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The Art of Less Doing

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Taking Our Time Back

Ari Meisel

The Art of Less Doing

Ari Meisel

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3. Taking Our Time Back

Lesson Info

Taking Our Time Back

There's a whole conversation going on about gratitude and you know the value of a gratitude journal and also bringing to light maybe some aspect of ourselves that we want to change but actually it's alli aqa says, I think we need to find a balance between feeling grateful and acknowledging reality but robin in says I find being grateful keeps me positive and people wanna work with positive people and positive ity makes me more productive so it sounds like there's a balance but what's your thought on that s o that's a that's a very good one it's really easy to tell people I hope be grateful people you know and it's a lot of people have a lot of really tough stuff going on in their lives and whether it's simple responsibilities or chronic illnesses or things that it's hard to be like oh yeah great okay, I'll be grateful but the truth is is that the negative stuff tends to make us very closed which makes sense and it's hard to get things done it's hard to progress if you're very closed be...

ing positive and being grateful sort of automatically makes you a little more open it just does and once you I hate to put it in these terms because it's it's not concrete enough but you know if you put the positive energy out there then things can come back to you you know it it's very easy to just sort of shut down and just that one of the terms that I hate I know this is very popular and silicon valley right now is head down I don't know why when it became a cool thing for people to be head down in their work and not do anything else and not think about anything else and that okay, uh it really bothers me because that's not a complete person, you know, even if you're a one person startup, you should not be head down, okay? Because you're just going to suffer on your company's going to suffer like you need to be able to have these things going on in your life you need to be ableto spend fifteen minutes reading about singapore I'm sorry to keep using his example marc on and to be able expand yourself and then realize that there's these other things that are going on and that one of them's a gratitude does is it makes you realize that you're not the center of the world because there's something else that's giving you grab something for you to be grateful for and that perspective change is very important for kind of seeing the landscape and making it so that you can actually get more done so you see the students here interrupting and we're interrupting you you told us to do way tell everyone why why why are you interrupting a why are we interrupting you come in the next I can't wait there is there is a there is a method to this there's a reason that I like to be interrupted and it actually makes us all more effective but I will get to that in the very next session. All right? I'm gonna be patient over here. I'd love to talk to your question from san sam cox who's asking you mentioned coming to understand your personal time things such as when you're most productive at doing certain things, do you also pay attention to how much time you can spend being effective at doing one thing? Yes, absolutely on it's funny like I should just make it all one segment because we're jumping ahead of things and I promise that I'm going to address that very specific point. I think in the sixth segment but yes, it is important to sort of get that time because it actually is sort of the same question because if you realize that if you're doing something at a particular time and it takes you an hour to do it and you do it another time and it takes you half an hour to do it, it may not it may be because the actual time that you did it was not the right time so it's kind of the same question honestly uh if you're asking, how do you do something the most effectively? That could mean doing in less time, and that will really speak to when you end up getting it done. Wonderful. Thank you. Alright, if no more questions for this saying that that's all I actually do have more calls. Yeah, okay, so susan e wants to know where I run into issues is figuring out how to automate certain things. For example, I have studio management software that would let me put my enquiries directly into the software, but I have to set it up, and that takes it talks with the form on the web site. Anyway, it sounds like it's really complicated and that's why they're never using it what's your advice for automating the things that take too much time to figure out. So there's obviously going to be cases where it's going to be nearly impossible and it's going to be a challenge. But the truth is that you don't have to don't worry the story about the ottoman a a lot of cases where someone says something like that, they may not have gone through the first step of optimizing. So I would ask you, is that if she actually, if you had gone through ever and really listed out, the steps were choir to do those things because just writing it down or recording it as we talked about before you may actually be in to see the places where you're being inefficient and then you may be able to optimize our automated easier but you also may see that the automation is not as necessary so that's I'm very, very big stickler for that going through that process of the optimized automate and outsource in everything that you do, whether it's a physical problem or ah business problem because that order sort of keeps you honest because if you're just like, oh, well, this software helps you automate this it's like but you haven't figured out how to make it more efficient first, so I would start their on and then otherwise I'm with if that's a specific software question I'm happy to have this discussion on twitter later is that how you do this? Yeah, I'm happy to talk directly about that on the specifics offer that I'm using okay fantastic studio audience here students yeah hands are going up everywhere so you kind of have like us that structures what? Um well, I don't know so like I'm a student from also I there's a poster classes I and there's things that other obligation have to do and I'm not to set a time for homework of course I still be never like ruling do your homework on time we start ourselves to do on so it's, like, um, I just kind of went on like, we never end you mention it before to, like, um, usually the time that we think will get it done. You shouldn't answer not happening because we have, like, a bunch of distractions or anything. Um, we don't know a lot of people have focusing on just trying to get that one task done, so I was running