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The Art of Less Doing

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Wellness Supplements & Devices

Ari Meisel

The Art of Less Doing

Ari Meisel

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19. Wellness Supplements & Devices

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Wellness Supplements & Devices

Supplements there are thousands and thousands of supplements for every possible different thing, and I've tested a lot of them, but there are three that I feel very comfortable recommending to everybody. The first one is krill oil, so some people probably take fish oil, but krill oil has some added benefits, one of which is that it just more bio available. So you really do get more of a more bang for your buck? If you're taking krill oil, you're just getting more benefits from it. It is an oil so it's a fat so it does help with that it will help lubricate your joints will help with anti inflammation. It actually has been shown to specifically reduce c reactive protein, which is a general inflammatory marker in the body. And anyone who has had inflammatory condition or has crones particularly nose would c reactive protein is it also helps with insulin sensitivity. Cia theme here how we respond to shorter it will help with all sort of things, and it will also sort of help balance your om...

ega three and omega six ratios so that you have less information. Uh, probiotics is the second one. You're not getting enough probiotics from every order. Sorry to tell you, first of all, to get the amount of you of probiotics to get in a pill form or from fermented foods for instance, you have to eat about twelve cups of yogurt which is way too much dairy for most people and your stomach acid is going to kill a lot of that that, uh those probiotics anyway so unless you're eating a lot of fermented foods and unfortunately today we had a lot of kimchi which was really great you should be taking probiotics and probiotics help with into inflammation they help balance your digestion and they do help with your immune response as well and you simply are not going to getting them and what's so fascinating is that something like crimes of these and many other diseases are illnesses of the industrialized what world they do not exist in places where people still touched dirt or around animals, farm animals even we are probably too clean in the current environment we live in and as such we have disrupted our natural balance of bacteria that is protecting us from a lot of these things. So you need to get that probiotic those products in you and then the last thing is vitamin d. So as I said before, vitamin d is they saw a fat soluble vitamins, so a lot of you are probably not getting adequate vitamin d because you don't have enough fats in your diet, but you're also sitting inside and you wear clothes so you're not getting enough of that aspect of the sun working with your cholesterol to convert vitamin d vitamin d is extremely important for inflammation and immunity and also the other functions of our body, so most people will benefit from taking vitamin d. Well, we're obviously talking about wellness. Actually, we're in the northern hemisphere here, and unfortunately, the wintertime is when a lot of people get sick eyes. This is going to help teo keep your immune system strong and prevent you from illness. Yes, absolutely. Vitamin d will help with that based on however, I do have some specific things that ideo relating to how to avoid colts. Uh, and I've been traveling to get here and right now, actually, in my household, our kids all have a cold right now. So there are a number of things that you have to do to help boost the immune system. There's a couple of basic things and there's a couple of weird things that you share all that with you on the most basic thing. My recommendation for people is that if you feel yourself getting sick or you think you're around, somebody in your household of might be sick. You should start supplementing with two things zinc and lime juice, so my sort of less doing cold remedy is two glasses of water a day with an entire limes squeezed in each one drink that and have one hundred fifty milligrams of zinc each day and their different forms of zinc. They're pretty much all do the same thing, but some people tolerate different ones better. So there's, like sink gluconate is one example. Go to a chancy goto a vitamin shop get think time what's don't get the zai camp stuff for the sprays with laws and just just get a zinc pill and take it. You take one hundred milligrams in the morning and fifty milligrams at night with a glass of lime juice that vitamin c they're going to get in the alkali zing affect the uranium from the line is extremely effective, but there's two other things to other supplements that are on the more sort of bizarre into the spectrum, but they really work. The first one is called oil of oregano, and I know that ben is going to talk about these in his on his creator live seminar but oil of oregano is contains something called carve, a call, which is one of the most powerful antibacterial anti final, anti parasitic components that exists, and it's not the same kind of oregano that we eat. Similar but it's not the same that we eat so it's you can take it is an essential oil form or you can just take it in pill form and I took a couple of those each day while I've been here and since I've been traveling and I'm feeling very good, but basically it really helps to just kick the pence out of your immunities immune system and really fight anything that might be coming our way. And then the last one, which I admit is the weirdest, but it works also very well is goats colostomy? So if anybody knows a colostomy is it's the first couple days of breast milk which you're not drinking this, so don't worry. It is basically the jump start to an infant's immune system it contains every possible problematic and and the fuel for that probiotic that you could need, and you can take it in pill form and it again we'll just make your immune system go into overdrive. It works so incredibly well, so those two things at the end, the oil of oregano and