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How to Master Presets

Lesson 5 from: Black & White Photography Post-Processing in Lightroom CC

Serge Ramelli

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5. How to Master Presets

Lesson Info

How to Master Presets

so talking about presets, wise presets so important. Well, let me show you something. This is my book that's on Vinnie's. And so when you do book, the publisher asked me for 90 photos and ah, but if you look at it, all the photos are have the same tone value the same look the same feel normally preset. Gonna help you work faster. But they also help you to have a similar look. And that's super important when you do a big coffee table book. Because if you open one page and one is very wide and there is very contrasted, the other one is not so it helps me to go fast, and it helps me to have a look that's precise. Another photo. So anyway, you get the 50 year. The idea. It's It's the same feeling, you know, on all the food we have this dramatic sky. That's what the publisher love. That's what I'm known for. It's just time. That's for I give with galleries, and I would not be able to do that without using presets. So using preset is not just to be lazy. Using present is vital for look. I ev...

en use it in color. I've got, like a basic son preset. You know, just everything you do is think in terms of precept when you use light room because with camera you cannot save local adjustment tools and you can always liken presets, so it takes on a whole new level.

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