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The Five Fastest Way to Find Your Ideal Client

We don't get our ideal clients. We find our ideal clients. So, how do we do this? Well, we must go out and attract them. What often I hear, I feel, and have been victim of is this waiting, like, why isn't anybody coming to me? The world doesn't work like that. You must go to people. So, how do you find your ideal client? I'm going to be talking through the five steps. And you can find the worksheet, again, as we fly through this. We go into the closing portion of this, at Now I worked through this worksheet. And this is the things that I have done and continue to do so. And because I'm diversifying the business, I'm actually speaking as somebody who's currently doing the very thing I am asking people and participants of this class to do. So the fastest way to find your dream clients. I've outlined five ways. I know that there are more, but let's focus on five so we can digest them. And then modify as we proceed. So number one, make a list of where your dre...

am customer hangs out online. And I don't mean this esoterically. I literally mean, find what social platforms your client is using and then niche it out from there. So my main two go-to social platforms. Yes, I use others, but I had to consider my stronghold, Facebook and Instagram. So as a result, because I'm trying to look and see the conversation, see the pressure points that I believe my ideal client is having is I strongly think that Elle would be a member of the Being Boss Club in Facebook. So I went and I joined this page, this group. And I am just reading comments. I'm just seeing what they're talking about. And then I get to follow and see which are the posts that are getting the most engagement. When somebody says, "I can't believe X." I want to read the reactions. I want to hear what they're saying. I want to use their words. When we talked about how do you speak in a way that resonates? Well, listen to what they're saying. Use their buzzwords, break it down, speak to the squirrel. So once you know where they hang out. (laughter) That sounds awful, I don't know what. That's the one thing I picked up from this workshop, is talk to the squirrel. I have outlined five to seven Facebook groups that I think Elle could be a member of. And then I joined three. I could join all seven, but I'll get overwhelmed. I'll be too scattered. I join to kind of see where do I think that my business can serve best. I join those three Facebook groups. I sit back, I watch, and engage. And when I have something of value to engage with, to offer back, that's when I participate. And I do not say anything about my business. Unless I feel I have built a free opt-in, a highly valuable piece of content. I simply don't sell myself. So if somebody was in the Being Boss Club was like, "Has anybody done Facebook Live? "Do you think it's worth it?" I will answer a lengthy answer and say I think it's great, the organic reach, here is why, this is the way it's going. This is the proven methodology. There's more proven reach as a result of it. If you want to get a checklist to learn more, here's a link to something that I wrote about it that got great response. So I'm answering in the platform, respecting it, giving content, and if they want more I'll point them back. But I'm never just joining a conversation if I haven't shown my face in the group. And just banal conversation as well. So when somebody posts a picture of their dog wearing their branded logo t-shirt in a doggy wear, I'm like, "So cute." So I'm engaging before I'm actually asking people to go back to the site. Also, I follow a specific group of hashtags. One of them being Sophia Amoruso. She has kind of coined, Girl Boss. So I search the #GIRLBOSS hashtag. I also listen to her podcast. I want to know the things that are happening. And the way that it's resonating because I think she has her thumb on a very specific type of female entrepreneur. Somebody who I want to actually, kind of, dig in a little bit more. So I'm learning how they speak. I'm learning how they resonate. I'm learning the design. So that's gonna be it. Make a list. Now the main objective of any entrepreneur is to understand who you want to invest in your business and outline how to attract them in spaces they're already participating in. That's great news. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. The wheel is moving, the wheel has been invented. Hop on and run alongside it. Now you know who you're attracting. Now you know where they're hanging out. Then what I want you to do is, two. Start conversations with your ideal client. Now you're gonna have to probably be a little bit like Sherlock Holmes. You have to uncover clues. You can't simply jump into the cocktail party and start offering all of your valuable resources. I know that you are valuable. And I know that your business is amazing. But without setting the prerequisite, starting normal conversations the same way that you would start these conversations online. At a cocktail party, or online is what we're going to do now. So. When you attract customers by adding value, giving great insight, and building trust, and not selling what you do. This is not going to be the thing that you do initially. So if somebody, let's get into the next slide. So here we go. I want you to do the. How do you start conversations where