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Final Review

Lesson 27 from: Building and Using DIY Lighting Gear

Kevin Kubota

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Lesson Info

27. Final Review

Lesson Info

Final Review

We do a real quick review right kind of kind of just going over rapid fire what we covered just kind of refresh your memories what we did and what those tools could actually used for should be used for can be used for so we started off our day one with building our scrim and we start with that because that was one of our most useful tools if you could bring that for me kitten we'll throw that in one more time it's ah it's a great all around tool the door scream scream I've got a list here that's gonna help yes once you get tired of the pvc and pulling the pipes apart westcott makes one called a scrim gym which is one that I really love that's much thirty year and nicer but this is a great tool to have in a starter I have several professional scrims but then I've also made extras of these for those rare occasions when I need more than two three four of the of them you know you never know so if you don't wantto you know you can't afford to invest in six of them because you maybe once a y...

ear you use six of them make a few men use the other ones but the nice things about the pro ones again or that they they're easy to come apart they're really really sturdy and it just looks a little better when you're out now in the field, but this is a very useful tool, so make sure you make those because we use that for a lot of different stuff. Then after we made that we made v flats, which is what? These were cut from the flat's all around useful studio to tool. They're basically just a phone court with either white on white or white black take him up, come down later, but essentially just one scene and you're good to go with the flats and those by themselves could just be reflectors make me feel like you to make him into shapes to kind of bounce light, make a little window and like we did shoot through it for a ring like kind of a field and then we made a soft box. Yep. Here's, our soft bucks looks pretty ghetto but heck, give me something to play with and this we made this from a bring from a toilet department. This is a this is a poll, basically is what is right that was kind of discovered on fund that plumbing department walking through and it works pretty well. Your flash goes right in the middle, we duck tape everything else around it and the foam core and those instructions and cutting guides for all this, and then I just found an l bracket, stuck it on their bolted it on and now we have my yourself box, the diffusion fabric again. Just nylon parachute cloth seimas we used on our scrims. Next was the snoot made a snoot, which I just took off here made out of a toilet paper roll. And you can use that. We got a lot of great ideas for this new from our audience to out there using a pringles can using soda cans using ah solo cups to put on their using a longer tube to tighten the snoop. Maybe a short, too, because a little bright broader being so there's, just depending on how the dimension and the length would change the being pattern that's also really cool thing to go a little bit out of the way to give you a little bit more space and my by photo booth. Here we go. All right, way. Awesome. My name with photos with after the snoop was your handy dandy cam stabilizer core jammed stabilizer cord. We did a, uh I showed you my little camp, steve, of course, which is just not a build per se, but just something was kind of cool, too. Hook to your camera when you're out and about which could be used a couple ways, I hooked this to the bottom of my camera to the tripod flake. And I put a pulley on here to show how it could be used for video but little even made a loop on the bottom and just hooked on your foot and this cam it's got a nice because you just pull it and it locks in place and then you press this little button and it releases so these air can be useful for all kinds of things in your d I like it, but primarily it's a nice quick adjust told about your camera and what I found is when you put in the bottom the camera like that that upward tension holds it pretty steady. So when you don't want to bring a tribe bobby, you do want a steady yourself a little more than normal. This works like a works like a charm. Okay, then we made the milk milk jug background light, which was basically are half moons shaped white reflector that throws light just all in the wall. So you can you're like a pretty close to the wall and it still evenly illuminates up and all around thanks somebody drank the milk jug thing so all right, then we made a beauty dish, right? We cover that yet. Thank you. So this is ahh serving bowl from the food supply company that a spray painted white make sure you buy paint that's made for plastic and a glass white paint you could try flat white but it wouldn't reflect as much cut a slice window in the back of the size of a speed light head ben those back and attach some sticky rubber foot bumpers on here so that when I put on the flash of the rubber band on the head it just kind of grips onto the head like that made a giant shower cap out of some nylon and black elastic that fits over the front to diffuse and soften the light this is a beautiful little thing like ok we also made some speed tubes lights first some tube lighting for speed lights and we cut holes in the end pop the speed light in there tried a couple different sizes and these were really nice for edge lights if you're using like a sort of a strip bank might use this kind of serve the same purpose is a very narrow strip bank on the side thank you these air four inch tube is just mailing tubes it's a three inch tube about