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Social Media That Reflects Your Brand

We're going to dig in to social media that reflects your brand, now you're chugging right along in time and I thought I gandered I'm going to pad this section a little bit because I'm going to disseminate this information and then I'm going to see where we go from there, 'cause social media has a way of taking on its own road and path. Okay so the thing I see on social media quite often is the same kind of pattern that I see when it comes to marketing which is conversations how to get more followers, I'm sure that there's a lot of advertisements, how to get more Facebook friends, how to get more Instagram followers, but I take a little bit of issue with that because I don't think that more followers is the answer. Why, well one I want you to have more followers, but I just don't want you to have more followers, I want you to have more of the right kind of followers, the amount of followers does not matter as much as the type of followers that you are attracting. So having people who ar...

e excited, having people who are engaged, having people who are just amped to be engaged with your account is what you want and I will tell you a thousand times over that your business will go farther with a smaller group of people who are highly engaged than having a massive amount of followers. Why, because social media is turning heavily to algorithms basically an algorithm is just an equation to determine what people want to see more of. So a nutshell version, if you post out something on Facebook you post something out on Instagram, and within a certain designated amount of time, we don't know how much that time is it's pretty secretive, they'll gage how many likes, comments, shares, you got and they'll determine that importance and based on that importance, will show it to more people based on organic reach. So if you have 20,000 followers and you routinely get 20 likes and two comments, or if you have 2,000 followers and you have 20 likes and two comments, all other things being equal, the person with the smaller following gets shown, why, engagement. It has been determined that that person is producing work that more people should see, therefore it is advantageous for the social platforms to show people what people want to see more of, so gone are the days of chronological I'm just going to post anything and people will see it, boot those are gone, in fact, if you post something just for the sake of posting it and nobody interacts with it, it could be detrimental for your organic reach, it just is what it is, so you can't say I'm cool my business is cool, I'm awesome, we already established that and we're not playing that game anymore. Okay so I feel confident talking about social media not because I feel like I'm a guru but simply because I use it and I use it quite often, I work hard to build my platforms, do hundreds of thousands of followers and I don't focus on just one platform, I try to feel like where is my power point but furthermore, where is my ideal client hanging out and how can I navigate him or her back to me. So I feel confident saying that social media moving forward for small business entrepreneurs is going to be the best way to grow your business, you're going to get the most bang for the smallest amount of money, this is technically the wild west, I feel so empowered because this is the advent of TV commercials, we are carving the way, we are out there yelling at people saying you guys this is where it is, and people are like, I'm never moving away from radio, but we know what happens, this is where it is and if you want to have a solid ground with very little money, this is where you want to play but it requires work. Now you're going to get noticed, you're going to be seen and these are things that we want. And I think if business owners have a social media message that doesn't match their brand, it's totally and completely detrimental, so so often we go back to when I see businesses talking about things that are polarizing or you can perhaps be this warm and fuzzy like you knit baby socks that's what you sell. And you have very ethereal messaging and then you can go on social media and you can post I'm having the worst day, if social media honks me one more time I'm going to flip them off, we see these types of social updates quite often and we have to remember that you can have your personal social platforms and you can have your business social platforms, if you are linking to your business social platforms from your website, I think it is the antithesis of what you want to do to build a tribe if you're bipolar in your social media endeavors. That is no disrespect to people with mental disabilities but it's very difficult to engage and have an understanding with a person who's on two different channels. So everything has to match across the board. So social media let's go back to how we started when we created the branding conversation, which is we want to help somebody, we want to empower somebody and we want to diminish fear. Now I don't think every social post needs to do that but it must be balanced, if it is all about you you you and you keep on saying I create value, no your social cues have to point back to the value that you create. So I want to get something out in the open, social media is a conversation, a real life conversation just happening on the internet. And people think that because it's happening on the internet that it's somehow not as real, I'm here to tell you that social media conversations are real, they are as real as real will ever get and it's like when you walk into a cocktail party, that's how I picture social media conversations and so when you walk into a cocktail party there's a good chance you immediately scan the room to feel like okay where am I going, what am I doing, I'm going to hang out. I should probably clarify, because if you're anything like me what you'll do is you'll walk in you'll scan the room, you quickly go over to grab a glass of wine, hang out by the fried food station, hide in the corner talk yourself out of it, you got this, you got this, you can do this, you can approach people, it's not weird, you're okay, yes these are the conversations that I have in my mind and then you go and you approach people. If I were to walk into, in the middle of the room or forgive me, if one of you were to walk into we're all hanging around and what you said was hey guys my products are awesome, I'm blessed by my products, I'm great, I'm creative, buy my products, I'm so fun, my products are on sale, I like long walks on the beach. (audience laughs) People would be like what is going on with this person this is so weird and these are the conversations I see by and large happening every day on social media. You're walking into the cocktail party and again hey guys my products are on sale, you guys look at this new product I just made, products cyber Monday, this is the conversation, then you wonder why is nobody talking back to me? Why is nobody leaving comments on my posts? Why is nobody leaving questions, well when was the last time you heard of somebody tuning into a TV station to watch commercials, it doesn't exist, right. So you have to offset your commercials by valuable information by entertaining information but resonating information, so versus walking into the cocktail party talking about all the things you do and saying you're just such a cute little cookie, I believe that if you were to speak to a small group of people and you were to listen to what they were talking about and you were to talk to them about things they liked and you were to give great insight, and you were to provide value based on the context in which they are having the conversation, well then people would talk back to you, it's a cocktail party. And this is precisely the same thing that happens on social media, you talk to a small group in the way they want to be spoken to by offering highly specialized feedback to the conversations they're already having, you win.