the ghost classroom you are really, really effective at helping you fight colds and I use those when I'm surrounded by people who are sick and I end up feeling fine because if we don't have time is it is you certainly can't afford to be sick. And nobody likes to be sick. I don't want to be sick, even if it takes time out, it just takes energy out of your life. It's no fun to be sick of it. Well, you do it well and ugo so this is the output from a device called the basis, so the basis is a wristwatch. It's a it's an activity tracker, and what you should see is that on the bottom here is a different kind of sensor, then you'll get on a fitbit or a nike fuelband or job on up. This is the best activity tracker that exist on the market today. I promise this is a optical reader that can sense your heart rate in real time, your skin temperature and your level perspiration you wear this all day long and you can wear it to sleep, and you can see the data that I'm getting here is heart rate activity from movement calories burned, which is way more accurate than anything else we're going to get, because if you're wearing a nike fuelband, it doesn't know if you're sitting in a chair or if you're sitting in a sauna, sweating your pants off or if you're sitting in an ice bath, which has another effect to which we'll talk about actually skin temperature and perspiration, so I know if I'm just sitting there where if I'm doing an isometric exercise that I talked about before where I'm really burning calories but I'm not actually moving incidentally this also shows sleep so you can see that's pretty interrupted sleep I guess I that must have been one night with the twins I really do wake up around for pretend I'm not kidding and I was even active in that point wow okay anyway this is going to give you all that insight so we were talking yesterday about biorhythms and things this is going to tell you better than anything else what those are and this is actionable data and you can see that there's pretty interesting very ability there and obviously just maybe not obviously but this was a hole where I wasn't wearing it because I was probably charging it I mentioned about the ice bath so there is this concept called cold thermo genesis you can burn fat by being cold we have something in our bodies called brown adipose tissue bat which is basically something that babies have in order to stay warm it is fat that is specifically designed to burn that to make heat because babies can't get up and run around the room they want to get cold or uh develop heat so we still have that and it tends to be around here and here and if you expose yourself to cold you can actually burn fat without doing anything else and you can do this in a summer way too it obata protocol where you could do it in the shower something called a contrast shower or contrast bath even where people go from a nice bath to a sauna that's contrast but you could do in the shower you're doing twenty seconds of cold ten seconds of warm it really does work that way and you will burn that to hear from the students has anybody used these fitness tracking devices quantified self? No, you have okay that I've been using for about six months but I was telling our yesterday it's hard to wear it at night when you sleep is it the same with this? Well, I say I find the watch a lot more comfortable you know the fitbit has that clip but it's not really like a watch this feels a little more natural, but as I had recommended to yesterday, which I'll share with everyone, if you just want to track sleep, you can do with an iphone or android out called sleep cycle, which is on your phone you put your phone on the bed in the corner and it senses the vibrations in the bed so it's really very accurate if you don't wear anything but that I've done that it's pretty cool to see want to see when you're in the r the r m sleep when you're waking up on dh I also have realised that two people can have their separate one going on it really just tracks you write so that that's true unless you have a couple dogs in the bed I don't I d'oh so but if you don't feel comfortable wearing something then yeah the sleep cycle was right but this is going to give you seriously accurate information so you were you swimming or is it what it proves? This one is I think that this version is it's I know it's water resistant because I've used it in the shower but I don't know if it's technically waterproof so uh, fitness trackers for the water are tough and by the way that cold thermo genesis works really well if you're swimming in cold water it's one of the reasons when michael phelps was able to burn twelve thousand calories a day it wasn't just from swimming it was because you're keeping your body warm when I was training for iron man is just a little aside you get down to a very low level of body fat, which means that you're always cold which then makes you lose even more body fat but the pool that I was swimming at would post the temperature that it was that when you walked in the morning so I'd get there like five in the morning and it would say eighty degrees and I'm walking and find if I walk in if I walk in its own seventy nine degrees, I'd say no way I'm going home that one degree made that big a difference for me so swimming really is effective for burning fat do you have do you have to put it next to your head under your pillow? You should put it on your head but you can put your phone on airport moment airplane mode rather so that it's not transmitting through your head on it just a really quick question clay a bear once to know you know, obviously this is this is the solution that you recommend but there's new things coming out all the time upgrades new devices, new fit that's new new band's new bracelets how do you keep track of all that? So this is the only device of this kind that I have ever seen that has that kind of measuring device and I have interviewed the founder of this company on my podcast and they're going to be constantly adding new things into it. The fact that it has this baseline sensor means that you can do some pretty incredible things including heart rate variability, tracking and training so I have tested