you're going to leave meaningful comments on your ideal client's social media? So let's go back to the my social media platforms of choice to do a little bit of ground work, to do research and development. In these Facebook groups, I'm offering comments on people's dogs, people's vacations. People say, "Hey, I'm going here. "Do you have any advice?" Just yesterday, I came to San Francisco and listed, if you can choose one restaurant because I was feeling so sick when I came up here. And I was like, there's no way I'm eating. But I told myself in my mind, you're not leaving San Francisco without at least attempting a good meal. So I was like, I asked for advice. And you know how people responded? In mass. People helped and I was able to engage with conversations online. Now I also know that they were people who read the post and had been to San Francisco, and/or live in San Francisco, and made the concerted effort not to participate. Which is fine. But if you're running a business, and your ideal client, or somebody who you think you would love to work with is asking a question, that takes nothing from you. Except a few seconds. List a restaurant. Talk about what to do. J.D. followed this interior designer. And, when we were redoing our house. And a few weeks later he saw that she was staying at a hotel that we had stayed at. And he says, oh, on her Instagram account, you should try this restaurant, this restaurant, this restaurant. I haven't said anything before, but my wife and I are big fans. Come to find out, she follows my Instagram account. So we connected and I was like, "Oh my God." (laughter) So it was really cool. But that would not have happened had he just scrolled and said, oh we went there too. So this is great way to foster a real conversation with somebody I admire. And who knows, maybe would could work together in a professional capacity in the future. Okay. So the thing that we want to do now is we want to avoid the scroll. We want to be intentional. We want to remove ourself from judgment and instead, participate. So this is how we're going to do it. We're gonna give compliments and answer questions. Even if nobody is asking for an opinion, when you are just making yourself known is the most powerful piece that you can use on social media. So any time you like a Halloween costume, any time you like a pair of shoes, home decor. That looks like the best cappuccino that I've ever seen on Instagram. And I'm not saying be fake. I'm just simply saying the same way that I walked in here today and I think I complimented somebody on something. Oh, she was like a person that I worked with here in Creative Live before. I was like, girl, you look so good. I love that shirt. And that just came naturally. And yet, I find myself struggling to do that on Instagram. Struggling to do that on Facebook. And yet it means something as if it's a real conversation. So if your ideal client asks a question, I don't care how busy you are. Answer it. And you can't just say, "I did it once and nothing happened." Gotta do it again, and again, and again. Leona, where are you? There you are. Leona leaves comments. Leona participates. I went to Leona's website. I sat next to Leona at lunch. Did not realize who I was sitting next to. Maybe I was just, you know, I'm all over the place. So we're having lunch, blah, blah, blah. And she's like, "Jasmine, I'm Leona." I felt like I knew her, because she leaves comments consistently. We were like friends, immediately my guard went down. I was like, "Oh my god. It's so good to see you." Why? Not because I. Do I know her any better than I did 30 seconds earlier? No, but she had showed up consistently again and again. That is the power of social media. Then I want you to offer helpful feedback. Again, this is not pointing back to necessarily. It's just offering things that you think could be helpful. So if during the holiday season somebody's posting is like, "I love holiday gift wrap, but it's so expensive." Post, "I just saw Sugar Paper LA "partner up with Target and their line is really cute. "It just went on sale." She wasn't asking for discounted sources. She wasn't asking for sources in general. But if she expressed something, the underlying issue is, "Hey, have you noticed this?" And people feel like they are spoken to and validated in ways that you are seeing the undercurrent of their personal lives. And it humanizes your business. You're not saying I sell paper. You're not saying I'll wrap your gifts. You're saying I'm a life coach who cares about what you're doing and here's a link to great paper. She goes to your account, becomes social aware of who you are. He or she. Now the fastest way to engage with ideal clients is simply to show up and engage every day. Now I know this seems like lofty, and maybe this isn't your thing, for you that's tangible. But set your time. Say it's three days a week I set that much time. Four days a week. Every day I try to tap in to social media. And I do it with strategy. So I designate 10 to 15 minutes to engage in various Facebook groups. And 10 to 15 minutes to engage surfing hashtags on Instagram. Leaving comments, talking with followers, going back in my recent. I can't do it for everybody, but any time I get a new follow. In the morning, I'll open my phone. I go over to their account, I like a few photos and leave a comment. I am not following them in reciprocation. I'm simply