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Capturing Authentic Photos of Children & Families

Lesson 15 of 19

Photographing your own Family: Mother, Sister, and Niece

Chris Orwig

Capturing Authentic Photos of Children & Families

Chris Orwig

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15. Photographing your own Family: Mother, Sister, and Niece

Lesson Info

Photographing your own Family: Mother, Sister, and Niece

Can I pick you up? Here's my mom's phone. Can I hold that? Can I pick you up? (Chris imitates rocket blast) Let's see who's over behind here, do you see who's over there? (laughing) Who's that? This is Edie, and she isn't ticklish. (Edie laughing) She's not ticklish at all, she really isn't. And she likes to be upside-down sometimes, like that. And she has lots of ladybugs on her pants, can you see that? (Edie laughing) Do you want to sit on your mom's lap or on your grandma's lap? Or Mimi's lap? My mom's lap. Okay, go climb over there to Mom, and I'll get a picture of you guys. You want say hi to Mimi, of course! I'm so excited to see you. So this is a surprise, of course. Isn't this fun? We couldn't wait to surprise you, so fun. All right you guys. Oh, man. Maybe you could sit on my lap in a minute. Yeah, maybe we can do one picture in a minute with Mimi, you can do one right there. Now, Edie, I have a question for you, how old are you right now, Edie? Thr...

