automated and they have an a p I you actually can automate some of the stuff completely but it's a great way not to have to every touch paper ever again if you don't want to go and make the whole process much smoother so that's that's it for matching before your authorization what with questions the doxy sounds a lot like like the scans nam but smaller and is that the doctor is just more self contained it is it's literally like this big and you can throw it in a backpack isat a lot for doing this yeah I think it's a hundred bucks so I forgot how much the scan step is the scans that by the way is the scanner that works very well whatever note and can automatically put seats into a notebook or business cards and all that stuff but it is a full size canada for a few months yes anything from the internet before move onto organization uh yes there was a question about thie just a quick quickly review about the pomodoro technique oh sure person knows what it is just wondering if you if you use it in a special way and then there was another question about if it's applicable for any task like email or if their specific tasks that you recommend you could use the pomodoro technique for working out if you want I mean it really is based on the principle that neurologically we arm or set up to do these sprints rather than marathons honestly so you can apply it to any task that you need to do whether it's physical or mental it does happen toe worked particularly well for a mental style task uh if I were to say that I use it in a special way I do fifteen minutes when I use it I don't do twenty five and that's just something that I've personally found works better. I have trouble keeping my intention for twenty five minutes sometimes on things, so having a break after fifteen minutes seems to work better but what you can do actually, as you can modulate the ratio of work to break so in the true traditional pomodoro technique, it's, twenty five minutes of work and five minutes break so I might do fifteen minutes of work and three minutes break and then get right back into it. Whatever you might want to do that works best for you, but I wouldn't go beyond twenty five minutes, so can you just re emphasize the importance of the step of matching versus organization? And then of course we want to hear your questions if you have them about this essential step. Absolutely so again, I said this in the very beginning we have not evolved biologically as fast as we have technologically, we simply cannot keep up with everything that's going on and to do that, not only do we have to filter out the noise, but we have to be able to give ourselves that tunnel vision to effectively work on one thing, get it done and move to the next, and as I said, multitasking really is rapid switching between tasks so if you can just extend that a little bit and work on a task and then switch and working another task and then switch that's how we actually start to get things on and feel like we're accomplishing the things that we really do want to accomplish. So with matching you're looking at those things in your life that may be a little sporadic that may take just a few minutes of time here in there and putting them together at a time that we can get them all done together. So we've already talked about the work week and pushing together your meetings or corralling that stuff. This applies to email. I sort of alluded to this the other day that there ten minutes at the end of the hour that's when you're gonna deal with the e mail, for example, a lot of people do do that if they say that, you know why I deal with one email that comes in at the fourth minute of the hour and the two e mails to come in at the seventeen minutes seventeenth minute when I could just spend the last ten minutes of the hour dealing with all those couple emails that have come in on those off hours when I'm not getting the bulk of my email. So you, khun, do this also for working out, which we're going to talk about in wellness, you don't necessarily need to work out every day you consort of bunch that together into a much more effective, faster session in some ways, but meal planning is something that I think everybody can benefit from if they try this take a sunday, hopefully sunday is a day off for everybody take that sunday and spend a couple hours actually planning out a meal for the whole week, or even if you don't make it planned the meals that you're going to make during the week so that you don't have to scramble for it every time I take that time to figure it out and benefit from greasing that groove and getting into some sort of momentum. Great, great, I think noel had a question. Yeah, so I don't know if you're going to cover this, but what? So we're talking about our phones and when people call us, she said, you'll say if you want to get holding me fast, here's my e mail, but I get a lot of calls all day from telemarketers are all these people and is in an hour with coming from local numbers, so they're getting real tricky, so do you have any resource is like a number we can call and say I'm not unsubscribe haven't subscribed to anything there's a do not call registry, which does work, it takes a little time, but there's a do not call registry it's a great thing for virtual system to do, by the way, tell them to get me off every possible issue confined and there are a number of official list that telemarketers are supposed to comply with that they can not call, and if they do it's it's a pretty big penalty so that's a really good one. Also, I would say google voice is a really, really great service, okay, so google voice gives you a free telephone number of local number that people come and call and you can have that number forwarded to any phone thatyou want multiple phones, you have it to yourself on your house when all that stuff there's about fifty different benefits you and goto voice, but one of them is that you can offer a screening option so that the person has to give their name if they're not in your contacts book, which is why it works so well. It knows you're cool contact, so if someone is not in your contacts list, it will say police state your name and then you can't ratted you can also say if they're not in your time tax when they go immediately to voice mail which is also also on a problem and you can even do something that uh you well you all look like you're probably old enough to remember actual answering machines you can I am you can actually listen in on the person leaving the message and then pick it up if you want to so that's kind of cool as well but it allows you to again have that automatic routing depending on if it's unknown number if it's not unknown number depending on the time of day it is so you can actually block out do not disturb periods if you want yes exactly you can say the next two hours I am unavailable go rightto voicemail plus you will then get the voicemail by email it will be transcribed which is yes yeah the google voice transcription I'm not gonna lie it's terrible all but you can forward that to a virtual assistant and have them listen to the voice mail for you and get back to the person usually there's enough to at least go on. But since I have told people to not leave me a voicemail if they actually want to get a quick response that I get maybe one voicemail a week I heard a while I have a question it goes back to you were talking about the rescue time and figuring out when you get the bulk of your e mails is that data not skewed because it's recording when you were going in and you're constantly, if you're in constant reaction mode, you're always checking and then, you know, it's, not really telling you the time the email comes in, but what times you are going in? No, because it actually connects with your email service, okay, so it will get that information it's not just about when you're checking it. Okay, thanks. A lot of people leave their email open all day long, so it wouldn't really be able to accurately measure the data it legitimately is when females are coming in. Okay, I'm going out there's also, if you're used to email there's gmail meter, which is ah service offered by google that will give you sort of a weekly report on when you're sending e mails or not, it doesn't give the same level of granularity that rescue time does, but is still a good start. One of the things also it's nice about rescue time is that you really can sort of record your day, so if you have time away from the computer, it can prompt you and ask you what you were doing for the last hour, so I was at a meeting or I went to the gym on my lunch break, I went to lunch and it'll include that information in your report to the point where you actually could say to yourself after using it for a short amount of time, like o on the days that I work out before noon and I'm much more productive in the afternoon because it will say tuesday's your most productive days and fridays, or at least productive basement with a lot of typically is a monday that's, the least productive for people. So we should just skip over mondays organization. But before we do, we would love to hear from a few of you. Could you share your struggles with organization? Does anybody a life? For example, yesterday I mentioned my place is really my cia on dime time at china strive for a minimal space on dh um, I'll just wanting that you mean, how do you, um, keep your environment at home? Where our workspace, why we're gonna roll right into that? Actually, I wanted if there's another question before we get that just paper, I have, like so much papers, and for some reason, I just want to hang on to them because I like the physical, but I'm going to get rid of it, get rid of it soon as I get back home, but so it's, just the paper clutter. Yeah, if you want to keep it and organize it. That's. Ok, but you should still have a digital words so you can actually use it. Vegetable it's. One thing if you have that sort of ephemeral nature to you, and you want to be able to keep that paper, which I get no there's, nothing wrong with having the mole skin notebook for having the dream journal next year, but there's a benefit to that, but it's, really? Then, using that information was something effective.