three to four feet long you were on there makes a nice nice light beautician recovered beauty dish what else was next we have the collider light to light a lady's yeah it was grooving on the collide alight my light was fun uh basically basically it's a kaleidoscope and this is just a little tweet kaleidoscope of god for three four bucks that was but putting the flash on this in and I experimented with putting the flash and either in to see what I got putting on this in the big in worked and projects of really nice being by the back. And the nice thing about it is every time you shake it to rotate it, you get a different pattern. So it's, uh, ever changing background light it's kind of groovy in sixties and six. Sixteen glass, one of the cheapest thing we did today other than the toilet paper roll and one of the finest right. Whoa light or the human light tent? The wallow lights. Yes, we got two of our scrims here and put them side by side. You have to bring them both out, it's. All right, so but two side by side. Um, make sure the join is covered in middle. And then we lit from behind so that we had big, even wall like one of the one of my favorite shots that I did with this. It was outside. And this kind of desert e playing imagine really vast open desert playing with a little tree line in the back is kind of surreal, kind of landscape and was getting down towards sunset so it's kind of like low limited light and then I had this big wall we did a scene, we actually put a couch and some old vintage furniture out here in the middle of desert scene on a young girl on this like this vintage private school type dresses like like she was a time traveler is kind of what we're coming up within this lighting from this was just really beautiful it's like the soft glow on her and it's just look really cool. Um yeah, that was that way did the light tent where we took those two same things put one up one across the top and then a white v flat on the other side and that became a great way to encompass for like, a three quarter shot it's nice and soft and yet directional and one of the uses for that, especially with the outside in the sun when you have nothing to use for shea, don't have much to do is say you want to do a bunch of portrait ce outside you could set that up in one spot in the sun just move people in now really simple, clean, nice directional light but it also were great in a studio which is a single speed light blasting up from the top corner over the top and the sides of that scream then we did a back flip the backlit wall yes uh again lindsey adler I think is one of the best known for using the backlit wall in her fashion work and it's really awesome for your chance to watch her her work on that she's really fun to watch and the back that wall is basically taking ours are single scream that we did again and blasting like behind it but putting your subject close to it is really important so if caitlin's my subject she's going to stand like that and they're behind it will blast it with light from behind and then use feel like from the front which we use my luna grip disc older light for the front light on that that makes a variable being liked thie caved in cooperator kid cooperators which is also known as pez so it was a little fungal tip this through in there you put that on top of your camera if you shave it off just a little bit, it fits right into your hot shoe on now you've got a so if daniel wasn't smiling, it would have to use this on her you slide that to the hot shoe and then when they cooperate bigot candy then then we have the mobile shooting cart which we did have some requests to see that again mobile shooting car yeah that's the set up here and basically took a your standard luggage cart all screwed over more we can see it here and strapped my backpack on there put the hit belt part of the pack around the back so it kind of counter balances itself gives me access to both sides of the pack were camera can sit right in the top extra lenses and stuff and it doesn't even touch the ground so I can move this but having a life stand mounted v a a a tv gun rack holder for I got from the sporting goods store I strapped one of those on there and that holds the light stand sturdy I've got it also buckled in at the bottom the light stand so this whole contraption now can roll and move wherever you want to go to go shoot it's easier your camera, your lighting, your light stand one shot deal it moves and this could have a beauty dishing on in your light box or whatever and ready to go so it's a for shooting events and moving around quickly this is a pretty fun will set up where light the shop plait sub light bring light yes, we took led shop lights for foot shop light a special deal that I found at lowe's department store uh I got it and bolted them together with some l brackets to make a square knot that we decided that keeping them separate herbal with each having it own plug means I can take it apart use one light to lights or maybe stack all four to make one big, strong powerful bright light right here turning horizontally you've got a nice facial light like that turned sideways you can a little light that way but acts like a basically like a soft box in itself without square okay finally made her photo booth and that was a experiment we put it together it worked and we got some fun photos from it just again keep you guys thinking and that's kind of the the whole point of my classes last two days is to hopefully inspire you guys too think about what you can do with light to think about creating your own uh d I y tools maybe one of your d I y tools to be a production tool someday, you know, but I think that the biggest thing is that it's your entry point into playing with light and that's so important, especially