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Filtering to Get What You Want Done

The other service that is nearly identical but offers a different sort of set of aps is zap your I always thought that was a pure but apparently it's that they're like happier so again identical service, except that works with two hundred fifty three web services accounting, so zap here is much more focus on business apso, whereas you're goingto still see the twitter and lengthen and stuff on happier what you will see here, that you won't see unplayed was like, and I have seen things like work early and sales force and male, chimp and emma, and see how many logo's you can recognise, especially since we're in silicon valley, but basically this is much more on the business side and oh, by the way, I see it, he is completely free. Zap here is free to a point, and then you have to start paying for it. But is that fair offers you, cem, some amazingly, more powerful things that you could do with it. So, first of all, with zapp here, you could get much more specific, so you could say, for ins...

tance, a specific folder in dropbox and a specific kind of file, then you want to do this that's the trigger when it if you want to have it sent an e mail by a gmail, you can tell it that you wanted to include the subject line and the person's header and all this other specific information you could make that dynamic so it can create those emails based on that. But one of the things that I love about zap here is that it allows you to effectively create sort of a a, uh a prototype product, so we talked about processes and I'm not a coder at least I haven't been a very, very long time and you can use something like sappier to test out new business ideas that our web based so for instance, there are number of services that allow you to unsubscribe from lots of emails and things like the swizzle and other inbox all these other ones, which I don't so easily recommend and they all have flaws in my mind I've tried a lot of them and they all have different flaws, so I had a this is one example had a simple idea that inge email I would just move you know I could go through my option folder and I would move several e mails to the optional I'm sorry to unsubscribe folder and then based on that it would send that to a virtual assistant who were then unsub trump now that's a little clunky but it's a process test that enables me to effectively see, like, how do I like this, where I have to move them to a folder which is pretty quick and then see what happens afterwards, and in that case, I actually didn't like the results because I found it was a little bit too annoying for me to have to move them. I couldn't really do it effective ban my mobile device and there were several times were then assistant would write back and say, oh, well, I I need your email address for this right in your password for this toe unsubscribe, which, by the way, is so obnoxious if you need a password to unsubscribe from a mailing list, don't do that, uh, but I didn't like that thing like the process, however, if I did like it or if I was able to tweak it and make it into something that was working really smoothly, then that's where you khun go ahead toe like an outsource partner and say, hey, I want to make this, can you program this process? It was really cool, actually that you can kind of test business processes that way and there's actually a really great video on youtube of this company called hit reach, which is in the uk and they have a website I think the website marketing company but they were able to use zap your and I t to automate fourteen processes that was previously done by a person, and took about a half an hour each time and it's been completely automated. So in terms of the advanced things you could do, like, was that you or one of the things that allows you to do is create delays. So sometimes you might want things to happen, but something else has to happen first. Obviously so it could be that there's a trigger and that creates a delay. And then the delay is than the trader for the next thing. So you really can kind of daisy chain these things together. So in that case, with hit reach, it was like someone signs up for their service or something, and it sends them a papal invoice. It adds it to sales force as a follow up. It puts it into trela, which is a project management sort of software. So everyone in the team knew that they had to get onto it. And then it would tweet like thank you to this customer and all these things. And then the last thing that it did because one of the t t t t channels is the balkan switch is that it turned on a pot of coffee, so that was the last thing that I heard of several companies have a lamp where, like, if somebody tweets about them in their office, the lamp will flash, you know, things like that, those are kind of silly, but thanks lakes up here, you can actually really used to test out those processes on a pretty cool way. And then one other thing that I want to talk about two is called hassle me hassle me dot ceo that uk. So what hassle me does is it will send you email reminders on an approximate schedule, so why is that useful? There are things that you want to dio on a regular basis, but trying to put a rigid schedule to them would harm your ability to do them. For example, some of the examples that are given on the hassle me website are call mom, go to the gym, read a book, things like that. So with hassle me, you say, I want to do this approximately every seven days or approximately every five days, and then you for the five day one, you'll get an email after three days and another one after six days, another one in five days, it actually works out really well, so something, for instance, like get flowers for your girlfriend or for whoever