a lot of devices and a lot of them honestly our toys and I'm not referring to been some, but a lot of them are toys this is a serious tracking device good to know about the after show it, but I was wondering about the supplements, but their way to find out what kind of help women knew specifically need could you do each individual has doing specific supplement needs. So in all the tracking that we dio, one of the things that you can track is your blood. There are several companies, I think on the west coast. Here, wellness effects is the more popular ones, and on the east coast is a company that I work with called inside tracker that allows you to do your own blood testing. And that may sound creepy to some people, but you usually end up going into a lab like a labcorp, and we'll take your blood and they will submit it. And the reason for doing that is a lot of times your doctor will not tests some of the markers that you might want to test life c reactive protein or testosterone or creating kind is, which is a another inflammatory marker related to exercise. Plus, you can do it more often if you want. So if you really want to track things every three months and your doctor is only going to be doing it once or twice a year, or your insurance only covers that you can do this stuff. Pretty inexpensively in addition, insidetrack actually has a home testing kit where you can put your finger and test her blood and do things like cholesterol and resting glucose and vitamin d and a couple other things and why that's particularly cool is that you can tests before a meal and you contest after a meal if you want and really get results to see how something affects you so that would be the first line of defense in terms of finding out what you really need because while I assume that a lot of people are vitamin d deficient and maybe wrong and you wouldn't know that unless you actually got the blood test to find out here's actually a question about how do you know what you're looking for like what high like what's the what's the range for high what's the range for low what were the markers? Well, so inside tracker will actually provide that they have a really cool graphical dashboard and you can see not only the one test but you're testing over time. Then we'll show you where your high and where your low based on optimal researched levels and then they'll even make recommendations as to how you can affect those level so it almost becomes a game where you know higher cholesterol and vitamin d this time I want to get it down to where it should be so that everything is in the green that's cool actually d memories said blood testing does not sound creepy to me it sounds convenient yeah well yes I agree I was getting tested every five weeks now I've lowered that quite a bit but you khun gain insight that you really can't get in the other way if you're gonna be doing blood testing so this included sleep tracking and that's the next topic is sleep so there's again lots of different theories about how you can sleep hack and a lot of them are very good but I need to boil this down to something that you guys can use tonight so the first one is about timing general as you mentioned there's that ram cycle and you go in your deep sleep in your light sleep so everyone has this sleep cycle and this doesn't broken down because it's not zoomed in but within the sleeping parts I was going into a medium sleeping in a deep sleep in r e m sleep and then back up again and you have these peaks and valleys the average sleep cycle for most people is about ninety minutes that's the average but you can really find out very quickly what yours is with something like a sleep tracker mine happens to be about on our in eighteen months it's how we use that very simply when do you want to wake up tj when you only wake up uh around seven seven long perfect okay, so if we're using the average of ninety minutes for a sleep cycle, that means that if you want to wake up at seven in the morning you should work backwards in ninety minutes cycles so four segments would be six hours there'll be one in the morning another two would be nine hours of sleep, which would be great and that's eleven o'clock at night so it takes the average person fourteen minutes to fall asleep. I think it takes me about fourteen seconds, but the average person thinks about fourteen minutes to fall asleep so working backwards from that that would mean that for you if you wanted to wake up at seven in the morning, you should go to sleep at ten forty six or if you're working at ten forty six you're watching a movie you don't want to do that don't go to bed at eleven fifteen wait until twelve forty six so then go to bed because you will then give yourself the best odds of waking up at your most wakeful point because every one of you I know has had the experience where you got nine hours of sleep for seven hours of sleep and you woke up and you felt like crap and you don't know why and the odds are that you woke up in the middle of a deeper moment of sleep and you khun hit that from fifteen minutes one way or the other one of these in my alarm clocks are actually really bad for you, and something like sleep cycle can recognize when you are in lighter sleep and wake you up within a window of time to try to hit that as well as possible, because there's no reason why there should be a difference whether you wake up it's seven or seven four as far as your day goes, but there could be a huge difference in terms of how while you slept so what's cool about that. This is actually a little bit liberating because if you are busy it, even if you're tired at eleven o'clock in your case, you should not go to bed right away. You should do something else, you know, spend a little more time and wait, you know, until you hit that ninety minute cycle before working backwards from seven a m there's websites like sleepy time, sleepy tie that me and you can either say when you want to wake up or you can say, what time is it right now? And when should I get up? Based on those timings? I promised you give it a shot and you'll be amazed at how big of a difference that makes environment there are, as I mentioned yesterday, there was