photographers out there if you just you're watching and you're just starting and you're you're thinking how much can I afford lighting here? Uh this is the way to do it this is the way to get started until you can afford it and that was that's exactly how I started my career I really had no money except for a borrowed camera from my dad, but I had no lighting gear, no education, I went to the bookstore figured it out, and I saw these all these things in these books and magazines, all these lighting tools, and I would look at the prices of buying those like there's no way I can't do this uh, so I decided, well, I got to get started somewhere, so I started building stuff from corps would took a few shots, they worked got some some images in my portfolio got some paying jobs and that enable need to buy better year, but I never would have got into it. I don't think if I wasn't able to make my own stuff because I was starting in shooting studio, studio, studio, lighting, my garage that's kind of what the calling was at the time, so that's that's kind of what I would encourage you guys to do and that's what I've been here for last two days and it's it's fun for me to hear the stories in the feedback from people who say I made this and I loved it and that got me into photography or that gave me new ideas that lead to something else. So that's what it's all about? I think this is sharing what we know and helping other people's get a get a foot up and get a leg up you're going to love it, kevin. Just fantastic class. Thank you. You know, you're doing this sort of both with me putting up with this lover. Yeah, post that we'll edit that part. It's better than the other. What I took of you in a dark oh, yeah ok, way do here for the love of education but it's not just us here in the room that has been really enjoying this class. I want to read out some things that people have been saying double m studio says kevin cobb ota is the macgyver of lighting loved this class absolutely usually earthworm gets a shadow absolutely loved the pvc scrim and we'll make one soon great idea with the the last court as well. Thank u s dea mama says my mind is blown was so intimidated by lighting now I just want to play and again that's really? The goal here is to get out there and play and have access to tools that you can make on your own, you know? And I think right now, this time, you know, this really inspires our creativity, tio just get going and get out there. Yeah, so about twinkle lights looking too with led twinkle lights yeah, so many things that's a thing just let go and start playing with light that's what we do here as photographers just want to take a minute to thank a lot of people who go into making this class happen. As with every creative live class. So first of all, I want to thank some of our general sponsors here a creative live we love white house custom color and they are often providing us with things to put up on our walls, beautiful images go check them out his backdrops we used for thank you in the fall backdrops with little circles from the other day from the first day exactly from the white house white house custom color on door wgc it was a bit limelight. We're talking all about light limelight makes us look good here in our studio so thanks to them and auto rama is always a place that you can go and find aa lot of gear s o check them out as a well, I want to thank our creative live audience that's all of you out there all over the globe who tune in you're the reason we're here, you're the reason that we continue to be here, so thanks for joining us for this class. The korean of live crew can't do this without all the folks that make this class happened a special shout out this time it too caitlin, who is ducking over there to our production assistant, caitlin and daniella production sister who has been our model for this class is so multi talented you? Yes. They have been working hard for you guys out there, showing you how it's done want teo, give a thank you to our three in studio audience members. Thank you for coming and being here with us. Assisting. Thank you for not cutting any fingers off. Awesome there's still time, though awesome are still tough. And finally, of course. Thank you. To mr kevin, cambodia. We love having you here. Incredible. I've, kevin, you are always a pleasure to work with and a true educator at heart. And so it's, another under obama this class. Oh, thank you so much. How do you think? Yeah, um, well, mom, dead know everything. But I do want to thank westcott for working me with on our new project and giving me lots of great lighting year over the years to work with her. Where can people go find your proto, get get the lunar group? If you want to get the lunar grip, if you wanna be one of the first ones to get ahold of that, the only place to get one right now is, is that um, kevin, cambodia, dot com forward slash kk live and you can, uh, there's a little icon for the lunar grip. You click on it, and you can get on to the v I p list to be the first ones to get that's the only place to get him yet. Michael westcott, wescott love westcott. I love w c c way have so many companies that support you know what we do. And I think it's just really important to remember that a lot of these programs this wouldn't happen if you didn't have the sponsorship court. So it's not it's, not just a name out there. These big companies that actually believe in what we're doing and believe in education and believe in you guys, photographers. So there's a lot of there's, a lot of big heart behind some of these companies, and we kind of forget that they're not just cos they're people driving him. So just like you and me, we're people, too. Maybe nobody's. What were people?

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