just saying I see you. Thank you so much for that. But without saying, "I see you and thank you." I'm saying I like this photo, what a cute family vacation. So showing up consistently. There's like that story, it's really cheesy. And a Hallmark cards, it's like a grandfather and this like, little grandson. They're walking down the beach. And the boy throws one starfish in the ocean. And then another. And the grandfather turns to him, "Oh look at all the starfish." And he's like, "But I saved that one." (laughter) You know, I kind of feel like social media. You can't throw all the swordfish back. But if you touch one or two, you don't know the impact that that had said. I heard this powerful NPR story about a phenomenal child book illustrator. And he said that he had been in abusive relationship. His parents were both drug addicts. And nobody paid attention to him. And there was an illustrator who walked through his second grade class. And he was walking up and down the aisles looking at everybody's drawing. And this little kid looks up and he looks down at him and he says, "Nice cat, kid." And he said those are the nicest thing anybody had said to me in my entire life. And will remain the nicest thing anybody has ever said. Why still to this day was that the nicest thing anybody ever said to him? Because nobody paid attention to him before that. And yet after, that gave him enough courage to pay for his own illustrating education. And he has written hundreds of children's books, illustrating them all himself. He said that that one comment changed the trajectory of his life. We don't know the comments that. We don't know the power that we have to see somebody and say I see you and you're noticed. Very small and very powerful. Number three. We want to make a list of where your dream client hangs out in real life. So this is where the rubber meets the road because by and large now, you guys know. I'm introverted and I'm completely anti-social. So when I say these things, please know that it's, I mean it in a really, it's time to do the hard work way. 'Cuz it's fine talking back behind a computer. But going out in real life, makes it a little bit difficult. Now I say this and I say this with a level of pride. Because I'm not one to just sign up for events. And go by myself and figure all this stuff. But said, if I am using and surfing the Girl Boss hashtag on Instagram, how can I get involved with more of those people? Guess what happened. Sophia Amoruso is having an all female entrepreneur event in Los Angeles. Yeah. So I signed up. Because where did I do? I made a list of where my ideal client hangs out. And guess what? The event came to me. (laughter) So now I have to practice what I preach. And I will be there in about a month and a half. And I will be awkward and I will feel awkward. But I will see what people are wearing. I'll see what they're talking about. I'll have conversations. And I don't need to network with 200 people. I need to network with two. That's it. I'm gonna go and I'm gonna be where the hard work begins. I don't believe in networking. To me, networking exists, and I think it works if you're good at it in a peer to peer area. I do. Good for those who are, you know, extroverts, outgoing, start conversations. But I know that my skill set isn't to get business from peers. My business is to get business from clients. And do I understand that peers do some recommendations? Yes. And I believe it's valuable. But if I had to designate how much time I'm investing, 80% networking where my ideal client hangs out, 20% industry to industry. That's mine, but you can adjust accordingly. So now that we know where I compliment. When it comes to finding your dream customers, all you have to do is think of the things they do, and place yourself there. So if I was a life coach, there's a good chance that people. And I say this as somebody who practices yoga about six days a week. Yogis have a tendency to have like enlightened. They want to look at their inner self, personal growth. If I was at a yoga studio, and I sit next to me. And in the place I practice yoga you have to introduce yourself to who you're sitting around. Oh yeah, what do you do? Blah, blah, blah. I'm a life coach. That person probably wouldn't dive into it. She's like, I'm a life coach and I work with females, high performing females. Oh, cool, like what do you talk about? Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Then I see her the next week. Hey, Joni, how's it going? Good, I'm working with this entrepreneur. She's like amazing. She reminds me so much of you. Or this was a thing, remember we talked about a couple of weeks ago? The slow build up conversation so that if I didn't need Joni's services at that time, if I built a relationship and trust over time with where they hang out. Becomes a much easier sell. I also took a cooking class, which to. I mean, it was to no avail. It was like a waste of money. I was just go, and I was like, can I just taste things? (laughter) I'm not good in the kitchen, it's just how it is. I've relinquished those roles to my husband, who is a phenomenal cook and he loves being it. I was like, great, done. We're balancing out these home and domestic roles. So I sign up for my friend and we go to this cooking class. And across the table, it's these big square tables. And across the table there was a lady who was a pastry chef. And I thought, you're