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Back Side: Live View

Next is our live view button, and this is related to the movie mode that we talked about here. When you hit the live view mode, you get to see what the camera is pointed at on the back of the camera. The camera works a little bit differently in this mode so let's talk about the live view mode. So once again, when you are in the live view mode, the info button will allow you to cycle through different screens. Sometimes you want more information, sometimes you want less information and so feel free to cycle through and find what's most appropriate with the info button. You can focus by pressing half-way down on the shutter release, or by focusing on the touch screen of the camera itself. As you've noted, the camera is pretty good with that. In fact, let's do another little demo I want to show you. Let's go ahead and put this camera back a little bit, because we want to have the subject in the foreground. Put it in the live view mode, and I'm going to need a little bit of a display here,...

I don't know if this one's going to be close enough. Eh, it might be. I don't want to use face-tracking, I want to direct where the camera focuses so I'm going to hit a cue button and I'm going to go down and choose 1. AF So, if I want to focus on this lens in the foreground, the camera does focus there. If I want to focus on the background, it'll do so just at a touch of the screen. Now, I could move this up and press the shutter release right there and it will do a good job of doing that. But this is one of the fastest cameras at being able to switch back and forth in this mode like this with the touch screen. And, if I wanted to, let's just give this a try. I could put this in the tracking mode, and if I press down here, it'll pick up as to what I want in focus. Eh, it's not doing a great job, it's doing an okay job tracking that subject. It's possible that if you move it a little too much, take it out of frame. It's doing a pretty good job, and if I zoom in a little bit, let's see what it does. There it's got a little bit better track of what it wants to look at. I suppose I could pick something else. It's actually able to pick up on that logo right there. So it's got some very good options for focusing on it, it's still not your best option for fast action photography. If you're going to be photographing a real sporting event, it's a little bit slower in focusing than the standard 45 focusing point systems. So if you are shooting sports, I would not be using live view. But for basic action, somebody walking, maybe somebody riding a bike not too quickly, or at least not too close to the camera, I think you can do a pretty good job for that sort of work. As I mentioned, you can move the focusing point by just going up and down with the rear control dial. If you want to zoom in and zoom out, and you're on a tripod and you want to zoom in and make sure that you're in focus, we did that demo before, you can do that in live view the same as you could in movie mode. The quick menu will give you a shortcut access to features that you might want access to while you're in this mode. We'll be talking about all of these as we go through the rest of the camera. We did talk specifically about the AF method and three different systems that it uses in the live view mode here. So you can use the touch screen or you can use the cue button to access those features. So that's our live view button, which is also the movie record when the camera is in the movie recording option.

Class Description

We know what it’s like to dive right into taking pictures with your new camera. But trying to understand the manual can be a frustrating experience. Get the most out of your new Canon EOS 77D with this complete step-by-step walkthrough of the camera’s features.

Join expert photographer John Greengo for a fast-track introduction, and unlock your camera’s full potential. In this Fast Start class, you’ll learn:

  • Learn about the best settings for the new 45-point AF system including several customization options
  • New Interval timer and bulb timer options for creative options
  • 14 custom setting options for personalizing your camera

John is a CreativeLive veteran instructor and an experienced photographer. He has extensive experience teaching the technical minutiae that makes any camera an effective tool: aperture, ISO, the Rule of Thirds, and the kinds of lenses you’ll need to suit your camera body. This Fast Start includes a complete breakdown of your camera’s exposure, focus, metering, video and more. John will also explain how to customize the Canon EOS 77D settings to work for your style of photography.


Nikita Sokolsky

Must have for all 77D owners. Thanks, John!

Dara Pkyprek

Hello, is it hand-on practice or just show how to use the menu in the camera, plz B.R Dara

John Greengo