ee-and-a-half. Wait, I though you were 13. Didn't you just have your, wait, I thought you were, are you really three? I'm three-and-a-half. Oh, three-and-a-half. Three-and-a-half, it's important to her, right. Right, right, right, right. Let me just get a picture of you guys. And Edie, I was wondering, maybe this is a John question, I have that white bag in the greenroom I forgot, Edie, I was wondering something, how was your drive this morning? Good. It was good, did you get to watch a show? (Edie laughing) What did you watch? What did you watch, tell him. You want me to? She watched something about slugs. Did you watch the land of slugs? And then Grandma, you come here for a second, yes, thank you. Okay. Ballerinas, she watched something about ballerinas. You want me over there? Yeah, you come over here, sorry, I'm getting distracted. It's all right. Um, I forgot to open these up, I don't know if you could do that Jim, for me. Yeah, I'll take care of it. Yep, okay, you watched something about bugs, and then Mom, you come right behind me for a minute. So what was the show about, did you say bugs or slugs? Mom, you come over here. No, we were just joking. Ballerinas, I was trying to get her to say it. Oh, you were, okay. She watched Angelina Ballerina. Oh, that's a fun show. Yeah, and Zootopia. Edie, do you know how to dance at all? Do you want to show him what you can do? No? Okay. And, let's see... And Edie has a big sister and a big brother. (Edie laughing) And she has a big alligator too, in her backyard. Okay, and she's an expert roly-poly collector. Yeah, she's very good at collecting roly-polies. And, part of what I'm trying to do, is just make connections and get somewhere I haven't gotten anywhere yet. But that's all of them. And Edie is doing great of course. And Jim you have that? Maybe if you get that thing and see if- You want both, yeah? Yeah, we'll do a small one first. Yeah. And maybe if she gets that, she could sit on your lap, Grandma. Oh, I would hope so! Grandma, you get to sit over here on that stool. Would you? Would you sit on my lap if I give you this? (laughing) I think so, come on. You climb up, I'll put her on you. Okay. You want me to help you? All right. Let's look at the colors! Oh my gosh. Edie, have you ever had a lollipop that big? I didn't get any of that, no. It's so beautiful. How do you want her, like that? I don't know. There we go, now you hold that, don't let Grandma take it from you. Do you want to hold it? Oh! You can have it, you wanna try it? Oh my gosh. Yeah, look towards me, guys. Look, look! Oh my goodness. Look at Uncle Bungo. (laughing) She just ate it. Okay, Edie, look right towards me. Right there, Edie look at Uncle, say thank you. Right there, can I have a lick? Can you say thank you? (Chris slurping) Do you want to say thank you? Can you say thank you? (Edie laughing) I don't think she can talk 'cause she's full. And then you guys look right at me. Hey Edie, do a lick of it for me. Lick it sweetie, don't bite. Can you lick it? Yeah, do a lick, I want to see if it changes the color of your tongue. There's lollipop in your nose. Oh, I know what that was! Hey Mike, camera friends over there, is my exposure even close? Yes. Okay, okay. And then Edie, look right towards me! Oh! And Edie- Uh, oh. Here, how about if I hold that? I didn't even know you could bite these. Oh wait, Edie, hang on, can I see this thing? This one's broken, I have to get you another one. I'm sorry. Oh wait, he's gonna get you another one I think. Is that one ready? Oh, yeah. Okay. Oh my gosh, look, look it, look it! This one's bigger. It's even bigger! (group laughing) Is this okay? Can we do this one? Okay, fine. You want to hold it? Now let's just lick this one. Yeah, just hold it for a second, and look right towards me you guys. Edie, I can't even see your face, it's so big, hide behind it. Here, okay, hide behind it. Want to hid behind it? Hold it like this, hold it like this. Play peek-a-boo with it. Okay! You wanna try it? (Edie laughing) Don't tell Stewie I gave this to you, 'cause he's gonna want one, too. And now let's play peek-a-boo, yeah, there we go, try it again, try it again. That's too fast, try slow-motion peek-a-boo. Let him see your face. Yeah, like that, hold that, hold that, Grandma, look right toward, or Mom, look right toward me. Right towards me. Wow, can I have a lick? I have no idea if I'm, and then, can I see this guy for second? Can I see this? (slurping) (Edie laughing) Okay, let me get a picture of you guys. Okay, I like your little wiggly tongue. (group laughing) I'm licking my face. I'm getting a busy signal here with my camera. I'm wondering if I should just not tether or... Okay, okay, it's not, okay. Now Edie, does this thing make you wanna smile real big? You can say it, say lollipop. And can I ask Grandma a question about Edie, Grandma, what do you love about Edie? I love how fun she is and how cuddly and how excited about everything, you're the best. And Edie, what do you love about Mimi? Playing at her house. What do you like to play there? At our house? Um, watch videos. What? Watch videos. She likes to watch videos. All right, okay, and then, yeah, that's cool Edie. Now you hold your lollipop, I won't take it away. Aunt Nana, do you wanna get in one behind them? Yeah, sure. Mommy would like a lick. No, put it down so we can see. Yeah, that's great Edie, I can't even see you, you did perfect. (group laughing) Yeah, and what if you, Aunt Nana- Yeah, sit. That's so you don't have to lean over, but kind of a little bit behind them. Yeah, like that, that's fun. This we'll call the "Lollipop Picture" okay Edie? Or the "Tongue Wiggly Picture" and then Aunt Nana, Amanda and- I might tickle you, just a little bit! (Edie laughing) I usually don't shoot tethered of course, so I'm stuck waiting for it to be, but okay. Aunt Nana, you put an arm around Mom there. Okay. Edie, hold onto your lollipop real tight, okay? And then, what if you put your other arm around, yeah, like that, like that, that's cool. And then- Yeah, let's put it down so. There we go, like that, like that, you guys look towards me. I know my background's not right, but how am I doing you guys? Good. Edie, try to taste those, try to lick the blue. I think we have a couple fun things. And then all of you turn towards me this way. Okay. And then, Aunt Nana, actually, will you scoot behind my mom, or our mom? Yep, all right. Is that good? Yeah, like, that's cool. And then, put your arm around Mom, unless it's awkward for you. Okay, now we can put. We'll just try one with the face. And then Edie, wait, hold it just like that, Edie. Just for a second, hold it like that. And then hold your lollipop out real far. Way far. Show him, show everyone. Even farther, right to me, right here. Oh my goodness. And then hold it up, tall like this. Lollipop! Here, let go of it for a second. Put your hand a little lower. Okay, hold it right here. Here, hold it right there, and then you can have it back in a second. Good job baby, you're doing good. This is gonna be good for the car trip home. You are doing great. Thank you. I know, thank you, but no thanks. Yeah, like that Edie, that's good. Everyone look towards me for a second. (group laughing) Or, lick the lollipop. Okay, Edie, right here, right here, look. Take a big bite and look at me. Ready, one, two, three, take it. And then look right at me, Edie. And then you guys smile. Can you bite it? Is it- It's too big. It hurts. Okay, I think we're almost done, Edie, which is awesome. She doesn't want to lose a tooth. Can you just set this lollipop right here like that, hold it like that, no eating it. (group laughing) Just let it rest for a minute. I'll hold it for you. And then just sit right there. Edie, do you like going to the water slides, yeah, that's fun. What do you like about the water slides? Going down the duck. You like going down the what? And Mom and Amanda, look right at me. The duck water slide? Tell him what other color water slides you like. Pink. The blue one. Edie, come over here, you get to push a button, come on, you're done, we're gonna do one of Mimi. Will you come over here with me? Push a button? Come on, you get to do something fun now. Okay. You're gonna take a picture. Come here, okay, I'll walk with you. I'll help you. You know this button right here? Put your finger on that button. And tell Grandma to smile, so put your finger right there. You don't want to do it, I'll do it, I'll just tell Grandma to smile. Here, you hold this. Yep, I got it. And Edie, you're gonna come over here, I'm gonna hold you Edie, and then Grandma, you come over here, and then Edie, you tell Grandma to smile or something, or tell her to go (babbling) (Nana babbling) (laughing) And then look right towards me, Ma. Okay, I think one of the things we're gonna do, is we are going to finish by giving Edie a big round of applause for her amazing job. (group applauding) And I'm gonna hang you upside-down one more time. (Edie laughing) Okay, thank you for coming. And will you go give Grammy a big hug too for me? Oh, thank you! And, Aunt Nana, thank you, Amanda. That was so cool. Yeah, and thanks to my sister and mom, too. (group applauding) Thank you, Mom. Thank you, this was so fun, thank you. Thank you, so fun, so meaningful to me. So thank you all for that. And on that note, Edie was amazing. She actually was. Oh my gosh. She was all over the place. Yeah, and thank you for participating in all this. And let's say goodbye to them. Okay. Bye! Good bye guys! Can she take this with her? As long as you lick it. Do you want to take it? (laughing) I think she likes it. Okay, okay, bye Mom.