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Are you frustrated because you feel invisible no matter how much work you do to grow your business? Are you willing to do the work, but not sure which tactics will provide the best results?

Beyond taking risks, Jasmine Star understands the challenge of thinking like a creative, being a manager, and dreaming like an entrepreneur, and will show you how to balance those competing roles. In this class, Jasmine coaches you (ideally the entrepreneur with two to three years of experience) on how to reach the next phase of your business. Get ready to feel genuinely excited again about your business and build momentum by learning: 

  • Identification of your brand voice 
  • Website, social media, and design alignment 
  • Effective copy strategies 
  • Basic principles of website design for optimal results
Too often the instinct to grow your business is to be like everyone else, but the truth is you need to stand out to be successful. Gain clarity, encouragement, and confidence in this class to increase sales, visibility, and exposure. 


Lisa Jurkonis

I have followed Jasmine since she first started and I am not a photographer. But I loved how smart she was in helping her fellow photographers grow their business back then and her enthusiasm and professionalism! I have am a honeymoon designer and have used her vision to help with my own website. This boot camp was great! Yes, I am one of the people who watched it for free online. I would love to be able to purchase her materials/workbook, but unfortunately at this time, husband has been unemployed for the past 18 months and my business has been put on the back burner in order for me to go out and try to find a job. But I decided to go ahead and sign up for the class and watch it even though there were so many distractions. I watched the entire class and SO GLAD I DID! I'm ripping off the band-aid and starting my entire website over again thanks to Jasmine and Promise. I'm going to implement the tips that she gave us today and hopefully that will be enough to propel my business back into the limelight! So glad that I stumbled upon your website/blog 10 years ago. Thank you so much and continued blessings to you!


Wow, where to start. When you come to a class you're hoping you can learn just one thing, and it will be worth it - and I can tell you, in just the first 30 MINUTES of the class I had furiously scribbled down so many takeaways that everything else was gravy. And there was a LOT LEFT (that was all amazing). But let's be specific: the biggest thing I learned from Jasmine is how detailed and purposeful her ideal client is. Absolutely everything was chosen for a reason, and watching someone at this level talk about that was incredible. Also, I know what you're thinking: "Ideal client" is not a novel idea - HOWEVER! she makes it accessible. Her honesty and hard work shine through, and I can safely say I'm walking away from this class as a changed entrepreneur. I have a direction. I have a goal. I finally have a way to be purposeful about growing my business. THANK YOU Jasmine!!!!!!!!!11!one!!


Do yourself a favor! This was an amazing class! Jasmine knows how to bring out the best in her students. The concepts she embodies apply to so many other businesses. And her friend Promise is so caring and honest about the advice she gives on how to build a better website, in a world where our storefronts are turning more and more into an digital one. I am so charged up and ready to take my business to the next level. Jasmine is a tremendous business woman and has helped so many people over the years. And she has had that helping heart since day one of her business. Thanks Jasmine!