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Get ready to learn a proven way to optimize your productivity. 

In this course, achievement and efficiency expert Ari Meisel explains a systematic way for accomplishing the things you need to do so you can open up more time for the things you want to do. You’ll learn to optimize, automate, and outsource both personal and professional tasks. 

Ari will help you identify which tasks are monopolizing your time and help you build strategies to make those tasks less time-consuming. Ari will also cover simple strategies for getting through everyday responsibilities like errands and paperwork more quickly and efficiently. You’ll also learn about applying the same level of efficient prioritization to your personal life, including how to approach health and fitness in a more streamlined way.

By the end of this course, you’ll be on your way to an easier, organized, balanced way of living.

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WOW - I only watched the intro video (about 1/2hr in length), and already I'm completely blown away ... I'm definitely buying this course! Already a huge fan of Evernote, (lol - stone tablet!) but the other websites also seem very useful. And if it's a matter of the best parts of the movie are all in trailer - I will be back to let you know!

Amy Cantrell

Lots of great info! I love the concept of getting ideas out of your head, leaving your mind open to new ideas, and using Evernote to keep ideas and notes organized. The email tips alone could be worth the price of the class. Creating your own work week, tackling difficult tasks when you are at your best, making smart use of your time, progress begets progress, all good stuff!

Gina Bégin

I've already recommended this course to a number of people and followed up with Ari's team to go even further — though, sincerely, there is so much incredible depth in this course that if you're just starting out or in the midst of optimizing your workflow and cleaning up your "plate" of tasks, you will be blown away. He discusses great ways to use automation (IFTTT, Zapier) and how to make better use of Evernote, tricks to ... well, pretty much increase productivity in every aspect of life from health to work. I research this stuff all the time, but had no idea there was so much more out there. Well done, Ari.