Creating Intricate Animals Part 1


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Creating Intricate Animals Part 1

Ok are you guys ready to do the panda yeah ok so I'm softening up or working needing loving grassing not pressing crashing white will need to soften up some black are you having a good time or you just going here okay, here we go it's cleared is yours I practiced this morning and a few other days before that and then a few other years and you know when you're learning and you're what in your working along and you're in a class it doesn't always come together sometimes you need to kind of step back be by yourself think about it and then all of a sudden you got uh yeah there's a difference ok, so I've got my white workable let me think for a minute black kids okay had my nice little models all made in there not yet but ken's know they have whitehead's they have a white head there white head okay so we've got that softened if I'm going to go ahead and soften up the black now too or at least part of it and a black face yeah okay let me wipe my hands because I touched that black and then I'...

m gonna touch white and I'm gonna end up with gray I'll do that dry and method did you like that? Okay so I want to divide my white into thirds so one third is the head two thirds is the body and look at what that I say about the black even though I washed I still got black in it all full bed in and try it again for the body we're going to start with a round ball everything starts with a round ball so every time I say start with the ball it's just what it is I'm going to cone it a long gated and cone it ok and let's set it so it has a a sturdy base let's do our head this is where most of our work is going to come in is on the head we're going to make this around if they have a really round head I like that pretzel idea makes me want to go get a pretzel immediately and try it ok then I'm got my ball it's going to set up where we hear a little bit I'm going to take a little bit of the black get it worked let's roll it out roll it out fairly thin that's okay, peel it off our surface let's use our heart shaped cutter thiss little heart shaped cutter is great for not only the skirt but faces for a pandas for our monkeys all that kind of stuff getting it out of the cutters an issue sometimes I got a warm it up let's come over here to our our head okay, now I've pressed that heart and I kind of press it out a little bit, so I have a little more of a work area right into the ball. Ok, now then we need to make, um, white eyes, which means I've got to clean the black again. Black is a great color, but black is one of those colors that you know, if it misses even a fraction you comptel, whereas other colors you can kind of get away with not having it be so perfect start with the small ball, so I'm making eyes, so I want to have, um they don't have to be super huge because they just don't have to be, but we're going to put black in the centre of the's eyes, so it's got to be a little larger than just a black dot or a white dot divide that in half is perfectly as you can got the hot hand thing wrong, and I'm going to attach that dot right up there in the heart portion attach I say, try that again see the right side supposed to be easier because I'm right handed yet I had to redo it, keep him round, they have a wide eyed, innocent look to him, take a small piece of the black I need a little larger than that let's divide this in half so listen the frozen photographer would like to know does the modeling chocolate work with the forms you used with the funding if you chill it after you put it in they will work with the funding those same yep you can use modeling chocolate in it you can use gun pace you can use fondant you can use cookie dough butter just not kanosh nice yeah ok let's make some ears so I'm going to go for a little larger ball they have little tiny black ears there years aren't super big kind of like the hippos not his biggest the mouse and let's divide that little ball and half and let's put come on eighty dennis would like to know can you paint on the chocolate uh you can with cocoa butter it doesn't paint with the vodka as well as fondant thank you because there's so much fat in it so you if you paint with a cocoa butter and then let's use our our tools again to attach those ears okay now than for the muzzle the muzzle is white and it's kind of round but it's not perfectly round so we want to soften up the white again because that's what we loved to do soften up for stuff I probably just blended chocolate in or black I did okay not too bad so it's sort of round but then we kind of all belong at just a touch and that's a little too large and sometimes when you're working that's what you'd literally have to do is you do it and then you're like oh truce too large then it's well it's sticky reattach it and pandas have a little square knows or uh not a square they have a triangular knows and this is where I'm going to go back in with our tool that we made from the straw and I'm going to add I do it this way you can see better I'm going to add a little little mouth little smile little mustache ok now that's my head and what I want to do is I just want to go ahead and let that sit over here and then we'll go ahead and start on arms and legs can you see that now I'm softening up my chocolate or not my chalk will yeah chocolate the black chocolate and it is chocolate uh smells good. This was the dark chocolate I started with and then added the black food color too so it smells good. I'm going to divide this piece that I have into not quite thirds but a little one's going to be not quite even and so the larger section I'm going to use for the bait for the hind legs and then the smaller sectional used for the upper arms, not his muzzle well for for his muzzle um like a small p or even smaller than that yeah so for the legs ah that's a small golf ball that's a large gumball I never know what to compare it to but will we start with the circle then we're going to make it into a sausage this end of my sausages wider than that end and for the panda a couple of things I'm gonna do is um it go down the middle to kind of