a pastry chef. What are you doing here? And she's like, "Well, they're very different." Which made me look like an idiot. (laughter) I mean, like, of course I know that. Savory, sweet, the whole nine. And she was like, "I just kind of want "to refine this, and I do that. "And I just opened a bakery." And I thought to myself, you are so smart. You're coming to a place where people appreciate food, have expendable income, dispendable income to spend, who will go somewhere for an experience. She just opened a bakery. Guess who's buying stuff from her bakery? (laughter) Because I feel like I have a personal connection. She put herself where she needed to be. Bravo. Loved it. I didn't feel sold to. I was like, how serendipitous. Amazing. She was probably being very intentional. I applaud her for that. So if you're having a hard time finding where you need to be, right? You're, Jasmine, well, I don't know. We have no excuses. I read an article in Fast Company magazine. So when I fly a lot of places, I'll get Entrepreneur, Fast Company, INC. Or I-N-C inc., whatever, let's just pretend. Like I-M-C, I just call them my own thing. (laughter) Inc., let's talk about the places that they recommended. So this is directly pulled from them. Facebook. The newest updates to Facebook, is they want people connecting online and offline. So you'll see now, that they're prioritizing you can browse updates by date and by category. Do you want to go to a concert? What date? They'll list it all around you. Secondly, Meetup. This connects people based on niche interests. So do you like underwater basket weaving and you're in San Jose? Great, this is for those oddities. But if you have a very niche, niche, niche market this is a great, great, great place. Bumble. So Bumble, is the female version of Tinder. So Bumble is where women choose who they want to go on a date with. So they get to swipe right or swipe left. And the guys cannot talk with them. Well, it was met with such success that they launched Bumble BFF. So that if you go to a city and you want to make new friends, you want to network with other girls in this city. And then that was met with so much success, that they're going to be launching later this year Bumble Buzz, which is networking based to geography. So you get to figure out, read quickly, of who you want to start networking with. Create little groups around that. Super easy. Super wonderful. No nonsense. You get to go by topic, age, demographic, industry. Oh shoot. Slack. No, I know people use Slack as a messaging app. But I thought was really interesting that, Slack has hashtags. Hashtags like #BlackMenInTech. And because it's such a niche market that they get all follows similar conversations. And they're now meeting up for networking events based from a messaging app that people all use in their individual companies. And because #BlackMenInTech is so rare, they're now having conversations that are actually bringing it to life. Lastly, MeetMe. Recently ranked as a top mobile app for millennials. MeetMe helps users find people to chat with on location and interest. So basically this is like the younger, cooler version of MeetUp. But MeetMe recently acquired Scout. I'm very into tech stuff. I know it's dorky. But they acquired Scout. And Scout's going to allow you to network with people if you travel somewhere. So let's say you go to Italy. And you're just like, "Hey, I'm going to be traveling to Italy. "I like photography. "Can anybody like meet up for like a night shoot?" Those people will be meeting up on geographic locations based around that. I thought that was very cool. Yes. I just had a quick suggestion. Great. To add to, if you don't have a Meetup or anything in your area. If you're from the Midwest or something. Then just start your own. That's what I did and it worked out really well when I was doing game development a couple of years ago. And everybody came to me. And I was-- So talk to me, but the short version. So you said there's a gap. Gaming industry in the Midwest. Well, that was the example. If you were in the Midwest. Wherever you are-- Right, right, right. If there's not a meet up about something that you're interested in, to do with your business. Then just start your own. And even if 10 people show up, just treat them really great like you would friends. And you'd be surprised how those ripple effects over six months, there might be 15 people there. And you also put yourself at the center of it. And you look like the genius that organized it all. Yes. So. (laughter) And I like how you said if just 10 people show up. Let me tell you, J.D. and I hosted this like, networking event and we invited so many people. I paid to rent a room in Orange County. We had floating hor d'oeuvres and drinks. And I was like, this is gonna be a thing. Frickin' six people showed up. (laughter) In a room that's three times this size. I was so humiliated. I wanted to die a thousand deaths. I was like, "Hey, bartender. "Pour me another one." (laughter) I was so embarrassed. The fact that you got 10 to show up in your first one, is mad swag. (laughter) If you have three, be thankful for three. Because three seeds. And let me tell you something. Let me tell you the silver lining to this story, is that a little while later, when I took down all the pretense. And I just said, hey, yo. I have a club. I have like a neighborhood clubhouse. Like, we went and