it's something that you really want to do I hope maybe but if you were to say like every thursday every other thursday at nine o'clock get flowers you're not going to do that and it becomes a chore and it becomes take un romantic out of it like it just becomes a shore whereas if that email sort of comes in random it's like oh yeah it would be really nice to do that so I actually have you asked before someone has to question about do I set aside time to read things later I don't but what I do is I have an e mail approximately every four days to remind me to read something in my kindle because I'm one of the people who will just buy things on kendall and then they go in the candle and I don't know what's there so every four days or so I get this reminder in the evening and and even if it's fifteen or twenty minutes I'll take that to sort of see what the new because I sort of forget pot see what's new and then try to take some time to actually read through it talking about how you just like to be in the moment of stuff and let stuff just come and how that's how life is enthusiastic that's a good example of how I can start doing some of those things so I could do this right now what are some examples? Yeah, you were talking about how you're more enthusiastic when you're on the fly type of thing, you could say that, but basically and so this the hassle meat? Well, well, give me something to dio and it's not as planned, but in the structure exactly on again, you know, so that wouldn't work good for something where it's like a business thing is like, I have to tell this president that obviously is not where you going to use it? You're going to use it for those things that you do want to get done, you want to be reminded about and so put us to put a schedule, too it would make it so rigid that you wouldn't do it. It allows for the spontaneity that there should be given if you had a clear mind and you could be like, oh, you know, I'd love to get flowers this prison, I'd love to do this thing like I love to read that thing, but we can't be expected to remember those things so that's where that comes in really handy using ftp works is they appear what are good views? Cases one as opposed to the other I have tea is free, so if you can use our t, use it first. Honestly and other said zap your allows for a lot more detail a lot more granular and enforced a lot more sources but I say if you can do without tv then do that first have tea also has a a nap for the iphone, which will actually work with some of the native iphone app. So for instance, one of the things that has now is that if you add a contact to your contacts it can send them an email and say like, oh, it was nice meeting you or I can ask add them to lincoln, for instance so if you think about it I love when I hear someone say I would only take a minute and I'll do it, nothing takes a minute, nothing takes a minute on even if it takes you a natural minute to do it, simply taking yourself out of what you were doing and then having to get back to what you were doing is a lot more lost time. So it's really easy to like, oh it's fine, I'll just do this little thing and then you say that about forty times a day and you're doing forty little things that add up to a lot of time so stop like get this out of your face and now even something that simple it's like okay finally consented consenting female of somebody that I meet but no get it so it's automated so that you could do with the things that you don't even realize that you want to go that's what all of this is about is that you get this stuff off your plate you start to like see a new world about the things that you actually wanted to do that you didn't know and still overwhelming when you're making a change when you're changing a habit a pattern but really what it is about is just learning a better way and incorporate a better a better way of doing things so that that will give you more minutes more hours more days to do this stuff that you want to dio right I have a question coming in from gloria de she says that you just mentioned are not just but previously mentioned just two folders in the inbox the one that has an unsubscribe button should go into a different folder sounds great but is there a way to mask filter all the email for that particular job just filter those that air have some level of unsubscribe rather than doing it manually? Yes, of course so I am really talk about concrete e mail in the next session but I mean I'll answer that now because that fits so uh well most of the filtering systems with gmail and a lot of them if you instill the filter it will it will uh working it will retrograde it'll work in back for the stuff that's already there which is actually kind of the most satisfying thing because I'll get people who have four thousand unready males in their inbox and you just search for unsubscribed and thirty three hundred of them fit that bill and then you could say ok, those were gone so especially if you're using demon if you're not getting the theme here use gmail uh then that filter work backwards and then it will work forwards which is what makes it so nice is it's not just about clearing out the old stuff it's that now from now on from now on going forward it will be taken care of and you start tio kind of needle in on this stuff or laser focus on this stuff because now my filter is like if it has the word unsubscribe opt out safe unsubscribe like there's about twenty words now on my filter and each one of them at it just a couple little things but it sort of covers the bases and why that's so great is that for example? I could you know right now there are one, two, three, four, five okay, so there's five emails in my inbox right now realistically I'm gonna guess that in the last thirty minutes or so I've gotten about