a study that was done about sleep. In by physic cycles and how our ancestors you to take these two different segments of sleep and they'd be awake in the middle, and that was because they didn't have control over the artificial lighting in their environment, artificial lighting, all of this stuff, all of our screens and tablets and ipads and iphones have blue light in them there's a blue light spectrum aspect there and blue light signals our body that it's time to be awake because that's, what the color of the sky is so you see a blue light spectrum and it's telling her body to be awake, and it reduces melatonin production, which is asleep hormone by up to thirty percent. So the problem there is that if you're looking at your tablet before you go to bed and reading on your kindle and watching the tv and then turn off and try to go to bed, you're going to be trying to wind down and you really can't so sure I could be like, hey, don't look at any screens for an hour before you had a bet and you're going to tell me that you're losing an hour productivity there's an easier solution? This is an eight dollar pair of blue blocking sunglasses, how cool you can certainly get ones that look better. But this is an amber lens it's a clarity enhancing lens so the screen right now to me it looks really, really clear all of you look a little bit melody out you can wear these and look at your screen and you can read and you could watch tv if you really want and you can experience those blue lights without it affecting your melatonin production and I'll tell you honestly if I throw these ideally you want to avoid those lights for an hour for you asleep if I throw these on within ten minutes I'm nodding off they signal me they signal your body that it is time to go to sleep. You get one hundred eighty dollars pair get eight dollars parent amazon they're coming to tupac blue blocking sunglasses so long as you don't mind looking like a serial killer in bed get that style clear is about detoxifying we'd all love to eat perfectly we could, but a lot of times you don't and you know people like to drink alcohol when they can maybe things aren't so great for them again it's not what you how you responded, how you recover so it's a very, very simple supplement that will help you sleep and help you detoxify activated charcoal hopefully not your head in the experience of going to the hospital to have your stomach pumped but it's what they use charcoal is incredibly dense, it is electric, statically charged, and it is a filter. Britta water filters have charcoal in them so you can take activated charcoal in a pill form. You don't eat the powder, don't worry, and it will help take out the toxins of whatever you've eaten or drinking or or drank, not perfect, but it's really good. So if you ate something that you think might have been questionable, maybe the oysters don't look so good. Maybe you had a little extra tequila. Take a couple pills of activated charcoal after your meal and you'll sleep better because your body is not going to have to waste energy on trying to detox suffian clear out because you're giving it that help, and the last element is lucidity. So we talked about lucid dreaming briefly before what is lucid dreaming, lucid, dreaming essentially is where you are aware that you're dreaming so you can take control of the dream and do whatever you want, whether that is going to date with a supermodel or fly around your city like neo in the matrix. You can do all those things, but it's something that you have to train yourself to do it it's hard, apparently, there is a sleep mask called the remmy r e m e. And it looks like a very comfortable silk sleep mask and it recognizes when you're in rem sleep you know the rapid eye movement phase asleep which is when you're dreaming and then we'll flash these red lights at a specific pattern and basically what that supposed to do is like let's say you're in a dream and you're standing on the golden gate bridge you're going to see these random red flashes in the sky and that's supposed to signal you that you're dreaming and that you should then take control of it apparently it works I'm having had the opportunity to try it out uh I've used the mask but I haven't ever been able to train enough to really get full control of a dream but there are lots of people who have experienced amazing things when they've done lucid dreaming and this isn't just for fun this is the cool thing sure you could fly around the city that's fun you can use lucid dreaming time to work on problems you may have heard of people talking before about like if you're working on a math problem you're studying like do it right before you go to sleep, go to sleep and you wake up and you can process it goes beyond that let's say you have a creative issue that you're just you're getting blocked on you know the answer is in you but you don't know where it is apparently lucid dreaming can bring it out and whether that means that you decide to take the boring round of being in the dream and sitting down in front of a white board and a room somehow and working out a problem and you literally can use the time you are sleeping to get work done so that's a pretty freaky concept if you ask me and there have been many, many reports of people using it for that very effectively specific set up for that like do you focus on the problem or it depends what it is you know like if it's like an ad slogan that you're trying to come up again it's like it's in you but you just can't get to it because some external force is blocking it so in that state when you know you're dreaming and all you know there's no holds bar is basically you can do anything you want you can jump off the wall if you need to turn yourself into a lizard try that would help but maybe as a lizard's you could come up with a better idea maybe that's how they came up with geico so recovery we were talking about recovery this is mostly about physical recovery because you have to take care of your body already talked about that lacrosse ball actually so that is that my official release and how to get into those sort of tight spots ice people know that ice ice helps you recover because it helps