got Mexican soda. Like, that's cheaper than the generic. We're like, got Mexican soda, put it on ice. We brought out some fold-out chairs. Over 200 people showed up. And we consistently held those events for free for people just to network in the photo industry for months on end. And exactly what you said, I look like a genius for setting up. Little do people know that I planned a couple flops. (laughter) But it works. You be the leader. You position yourself in a place of authority, in support positions do extraordinarily well. Thank you for that insight. Love it. So now, the action is. Now that you are saying this is where they hang out. That's not enough to know where they hang out. That's not enough, whether it be physically. I want you to find a new event at least once a month. Now this is for the people who are in the hard hustle. This is the people who are like, I'm at a point in my business where it's not working. Now I know that there is another people who are kind of just getting it off the ground. Maybe you don't have to go once a month. But definitely make an active effort. Now if you're in the hustle mode, once a month is where you need to be. Opportunities show up that you just aren't aware of. Number four, stay current with what your dream customer is watching, reading, and doing. So the most compelling effort. Now we know, the most compelling marketing speaks to a people, speaks to our customers the way they want to be spoken to, offers value, and insight. So, if I was targeting an 18 year old female, I might make an allusion on my social media to the MTV Music Awards. That's what they're watching. That's where they are. I might be surfing that hashtag and find the next new raving meme. You bring that to your Facebook page and all of a sudden people look at you as like, oh she gets it, oh he gets it. Even if that's not your demographic. It's who you're servicing and they begin to trust you. If I was targeting the 40 year old male, who is interested in political activity, I might link from my Facebook page something to CNN. An article on CNN that I found compelling. Because he might think that was really helpful. Once we know where they're at, and once we speak their language, let's provide helpful conversations of where they are personally. Because the more you talk with your dream customers, the more you build trust. But talking is hard. Talking is difficult. And talking is vulnerable. You put yourself out there and you ask a question. And then nobody answers. Yeah, that's hard. That's hard. But the minute that one person answers, you respond to that comment. And then the next time you ask a question, another person answers and then you respond. And not only do that first person who gets a response on your Facebook page. You're going to go over to their account or you're going to drop them a message. You're like, hey, I really appreciate it. I hope you have a great day. That took you five seconds and what did that mean to the person? A lot. A lot. A lot. Five, we're going to contribute to podcasts, blogs, and resources. So I make no joke how uncool I am. And I always use it as an excuse that I was homeschooled. But like, literally, I knew nothing of the world until I was 14. Like, I was like those movies that, you know, like our parents kept us like, on a bus. And we just traveled around. Except without the bus and without the traveling. But either way, I was totally secluded in my parents garage. And I read my way out of pretend buses. So when somebody had first introduced me to Flavor Flav, I was like, who is this guy? And like, why is he wearing so many clocks? (laughter) So this is the thing I found. If you don't know who Flavor Flav is, let me tell you. He was basically the hype person for, I was going to say a rap company. Wow. He was a hype man for some rappers called Public Enemy. Any time Public Enemy went out, he was the person who just got people excited. Like, "Hey boy, what time is it?" It's like, "Here we go. "We're going. We're going." And I thought to myself, we all need Flavor Flav in our lives. (laughter) We all need to possess Flavor Flav. Like, what time is it? Time to sell. (laughter) That's what we're about to do. We need to get people excited for the thing that we're about to sell. And yet we don't get, we don't go to excitement. We go to the sell. Get people excited, build the anticipation. And then go to the sell. So the best way to create excitement is to position yourself as an authority, who is willing to share your valuable insight with people. This goes back to what Jacob said. When he became the first person to gather 10 people around, he immediately became an authority. By no other reason that he typed in a few words in a chat room and resulted in 10 people showing up. And then when people show up, he had to probably decide, oh we got to do something. And so he shared valuable insight. We don't know what that valuable insight was. Could be 10 minutes chat. So now he's positioned himself as an authority. And what can do on social media is, I gathered 10 other professionals in our area. And this is what we spoke about. And you ask somebody to take a picture of you as you speak. And what did you just do? If people are more interested, come out. If you are interested with what you spoke about, you write a blog post. So last week we met at a pub. These are the things that we spoke about. I look forward