fifty e mails, okay those other forty five females are now in my optional folder most likely there are just five in my inbox which means as I just did in the break that we had I was able to go through and deal with all the actual emails that were in my inbox in about four minutes call my wife and say hello and still have time to have another cup of green tea before it came back in here so I was really excited to be able to do that but building those things out of your face is what this is really about and then you get to see how that works in backwards and forwards like you're filtering it but it still hasn't action without all that action and activity in the back of your brain don't you love yeah yeah yeah it's it's a compact so there's they're just a few things to manage you khun witt the rhythm and satisfying well and so that brings up another good point which I don't think so what used to happen the passports that usedto have a personal emails that had like new flutters and stuff like that and like business letters and impersonal emails and what eventually happened now is that I have three separate e mail accounts pull a different things um sounds like you have everything together that you have your personal on and you have your business and what's the difference just like I just wanted until you have all those three things on one email yeah, so one of the things that female allows you to is pull in multiple accounts so I have twelve accounts coming into my one gmail inbox everything is in one place. If you wanted teo, you can have it automatically label it for those different accounts. There's really? No point because you know, either you're in business mindset of your personal life, so I don't really need to in that way sort of filter for yourself, which one is it should all be in one place because then you're sort of working against yourself. You have to switch between different email accounts everything should be in one centralized, efficient location. You can still integrate it into your gmail gmail you can pull in from exchange, andrzej millions, but yes, yes, you can on dh then actually, katie james says maybe you could have your e mail forwarded to your gmail account that's what they're saying like an auto forward? Yeah, most services, but honestly, most services you can pull into g mail now. Mmm, including exchange. Ok, eso that also so what does this say after that last question before this place of the point of multitasking? You can't you can't do it, you can multi task sorry basically what we have, what research has now shown is that all it really is rapid switching between tasks and what you end up doing is a dividing quality among different things and be exhausting yourself because we have this thing called the are sort of central governor is central cortex basically that affects how we make decisions and effects are heart rate and respiration and if you're constantly throwing decisions at it, which is what you're doing when you're multitasking, that really doesn't work in your favor so part of that not only is being able to focus on one thing but also being able to sort of clear your mind as much as possible with things like ever note and with things like fall you see that allow us to just get that stuff out of your head and if you if you're hearing what I'm saying, you can hear that there is a lot of just stuff going on that we don't have to be dealing with in our health questions coming just yeah, given it this's like the media's part, so I like I this is a lot of information that I want to make sure that everyone's coming along with us ride mark you were using ever known like I looked into that when I was looking in the lake list absence has been using wonder list, which I'm not sure if this seems pretty cold because because the way you were able to post articles to it yeah, and that's a that's a scream right there uh, and bam he's come up with the links and everything to it. I use a lot like when I get ideas. We talked about this during the break. I get a lot of ideas in my head just like that I make notes about put it aside a text on myself, I use all kinds of things and I won't organize them, but can you just is it also possible to use, like appears making notes to yourself? Is it sort of them well, too, if you like, yeah, because it is all searchable, it does use sort of a smart algorithm to understand what you're writing about it, if you like okay, written nose is one thing, and I'll get that too, but there's also, they said there's plug ins for every note that worked really well, one of which the live scribe that I mentioned before will actually work right with every mole skin has not come out with an ever note branded notebook that not only can you write in, but you can put specifically colored, uh, stickers on the page and then if you take a picture of it, it'll put in every note and we'll put it right into the correct folder so I mean it's really cool like there is as I said, there is no barrier to entry to getting information into every note. And the key is that if you write well enough it can actually searched that text that would not work for me. Yeah, I'm everyone said I should've been a doctor because of my writing but uh if it's a picture of your of your writing and it's and it's somewhat decent will get that if it's a picture of a magazine article on her seat like it will actually capture that information a high stick excitement all around I love ever known I mean it really it just works so well for this up so I use this for everything. So cards this this is my wallet. Okay? There are three cards in here like a magician so there were three cars in here. This is all I have carried for the last two years. Uh, what about your insurance card? What about a lot of stuff in that card's folder? So if you think