Capturing Authentic Photos of Children & Families


Capturing Authentic Photos of Children & Families


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The Foundation of Family and Kid Photography

Let's just look at some images to have some fun. What are we talking about as far as what type of photographs that at least I try to make. And as we get into this, right now it's just a little bit more of show, but as the promise of this course is, it's I wanna show you how you can do this and I wanna show you how you can do this without a lot of excessive and expensive gear, how you can do it without an immense amount of technique, and how you can accomplish this right away. And that by the end of this class, you'll be able to start capturing memorable, meaningful, authentic photographs like these. And that is our goal, it's to get you there. The path that I'll show you is obviously my own, but it's one that you can adopt and adapt to your own, and that's one of the things which is unique about my approach. What you'll find in this approach is that it will be refreshing, kind of enlivening, and it may even kind of unlock the door. What I mean by that is, just this week, I was opening ...

up our kitchen door which has a lock on it which is sticking and I was fighting the door and banging it back and forth, and my daughter walked up and just turned the deadbolt, and I was like, "Oh, of course." I assumed that this door was stuck, but really, if you're feeling stuck, if you're feeling frustrated, I hope, my deepest hope, is that this course will feel like that. "Oh my gosh, this is unlocked." I hope it feels like this image right here. My favorite comment that was posted on social media with this one was someone wrote that this is how I feel when vegan ice cream goes on sale. (laughs) I just love the personality of the shot. And so for me, whenever I see someone else's photographs, I always think wow or fun or enjoy, there's emotional response, but then the next thing is how. How in the world do we do that thing, right? And how do we go from this? 'Cause this is what happened. The kids running on the beach and she's just having fun and you're trying to chase her down but it doesn't work. And then you take another shot and it's even worse. How do we go from this right here to something like that? That's the goal. Or maybe it's your own kid. This is my little Annie and she's on the bed, and how do I go from this and literally just 10 seconds later, to that? Or the family standing there a little bit awkward, not quite connected, to something which has different emotion? Or you're at a birthday party with your kid and she's lost in the shuffle 'cause she's the littlest one there. You want a picture where she's more of the star of the show. Or you're out apple picking and you see this scene and the guy's handing out free apples. You know your daughter's gonna walk up to get one and you wanna capture an image which is a little bit more iconic about her than about what you're doing there, right? It says enough, but not too much. Or maybe you're at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Any of you been there? Wonderful aquarium. And you're just excited 'cause your daughter's excited and you capture the image, but really, it makes no sense, right? There's a black wall right here, I don't know, but you want this. You want that wide-eyed wonder just a moment later. Or you're down in Costa Rica with one of your best friends and his son, and they're looking out at the surf. And it's okay, but we wanna go to something I think like this. And this picture, at least for me, is one which transcends or goes beyond the genre family photography. It's not necessarily about Martin and Dylan. It's about father and son. And in any type of photography, if you can get someone to like the image that doesn't like the content, if you photograph dogs and a non-dog lover loves the shot, you've arrived, you've achieved something. And that's what we're trying to do here is create connection when people don't know the people, right? Of course he likes the picture, but I want you to like it as well. How do we go from this where the family's on the beach, the kid in the front, look at her right here. She's just like, "I'm outta here!" How do we go from that to this? Connected, engaged, cohesive whole. Let me just jump back for a second. This is kind of how family feels sometimes, right? If you're a parent, you know what I mean. But you also know that this sight's there. And so, this class is a little bit about both of those things.

Class Description

  We love photography because it helps us celebrate and savor life. Capturing those images can be difficult, especially when it’s your own family or friends. Photographer and artist Chris Orwig walks through all the techniques that go into capturing a photo quickly so that you can focus on your subject while relaxed and confident. He’ll discuss tips for working with available light as well as how to develop your own creative style. He’ll discuss gear recommendations and location scouting tips to set your photo shoot up for success. 

He’ll also cover: 
  • How to connect with children and capture real emotion 
  • Finding moments that photograph well and how to set them up naturally 
  • Wardrobe tips that make your photos timeless 
  • When and how you should turn your passion into a profit 
  • Essential Lightroom workflows for quick processing of your photos 
  • How to deliver your images or prints and share them for all to enjoy 
Start improving your photographs of your family with this course and learn the essential skills you need to make photographs that last a lifetime.