start to give it a divider for the legs and then the other thing that I want to do is I want to come in and give it some toe or foot so and we do that with this little finger is the great little tool okay so now I've got basically a foot on either end and I want to come in divide this in half so I have two legs then let's now with our pan too because he's black and white we have to see where these attach we don't want to blend them we want them to be attached and the other thing that I want to do as I want to take I keep going back to my brush your skewers air good too I want to go ahead and and some tow three only three you don't need any more than that can you see how I've done that? I can even along gate this leg a little bit more let's do the same thing to this one try to keep the legs and arms on either side looking as similar as possible let's add her toe three of them toes too big data got imposed the same they're still sticky let's attach him and curving man move your head out of the way there attach this one curve it in let's, take her other section, get it nice and workable because you're doing great on keeping up by just impressed it. I'll get out, roll it into a ball then let's sausage it you guys seen the pattern here for the arms? I want to do more like thin on the end I don't want to do two curved up and then let's. Go ahead and divide this in half so we have two arms that were working with cut it in half, everybody's just keeping up let's, attach this arm weii needed a little thinner, give a little bend well, movement a little life. I have a question. Okay, do you do with the molding chocolate? Are there any? Is there any ever any different flavors that you would do besides chocolate? Like many were? Yeah, with the white chocolate you can talk, you can add all kinds of flavours if you're making it from a dark chocolate or milk chocolate, you kind of if you could have, you could admit that. Mentor. Yeah. Yeah. The thing that you need to know about adding flavors, though, is you need teo. You need to use an oil base on oil flavor, not an extract, because when you start adding water to your chocolate, it binds. It does bad things. So, yeah, you need to use that oil, but they have a large selection of candy oils out there that you can use and trying to think orange would be a good one with chocolate. Um, what else would be good with chocolate? Get creative, guys. Raspberry would be a good one. Yeah. Espresso hazelnut express. Oh, yeah. There's. A lot. You can do a lot of things. You guys in the booth say peanut butter, peanut butter. Yep. Okay. I think our panda needs a tail. They have a little puffy ball, a tail like a bunny tail. They have a little buddy people. They're so adorable. And yet they're so vicious. You just attach our little tail on, make sure our legs are attached. Just broke my stand. But okay. And I think what we need to finish him is he needs to be having a little piece of bamboo in his hands. So let's go with the green right? Because don't pandas eat all the time and I'm going tio so what's going to make this work is if we let that set up a little bit can you guys see that? Probably from that angle that one's cute live in the chat room says he's adorable is ready to start much in his head right off my kind of friend he's adorable let me eat him okay? So let's let's move on to something else I'm just moving right along so what I've done is I've taken a dark brown and rolling a sausage I didn't even condition it very much don't care wanna put it onto my plaque and let's use choose erhard lips like got to get this warmer apparently doesn't want to stick ok? And then let's use our little heart shaped cutter and I'm just going to make some little imprints on this so that we create the base of our palm tree. Can you guys see that? And truthfully, if you don't have a heart cutter, I mean you can use your any tool and just kind of come in and add some texture to it to create the bark of a palm tree and those of you that live in palm tree country probably have a blips a better idea of how that should look then what I do being from seattle this time I'm trying to push it into my surface so it will stay since it does not want to stick to the this plaque this plaque is a fondant plaque it's not a gun pace plaque or excuse me a chocolate plaque and I think if it were chocolate it would stick better um a little piping jail would have it stick better too, but for right now I'm not going to get too excited then I'm going to take my leaves that I created warming up and attached if I wanted to it could even put little coconuts in here I mean, you could do whatever you want and I love doing palm trees for the hawaiian theme cakes, which here in the pacific northwest we do a lot of because people go to hawaii and get married and then come back and hand their wedding receptions so we do a lot of hawaiian theme cakes people in the south might do more florida theme I'm going to take this leaf and pinch it down so it's a little smaller warm up that end use my tool to attach it and let's do another one the same way. The other thing about doing leaves like lists or doing palm trees is it doesn't have to be limited to just chocolate I mean you can stuff this into butter cream and then people are like who chocolate on my butter crane

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Modeling chocolate can be used to create colorful, one-of-a-kind embellishments for your cakes. In Cake Decorating: Modeling Chocolate for Beginners, Master cake decorator Lucinda Larson will show you how to bring chocolate to life.

Chocolate is a surprisingly sensitive medium and it takes expert-level skill to turn it into a beautifully sculpted treat. In this course you’ll learn how to make and temper your own modeling chocolate as well as how to prepare a simple chocolate coating. Lucinda will share her tips for getting perfectly tempered chocolate, no matter the weather. And you'll learn how to make a variety of molded animals for decoration.

If you want to add a professional touch to the cakes you bake for your family and friends, join CreativeLive and Lucinda Larson or this fun and informative course on modeling chocolate.