with the inflammation, but there are ways to use it better. So the first one is that contrast shower that I mentioned before a contrast in general, if you could take the hot and the cold back and forth, it is more effective it sort of opening and closing, and almost in a way massaging those muscles. It will also help with hormone regulation, believe it or not, having that sort of hot in that cold, that contrast that helps you regulate melatonin, a couple other hormone responses compression on the skipper l a bit compression again is helping with stopping inflammation, sort of giving its support here muscles, but there's a way to make this even better, depending on what you're doing, even if it's just normal activity, even if it's something that not that yoga can't be extremely hardy, but something light generally like yoga might be, or cycling or weightlifting, get yourself a pair of compression tights. I mean full length tights and there's, some that are very, very cheap there's some that are much more expensive. They pretty much all do the same things this company called one hundred ten percent that is a really great company that makes these, but it effectively provides like a constant massage your legs and helps with circulation so that you don't have pooling and you don't have blood pressure issues, you can wear them when you fly, you can wear them after working out, you can wear them understanding for a very long day where you felt like you overdid a little bit and you can actually combine that with ice by putting ice packs in the compression tights, and you can wear these in regular life. You know, people wear spanx, right? You can wear compression tights, there's, nothing wrong with that actually making spanx for men these days. It's, right? Manx manx I don't know if that's what it's called, but they are, I think that's what they're called, I'm not wearing any promise, so the compression tights really kind of take it to the next level and they do it for you and you can sleep in them, but it feels weird the first time you put on there very tight, they feel like they're very tired. You almost feel like you're cutting off circulation, but you're not. They actually are very, very effective in helping you to recover, help you release lactic acid and just get back to a normal and then the other, the last two, which are again a little bit more of is our side is, er thing is one, so er thing is really, about re connecting us with the earth, and you can look at that on a very scientific level. You could also get that under very sort of wu level, so with er thing, the idea is that we wear rubber sole shoes, we work in buildings when we don't walk on the beach, and we don't walk in the dirt, and we don't have that sort of connection with the earth and the negative ions that is provided by the earth that help ionized us and keep sort of an electrostatic balance and keep ourselves healthy and moving around. A lot of people will report that if they take a walk on the beach or they walk on the grass somewhere, like they feel energized and there's a reason for that there is an electrical exchange that place so with earth thing they have things is basic is a wristband that you can wear that help you sort of ground yourself, there's mats that you can put under your desks to stand on, but you can actually use er thing sheets. Go on your bed fitted sheets were going to bed, and this is not electrifying yourself don't worry about that. Basically, you are playing in, but it's basically connecting to a ground source so that the flow of electrons can happen. And I assure you, if you have nothing to recover from, you will sleep better if you were sleeping on our things sheets, but if you need to recover, you will absolutely one percent recover faster and easier if you're using something like everything sheets that simple and then the last thing into recovery is electrical stimulation. So this is an electrical stimulation unit this one's called the slender tone you may have seen commercials where people have there abbs sort of vibrating and they're getting six pack abs the same concept except that this actually works so these pads would go on the muscles that you need to work and you know whether it's on the legs like that and you know that and then it provides an electrical current that helps contract and relax your muscles for you. So as far as recovery goes, it helps toe get blood flow in get lactic acid out, work those muscles and sort of you can use all these things together. You can put those pads in under the ice packs that air then covered higher compression tights and you'll be recovered from a marathon in about an hour and a half. But the other thing that you can use electrical stim for as well is recovering from a real injury and also retraining and new skill so very simply if we had some before talking about a shoulder injury if you can do an action one hundred times a second the right way you're goingto increase that ability to recover much faster so I'm doing a push up properly and up and down and up and down I did three or four in a few seconds that's great but if the muscles are working dozens or hundreds of times per second faster than that it's going to retrain that muscle memory and retrain that recovery much faster than you could ever possibly hope to if you want to do an olympic squad and you put them on your muscles and you go into that squat and then everything is just contracting and relaxing that much quicker you're going to train those pathways in a way that you never could any other way so all of that is wellness and I'm talked about sort of the baseline stuff I talked about a lot of bio hacking stuff the idea here again being that they're stressors that cause all sorts of things that happen I want to make you technologically more efficient so that you can have the time to do things but you have to be able to eat the way that you need to and sleep the way you have to and recover better from those stressors I can't drive that point home enough that it's not the way you respond it's the way you recover which could mean so many different things I think I've shown you

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