to the next one. Do you see how all of this is just a cycle of getting out in front of people, positioning yourself as an authority who is willing to share your valuable insight? And the more people who discover your valuable insight, the easier it becomes to point people back to your business. So you create valuable insight. And that's going to be your next assignment. We've already spoke about the five copywriting secrets, right? We know how to get people now. We know how to offer value. And once we start doing this on a consistent basis, we're going to build a cache of valuable insight. So, so much so that when we become confident and authoritative in the role that we play, we can now reach out to other audiences that are larger than ours that can point people back to the thing that we do. So examples of this. I started building out entrepreneur content for over a year before anybody even gave a rip of what I was doing. And suddenly, after doing this work I launch an Instagram for a business course. Which, for no other reason that I had the course position me as authority. I did nothing different. I simply said, I am selling a course. And people started calling me an Instagram expert. Funny. (laughter) That's how it works. Okay, I got it. So as being an Instagram expert, people were asking me to come on podcasts. To create resources. To contribute to new media outlets. And guess what I am saying? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I haven't said no. I stay up. I wake up extra early to get the work that I need to done. Why? Need to get done, why? Because I need more people on this site. When we go back to this ideology of burning the list. If you don't want to come with me, Boo, that's fine. I wish you all the best, but I'm going. And if my tribe cuts in half. If my tribe cuts by two-thirds. If my tribe cuts down to nothing. I'm not afraid of the hustle. I'm going to build it up in other ways. And how do I do that? Contributing to other people without expectation who will help position me as an authority. That's what I want you to do. Now this again, we're going back to this. Now this is the 40 foot view. Because you're always like, you're going from, Oh my God. I thought I had to create a view. And now I have to write all of these articles. We're giving you the big picture. We're going to build a cache. You're going to define your voice. You're going to get people talking about you as a professional that you do. And once people perceive you as a professional as what you do, then you can go. Can you? I had this opportunity to be on a podcast called The Art of Paid Traffic with Rick Mulready. Now, I know nothing about paid traffic. I just started learning about paid traffic. I have no insight on the matter. That is just a fact. But I listen to his podcast and I learn a lot of stuff. And then there was one where we were talking about a few things. And he was talking about visual content. And he's like, you don't need to hire a photographer. You don't need to do this. You don't need to do that. And I was like, oh, whoa, whoa. Hold up. We need to have a conversation. So I reach out to him and I said, hey, I know that this works for your audience. Are you willing to have somebody else come and talk with you about numbers. About how and why professionally done photos and videos out perform ads that don't have a person's face. And that look like they're lacklusterly. I just added that word, made up that word. Captured. And he's like, sure. So I positioned myself. I said, this was my launch. This is how much I spent in ads. This is what I did. I'm open to share this with your audience, on the condition that I have this forum that I can freely speak about this. He's like, sure. Went on. I am completely and totally unqualified to be on a podcast about paid traffic when I know nothing about paid traffic. But I know what performs well on Facebook. I know what people clicked. I know how much each ad costs me. And it was pennies. That's what I know. And that's the conversation we had. Am I an expert in it? No. But do I know it works? Yes. And I will share the little I know. And he exposed me to a whole new audience. That's just one podcast of many. And that's what I want you to do. So now what we're going to do. We're going to list three topics you're confident sharing with a new audience. What do you do? Do you make great cookies? Do you offer the best business advice? Do you know how to decorate a table for Christmas? Do you know how to plan the perfect Easter egg hunt? Sky's the limit. Do you know how to find the right type of sand paper for a cabinet? Whatever you are so confident, this is what we're going to start. This is just the idea wheel house. This is where we're going. We're going to talk about sharing this with a new audience. You might not share these topics with a new audience. But you're going to write them. And you're going to get the wheels turning. You're get attention back to where you are. And once you have this content, then you're going to list three blogs you're going to pitch your story to. And three podcasts that you're going to pitch your story to. And three magazines or e-zines. Print is extraordinarily difficult. It is like the 1% of the 1% of the 1% who actually gets in print. But there are a lot of new e-zines. Sway Media is a new magazine that came out. They had no presence except for the fact that she was like a contestant on Miss America. She was like a runner-up. And like Miss Wisconsin or something like that. And she got investors to invest in this online magazine. She got Series-A funding, over $100,000. And she's like, I'm starting this thing. Can you come on? And be like a social media representative? She has no audience. It doesn't make any sense for me to be there. But I said yes. Because any new audience 10, 20, 30, 100, will be new, entirely new to me. And what is she doing? She's publicly validating me as a social media brand strategist. I'll take it. I'll do it for 10 people. 