about something the insurance card when you go to the doctor they don't actually need the card they need to make a copy of the card so now it's a never know notebook for me and there's twenty four cards in there I used to have twenty four card's in my wallet including this so I can now say okay, well here it is here's the number to need a copy of it okay, I can email it to you or I can fax it to you right from my phone if you need so that has like my real estate broker's license and my notary public license and my scuba diving license you know things that I don't need to carry on a regular faces esso and it's searchable like so if I actually had a search for something I would just pop up I don't want to go to the folder uh press is things where I've been in the press and if I add something to the press notebook then it will automatically add that to the press page on my blood s o I don't have to worry about oh did I remember to put this in all the right places and did I put it on youtube itself that something that comes up skitch is a really great every new employee and so skitch is a it's an app and it's also download on the on your desktop and it allows you to annotate anything that you capture so you can if you capture a page for instance you can put like a purple arrow to the thing that you want someone to recognize that you want to recognize yourself or do you want some elsie? You can use it to blur out parts of stuff, so I was actually this is surprisingly difficult to find a screen on my ever note that I was comfortable sharing with everybody because I put there's bank statements and there's all sorts of stuff in here, but, uh, with skitch, then you can take notes of things, so I actually get kind of overboard with skitch, but I'll take pictures of architectural plans a lot of times that because I'm working, really, and then I'll put like a note, you know, like this is where this chair is going to go and put an outlet in this place, and you can blow out the client's name if you need to and it's all really easy and done either on your desktop or or write on your mobile phone on then fancy hands, which is the virtual assistant company, which I'm going to talk about the next segment they put all of their they have an integration now, and by the way, that is eight hundred twenty five tasks that I have outsourced, they will put all of the task, communication and every note there foryou automatically, which again, makes it searchable. And if you exchange any attachments with the assistant or not it's all in there and it is all searchable. I can't drive that home enough because it's so important call trunk is a service that allows you to transcribe sorry, record like interviews and phone calls. It works on skype and on phone, and it will just you call a number. It will know. Sorry, it calls you and the person on. Then it will record the call, and it just puts the recording right into ever note for you. And then it can transcribe it. And all sorts of wonderful things can happen in this machine that is ever know check register is another one that I used that's, something I came up with. So I get a lot of checks in every month for different real estate projects and things like that. So, uh, I will take a picture of every check now, which takes two seconds, and with the evernote app it's really easy to just take a picture and put it right into the right notebook, and then that makes it so that an assistant every month can check and see if the write checks have come in on time because there's pictures of them and if they're not and they can contact the people for me and figure that out so I just go on and on about ever known I've ever known yes looks all organized and all beautiful so I started to use every note but I'm wondering how did you start to convert everything to get so organized you know because I'm kind of overwhelmed like okay, well I have all these documents on my computer and I kind of want to make the transition but how did you go about you know, all your cards did you do them all at once through like over time I'll get in the groove of it and be able to be as efficient as you are isn't that same exact feign they says I feel like learning about integrating all of these new things it is a task unto itself and sees themselves becoming overwhelmed maybe you could give the top two or three tips to what they can do now to decrease that newness overwhelm is that what you're feeling? Tio okay fair enough so the top two services as I said before them well number one start it's his fault that sisi and the second one would be ever note it's the kind of thing where just start using it honestly, you don't have to worry like I said, you don't worry about all these notebooks that I get excited so I'm sorry if I'm like overwhelming you don't need all the notebooks you don't tag it at all just get it in there and once you start to see that that this's, the equivalent is you have a desk full of paper and you take a garbage pail and you go like this. You just put it all in there, except in this case, you're not throwing it out, but you are getting it off your plate and off your desk. As I said, you can't possibly know necessarily what information is relevant now and if it will ever be relevant. But you have it. You know, you have all these documents and maybe this from great notes in there, maybe there isn't, but if you could just sort of start to get it out there and put it in there and you start to see how easy it is and again, everything that I'm talking about is a skill delegate is a skill using ever notice the scale using email is certainly a skill, and these are all things that people are like, afraid of because they just feel overwhelmed, right? So if you just start, I'm a big fan of oh, I like to say the progress begets progress, and if