down lean like tips or suggestions for getting the one thing that I'm doing there talking and one thing led to another. Yeah, I mean, you really, honestly and we will go in this little war later, but it is about that timing because one of the problems special student and I've had this have this problem, um, my g p a was pretty well, but it's really easy just try to do the same thing over and over without getting different results, you know, it's like, oh, well, I have class these hours, so I'm just going to homework after and hopefully I'll do better today, and it really doesn't work that way. That's one of those problems even planning your class special, it can be essential to how you actually learn mohr effectively. I'm very unfortunately when my freshman year, I had to take a french class at nine a m every morning, and it was in a basement of ah barely warm building, so I fell asleep every single class and it was terrible is really embarrassing, eso it's and it wasn't it wasn't sleeping enough, which was not the right time for me to be in a basement with the heat on learning french. So you really do have to learn those things about yourself and then it's it's not just like, oh, do this than do this and this because it honestly maybe like through this, then do something completely different and then do the last thing that I actually had to do, and it gets that specific when you start to learn that there are just those better times to do things that's going to go back. I think her name was susan about the automating never system and whatnot software, and I think this is where the awareness of where your most effective during the day because I myself have had things along those same lines that she did, and it was overwhelming and steps seem confusing. And then I just kept putting it off and then I go back to it and like that wasn't a bad as I thought it was and think of all the time I could have saved had I implemented it sooner versus being uh you know, afraid of all that going through all those steps and trying to sort it out so it sometimes it does seem much more overwhelming and confusing than others so well and I'm glad you said that because it's a skill this stuff is a skill that we all have tto sort of home and it's something that it's one of those things that I think it's fortunate that you can never master you know it's like I am constantly trying to get better at this stuff every day and everything that I'm doing so it may be challenging in the beginning and it's absolutely true that once you get into it you may decide that it's actually not as bad as you thought but going through that is a skill that will make you better not only that but everything else that you don't because everything is a process and in these ways so if you begin to learn not only how to deal with it better but the tools that are at your disposal and oh I actually use this on this project so maybe I can use it for this even if I have to change a little bit it's it'll just make you more effective e I know you're gonna get into that you're talking about are you talking like your energy scene when you have like the most energy and kind of that's how you kind of pick your time because I've kind of been noticing about late usually I have a lot of energy around ten and then around five and then usually again like it eleven o'clock at night and then three in the morning I shouldn't be up that lead but sometimes it's like I'm ready to do whatever it takes to go so I don't know I'm just wondering when it comes a time in how do you figure out what is good when it just by how you feel or no because some some tasks don't do better when you have more energy honest line in fact there's plenty of resource to show that we're more creative when we're more tired or drunk but that's a little harder that's a little hard teo to sort of get down on paper it's all that less inhibition but it's true like if you know if you're in like excel mode and you're not that you are innocent but if you're only excel like forecasting mode it's really hard to then then it'd be like okay, I'm done with this spreadsheet like time to write something really creative like it's hard you know so just because they're high energy points actually it really we it's really fascinating when you sort of get into it that it's not just about, like, hired movers low energy it's not just about being a night owl versus a morning president like it goes way beyond that. So you'll steal. You'll start to see that there are better times that those valley is gonna be good times for things to go. Great. Well, ari, actually, I want you just make one final statement. I want to know why are we taking our time back? Why? What? What drives us to be more productive, you know? So it is really important, it's not simply a matter of passion. It's really important to sort of figure out, you know, at the very beginning, we ask, what is your biggest productivity challenge? Like, what is it that drives you to be more productive and to be more effective? You know, in my case, it was overcoming a chronic illness. And now having a family, which is every decision and everything I d'oh basically is a matter of how much time I have to be away from my family. That's really what I think about. So you have to really think about what that is a driving, and that will sort of helped direct the way that you figure out how to deal with these different challenges

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WOW - I only watched the intro video (about 1/2hr in length), and already I'm completely blown away ... I'm definitely buying this course! Already a huge fan of Evernote, (lol - stone tablet!) but the other websites also seem very useful. And if it's a matter of the best parts of the movie are all in trailer - I will be back to let you know!

Amy Cantrell

Lots of great info! I love the concept of getting ideas out of your head, leaving your mind open to new ideas, and using Evernote to keep ideas and notes organized. The email tips alone could be worth the price of the class. Creating your own work week, tackling difficult tasks when you are at your best, making smart use of your time, progress begets progress, all good stuff!

Gina Bégin

I've already recommended this course to a number of people and followed up with Ari's team to go even further — though, sincerely, there is so much incredible depth in this course that if you're just starting out or in the midst of optimizing your workflow and cleaning up your "plate" of tasks, you will be blown away. He discusses great ways to use automation (IFTTT, Zapier) and how to make better use of Evernote, tricks to ... well, pretty much increase productivity in every aspect of life from health to work. I research this stuff all the time, but had no idea there was so much more out there. Well done, Ari.