Class Description

  We love photography because it helps us celebrate and savor life. Capturing those images can be difficult, especially when it’s your own family or friends. Photographer and artist Chris Orwig walks through all the techniques that go into capturing a photo quickly so that you can focus on your subject while relaxed and confident. He’ll discuss tips for working with available light as well as how to develop your own creative style. He’ll discuss gear recommendations and location scouting tips to set your photo shoot up for success. 

He’ll also cover: 
  • How to connect with children and capture real emotion 
  • Finding moments that photograph well and how to set them up naturally 
  • Wardrobe tips that make your photos timeless 
  • When and how you should turn your passion into a profit 
  • Essential Lightroom workflows for quick processing of your photos 
  • How to deliver your images or prints and share them for all to enjoy 
Start improving your photographs of your family with this course and learn the essential skills you need to make photographs that last a lifetime. 

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Meredith Zinner Photography

Chris is a FANTASTIC teacher (and photographer). He is so very very authentic, warm, REAL, talented, knowledgeable, honest, open and true to his wonderful self. This class, in addition to endless nuggets of knowledge and insights, highlights how being true to your own self makes you a better photographer- emphasizing connection, authenticity, fun and easy relaxed simple joy. A refreshing take on children's photography for sure! Thank you Chris and CreativeLive!

lisa james

Wow, I have been in search of my style. I've been reading and researching and listening to inspiring speakers and from each one I've gathered pieces of information that help guide me. This class, however, has been the most successful for me. Chris's approach to teaching and his material that he provides is Spot On for me. Thank you, Chris. I am so inspired and eager to move forward now that I can see my vision more clearly. I highly recommend this class.

Neeraj Arora

Oh my god!!!! What a class. I couldn't stop watching. Chris you are an inspiration, loved every word you said, loved how you said it. I am in the process of getting a plan together for doing photography professionally on the side, on top of my research career, and you just hit a home run in getting me motivated and excited in taking the plunge. My photography of people gives me a lot of satisfaction and meaning and you just validated what I have been thinking of doing lately. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.