you can move the needle just a little bit. That's all it takes like if you become stagnant that's very bad if you start to it's not even a matter of being decisive it's just a matter of moving, you know, and even if you're worried about making the wrong move, we're doing it the wrong way. It doesn't matter, because at least he'll be it a new decision point where you can then make another decision, whereas if you don't do anything that is not gonna happen, so you just have to start and what you might end up finding is that because you start to put things in every note that's, what leads you to actually go through all that paperwork? I felt like I have to kind of play catch up and go through all my stuff and and actually make the transition before I just start putting little notes in there. So thank you for bringing that up. Sure. Well, everything that we're going through in these two days builds on everything we've talked about it, I assure you, this is not random there's a there's, a there's, an order in a way to this so that's a perfect example, actually. So you have all this paperwork and you have the stuff, and how do we get this all of ever knowing how do I start with this right? So just start and what you'll start to see is a really use it against ever known so that's great to begin with b you put two things in every note and then you say, oh, well, this really is stupid, so throw that out, and then you start to be able to determine the difference seems essential in the optional and it all just kind of comes together and starts to flow because suddenly not only have I provided you with a great resource that you may have already known about what I'm showing you, that you should use it in a different way and over use it, don't worry about the structure, just use it, just keep using it honestly, and I kind of calming people down here we do, you know, and it is just about starting, and we have a great community here and they're cheering each other on, and they're saying, just do it started just jump in baby steps to take the first step, so you have your your crew, they're they're cheering on, but while we're talking about this, just one more thing, so we actually have laura ex, g teo, oj vest and susan e all have questions about security, about the identity, is there any issue with identity theft or the security of your information? So the quick answer is that if you want to take advantage of these things there's always going to trade off if you want to use email you're sharing information that's just the way it is you know if you want to be completely private and be completely protected then put your mattress or put your money in a mattress and just sit in a corner and read books on dh that's fine if that's what you want teo fortunately or unfortunately in order to take advantage of a lot of these services yes you do have to give up it's not privacy necessarily but you do have to take the possible risk that there is someone out there that may steal your information someday. Of course there are safeguards things like ever note and two step authentication now is like the big thing which I think is a great security measure and for those of you who aren't familiar with it with gmail, for instance and now with every note and drop boxes too you can require that in orderto log on you need to get a text message to your phone with a six digit code that is only valid for a few minutes and that is how you long on, which is I think pretty much foolproof basically that that's going to make it so it's protected there are a number of programs and plug ins that will encrypt the information and ever no there's a number of ways to encrypt email us well, but there's I I'm blanking on the names now, but I think that there's something called true crypt might be one of them, but there they will encrypt that information that goes into every note and then when it comes back on your desktop that's how you decrypt it and as a matter of fact, there are several doctors now who used ever known, and I think that hippa compliance has become one of their sort of pushes. So yes, I completely understand that, but you really have a thing about the trade off of what do you really sharing and what do you really risking? And then what are you gaining from that as well? And if you really do feel uncomfortable about it, you can still benefit from using every note and just not let it sink to the cloud just use it on your desk up, capture that information and then have that report a story it won't be as effective, but it'll least give you sort of enough of a taste that I think that you want to then use all the features of it. We'll have a quick question about anna sampson wants to know what is the best way to back up data from ever note she loves the website but has never found an easy way to do that well, every note is sort of a backup in itself I mean, it is cloud based and you can have a desktop version so the easiest way honestly would be to use something like dropbox or sugar sink which is another cloud based backup service and you could basically back up your local evernote folder if you want but to be formally honest every note is pretty secure I mean, well I think it's very, very secure and their backup systems have been, uh error proof as far as I know so in a way ever know would be the backup for that information that you you wantto share however, as you can see from the plug ins that I mentioned here there are a ton of others there's something called the the evernote trunk which is on their website and it lists I think several hundred absent services that integrate with ever note and there's new ones every day so I'm sure there's at least ah handful of them that to back up your evernote information uh themselves right? So I talk about multi tasking and I also mentioned