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Capture and Edit Photos of People in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Jared Platt

Capture and Edit Photos of People in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Jared Platt

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1 Introduction Duration:01:26
2 Looking for Light Duration:01:40
3 Setting Exposure Duration:01:56
5 Composition- Rule of Thirds Duration:01:03
6 Internal Composition Duration:01:35
7 Auto and Back Button Focus Duration:01:35
8 Posing vs. Directing Duration:01:12
9 Shooting Manual Mode Recap Duration:01:34
10 Lightroom: Interface Duration:00:57
12 Lightroom: Sorting and Ranking Duration:01:56
13 Lightroom: Auto Adjustments Duration:01:38
14 Lightroom: Color Profiles Duration:02:31
15 Lightroom: Export and Share Duration:00:53
16 Lightroom: Gradients Duration:02:14
17 Lightroom: Brush Tool Duration:01:27
19 Why Use Photoshop Duration:01:03
21 Photoshop: Liquify Tool Duration:02:39

Class Description


  • Understand how to use your camera and adjust settings in manual mode
  • Direct your subjects to capture natural poses
  • Import your photos into Lightroom CC and streamline the selection process
  • Make easy adjustments and touch-ups in Lightroom CC and Photoshop to take your photos from good to great


Creating professional portraits isn’t a mysterious science; in fact, with the right camera settings and simple photo editing, it is even easy.

Join Jared, a professional photographer, and college educator, in a series of practical lessons that take you through the basics of manual mode on your camera, showing you how it’s done in real time in the field. Jared takes you through an actual shoot, explaining camera setting adjustments, modeling how to direct your subjects, and orienting you in Lightroom and Photoshop; he shares not only post-production tips, but also how to navigate the two platforms in an efficient manner.

In Capture and Edit Photos of People in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, learn the fundamentals of manual mode and photo editing to make your portraits stand out above the rest.


This class is for beginner photographers in need of basic orientation in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, photography enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to take better pictures of their families and friends.


Adobe Photoshop CC 2019, Adobe Lightroom CC 2019


Jared Platt is a professional wedding and lifestyle photographer from Phoenix, Arizona. Jared holds a Masters of Fine Arts in the Photographic Studies and a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography from Arizona State University and has been a professional photographer and college educator for the past 12 years. His attention to detail and craft make him a demanding photography instructor. Jared has lectured at major trade shows and photo conferences as well as at universities around the world on the subjects of photography and workflow. Currently, Jared is traveling the United States and Canada teaching and lecturing on photography and post-production workflow. Join him online for monthly "Office Hours" at


T. Goss

I enjoyed this quick tutorial. A very good introduction to how to use lightroom.

Andrew Hunter