'Cuz if 10 people I had no access to, to begin with. We're gonna dive into Q and A. I just threw a lot on you right now. But these are five ways, five action steps. That was a 40 foot thousand view. And guess what's gonna happen during our homework? During our 30 day plan of action. One day. All we're doing is listing our topic. That's all. One day. And then the next day, you're going to pick one of the three topics. And then you're going to work backwards on the copywriting five steps. But now, we're going to start off with outlining. What's my attention grabber? How am I going to reel them in? We're not going to be intimidated. Each day is just one thing. We're not going to overwhelm anybody. And guess what? There's a good chance that this isn't going anywhere. There's a good chance that the work you put in for the 30 days is not going to get picked up by a podcast. There's a good chance it's not going to be printed in print. But all this is doing is getting your feet underneath you. It's teaching you the pattern, so that when you are ready and opportunity beckons luck. What the head says, luck is when opportunity meets preparation.

Class Description

Are you frustrated because you feel invisible no matter how much work you do to grow your business? Are you willing to do the work, but not sure which tactics will provide the best results?

Beyond taking risks, Jasmine Star understands the challenge of thinking like a creative, being a manager, and dreaming like an entrepreneur, and will show you how to balance those competing roles. In this class, Jasmine coaches you (ideally the entrepreneur with two to three years of experience) on how to reach the next phase of your business. Get ready to feel genuinely excited again about your business and build momentum by learning: 

  • Identification of your brand voice 
  • Website, social media, and design alignment 
  • Effective copy strategies 
  • Basic principles of website design for optimal results
Too often the instinct to grow your business is to be like everyone else, but the truth is you need to stand out to be successful. Gain clarity, encouragement, and confidence in this class to increase sales, visibility, and exposure. 


Lisa Jurkonis

I have followed Jasmine since she first started and I am not a photographer. But I loved how smart she was in helping her fellow photographers grow their business back then and her enthusiasm and professionalism! I have am a honeymoon designer and have used her vision to help with my own website. This boot camp was great! Yes, I am one of the people who watched it for free online. I would love to be able to purchase her materials/workbook, but unfortunately at this time, husband has been unemployed for the past 18 months and my business has been put on the back burner in order for me to go out and try to find a job. But I decided to go ahead and sign up for the class and watch it even though there were so many distractions. I watched the entire class and SO GLAD I DID! I'm ripping off the band-aid and starting my entire website over again thanks to Jasmine and Promise. I'm going to implement the tips that she gave us today and hopefully that will be enough to propel my business back into the limelight! So glad that I stumbled upon your website/blog 10 years ago. Thank you so much and continued blessings to you!


Wow, where to start. When you come to a class you're hoping you can learn just one thing, and it will be worth it - and I can tell you, in just the first 30 MINUTES of the class I had furiously scribbled down so many takeaways that everything else was gravy. And there was a LOT LEFT (that was all amazing). But let's be specific: the biggest thing I learned from Jasmine is how detailed and purposeful her ideal client is. Absolutely everything was chosen for a reason, and watching someone at this level talk about that was incredible. Also, I know what you're thinking: "Ideal client" is not a novel idea - HOWEVER! she makes it accessible. Her honesty and hard work shine through, and I can safely say I'm walking away from this class as a changed entrepreneur. I have a direction. I have a goal. I finally have a way to be purposeful about growing my business. THANK YOU Jasmine!!!!!!!!!11!one!!


Do yourself a favor! This was an amazing class! Jasmine knows how to bring out the best in her students. The concepts she embodies apply to so many other businesses. And her friend Promise is so caring and honest about the advice she gives on how to build a better website, in a world where our storefronts are turning more and more into an digital one. I am so charged up and ready to take my business to the next level. Jasmine is a tremendous business woman and has helped so many people over the years. And she has had that helping heart since day one of her business. Thanks Jasmine!