the without grave is happier about the automation services. So at this point, any questions here yes, you might not be able to answer it, but since you run your own business and you love every no, I'm guessing you thought of it for tax purposes, um, I am a minimalist, and I would love not to have to store five years of receipts. Have you ever thought of storing them on every note? Or is that something that perhaps would not be official enough? That's, this one right here which we're going to get into, actually, but that's what? You should have one big section. I'll just talk for a lady. No it's. Great for that. And again, there's. Several plug ins, I think expensive fireworks with ever note and a bunch of others. But you can also sort of hack together your own solution was something like I have tea where you could say if I take a picture of her seat and you know with the tag or something, then it will put it into this particular folder as faras. I know the digital copies are good enough how it is that's that's, my understand. And if you have an actual picture of it too it's like it's, not just a scam, you know, it's like it was, I think that that's legitimate enough, and I certainly use it for tax purposes. Incidentally, since I said that you could share notebooks it's you can share with your accountant, so they just get ping that everything out of nowhere I'm just doing a lot of these services are free, but then in order to get access to all the features, there is an upgrade fear and like even drop box you have tio you start gathering so much information at what point I haven't used every note that much at what point do you know it's time to get a premium level s o as far as I know, the big differences between evernote basic animal premium are one you get faster support if you use the premium which I've never ever had a contact support, you get the pds searching with the premium whereas you don't have that with the basic and then I think it's something about band with levels like you cannot believe me. The basic level is extremely generous as far as how much you can upload and its unlimited storage for both but it's just the amount this's the rate at which you can upload things that's different with the premium. So I have what I have eight, eighty, one hundred notes and they're like, I I used the premium just because of the pdf searching, but with the amount that I put up there, I have not needed to reuse a premium for that something we've internally had a conversation about, like who is it to do? Lister and I know that vanessa, our line producer, is a big on her to do list tell us about that what if your love your to do list like you gotta have it so in the second part of this creative brain we're going to talk about why the to do list is a terrible thing for you oh no but however I have this folder appear which is projects so projects are in that projects folder now I don't even know I honestly right now because I haven't looked at in a couple days but the project's folder is something where I go on look at when I have some free time and I probably actually that's not fair I looked at it yesterday on the plane I think and that is the things that I sort of want to do and want to get through the big projects and it could be that new business that you really want to start but if now is not the right time it's just not the right time so you need to be able to place that's safe and that you kind of look and see all the things that you would like to get to so to do listen itself is not good and we'll talk about that but a project list is great on checklists are great that's in that's in the product processes folder which is under the left one but the the idea with the project folder is great because all of these little things can sort of add up and once I if I want to review something aiken dragon note into the projects boulder and I can tag things together you can refer to other notes in an ever note note so you can link to other notes and you can sort of build this compendium of knowledge around some idea and it allows you to really verify if something is going to be a good idea or not in some ways you can pull in information so many different places so I would say that ever know it's not great to use is this to do list but it is a great place to use for a project list for those things that are bigger that need flushing out and really need to take advantage of that external brain to figure out how you're going to execute on it um a lot of things that you're talking about right now is kind of sounds like my mapping teo to ever use my mapping up so uh or anything like that so my mapping is one of the few times when I actually like to do it physically on a whiteboard I really like white boards for my now that's me personally there's a great several laps on the ipad that are really good for my mapping and uh with every note I would do it on a white board that I would take a picture of that and using one of several ab sick and then actually take that information and put it in the right perspective and even make it searchable if I've written on it correctly so it does work for that though certainly whether it's what I just described or if you want to take a whole folder and just fill it out with a bunch of notes of different ideas and things and cross linking between them it becomes like a game almost you can use penultimate to do on every no penultimate links whatever no yes you can get dark crypt at on if that's what the styluses and it's thanks to record your every note yeah yeah right penultimate is on that trunk there's also I mean not that you would personally want to buy one of these but there's also several smart boards the whiteboard that actually have digital aspect of them so they can capture that information right it's everyone is well and based on different colors of different things that contact them appropriately interests to organize their creativity is there some aspect of visual aspect to ever know that we can go more fully on yes so I don't have it organized that way but if it's it's not shown here on the menu but there's a view and you can show it is like note cards that's one of the ways that you can do it so pinterest is great on pinterest is you know, I think seventy three percent of pinterest users are women, so it's it's clearly there's a different ways that people organize information differently, right? So you can actually integrate pinterest with ever note, and if there's no information in the every note you mean in the pinterest caption, and you can pull that into every note and sort of vice versa, I actually use pinterest for a couple of everything, but one of which is that that interesting things of the week post I pinned the screen shots of the various websites that I've recommended that week and that's sort of what my pinterest speed is, which I I just thought I'd try it, and it actually worked out really interesting people end up commenting about a lot, apparently people who come to a website through pinterest really twice as likely to buy something and really interesting market. But, yes, you can start a long winded way of saying yes, you can organize that way in a visual method, which is great for things like recipes and so that's a good point, too. S o there's, an evernote app, the main happened there's a couple other absolute ever know hello and evernote food so ever know hello is for meeting people and you let it literally can take a picture of them taking, you know, and put them into your put notes on them and it'll show where you met them because it's location aware and then you can have notes related to them and all sorts of things but evernote food is pretty self explanatory, I think, but it also allows you to sort of remember the restaurant that you laid out in this meal that you really liked and I have used every note food as a food tracking app an integration with tea so you can just again build all these things together but evernote food interest well and it's really ready for recipes really, really great for recipes on as I said, since there are so many things and so many sources integrate with ever note there's new stuff coming in all of time, so if you have if you have that information is really kind of like endless possibilities what you can do with it yeah, I mean, this has been an incredible segment for those that are just tuning, and I think maybe we could use a recap a little bit of everything that you just discussed we would love that. Sure. So again, the basic idea freighting external brain is that you can't hold onto ideas or you shouldn't try to hold onto ideas if you get ideas in your head needs to get them out of your head as much as possible and as quickly as possible whether or not you think that they're relevant or good ideas or not get them into a repositories of them they're safe and then they're searchable and their archive so obviously for that I've been recommending ever know quite strongly I had mentioned awkward notes as I mentioned as a method of taking notes in the shower which uh I think it's a really good thing honestly you you'll see that if you have that ability, the ideas why should start coming a little bit more frequently and then the number one service that I willing to recommend everybody was followed on cc which allows you to do those automated e mail follow ups and again that something where you just try using it just start using it you'll see in fact that reminds me of a story of me using fault that cc I mentioned that if you bcc a reminder it will just come to you and if you see see it it will go to both you I was living in new york for most my life and I recently moved but verizon files was supposed to be available in my building for about three years and there's one e mail address for finding out the status of it in new york and I sent an e mail and I didn't get back to me so I had a follow up every day for sixty four days until they finally wrote back and said please stop, you're annoying reminder service it's not available yet, and I wrote back and said, well, why didn't you tell me that sixty three days ago? So for the automate side than there was of tt and zap here, which, as I said, are almost identical. But one is free and has, ah, a lot of capability. And the other one you pay for, and has a nen enormously larger amount of capabilities. So that is the first part of external pain. In the second part, we're going to get into things like conquering your inbox and virtual assistance and public school things.

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Lots of great info! I love the concept of getting ideas out of your head, leaving your mind open to new ideas, and using Evernote to keep ideas and notes organized. The email tips alone could be worth the price of the class. Creating your own work week, tackling difficult tasks when you are at your best, making smart use of your time, progress begets progress, all good stuff!

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I've already recommended this course to a number of people and followed up with Ari's team to go even further — though, sincerely, there is so much incredible depth in this course that if you're just starting out or in the midst of optimizing your workflow and cleaning up your "plate" of tasks, you will be blown away. He discusses great ways to use automation (IFTTT, Zapier) and how to make better use of Evernote, tricks to ... well, pretty much increase productivity in every aspect of life from health to work. I research this stuff all the time, but had no idea there was so much more out there. Well done, Ari.